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    I think I am going to judge you anyway . . .

    . . . you have just done something fantastic and you deserve so much credit for putting on this tournament.

    I hope you get Organized Play soon because you completely deserve it.
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    Yeah ofc we did. They know that we organize it ourself. Guy is just too lazy to do anything I guess since he treats OP like an unnecessary thing he has to do to keep his work. Well sometimes I wish I was responsible for organizing OP in Poland.

    We've been organizing OTP (as we call this tournament) since 2003.

    We got organized play of some sort... Leagues and for example I can sanction a tournament but it's not Premiere Event. Anyway our unofficial nationals had like 1-2 juniors and 3-4 seniors so this are results for everyone.

    Thanks for the support ;).
    Total number of decks on our tournament: As you may have noticed there are no ThunDeo as some players tried to predict meta and built accordingly. I suspected high amount of RayEels and Darkrai so I played (Darkrai, Mewtwo, Garbodor and Terrakion - similar to my 7th place deck in Arnhem)

    8 Darkrai (Darkrai/Absol; Darkrai/Mewtwo etc.)
    7 RayEels
    3 Garbodor (2 w Landorus, 1 w Darkrai)
    3 Klinklang (2 grey, 1 rainbow)
    2 Ho-Oh (1 w/Gallade)
    2 Hydreigon/Darkrai
    2 Gothilock
    2 Emboar
    2 Lugia (1 w Landorus, 1 w Thundurus)
    1 Blastoise
  3. Marcinho

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    Czech Republic/Slovakia (BW-PLF) - FINAL STANDINGS
    MASTERS (swiss 75mins - BO3 - 47 players - TOP8 - need 5PP to attend)
    1. Petr Janous (Blastoise/Keldeo/Mewtwo w/ Exeggcute) 8-1
    2. Marek Rehacek -me- (TDK w/ double Keldeo) 8-1
    3. Martin Janous (Gothitelle/Accelgor) 6-2
    4. Jaromir Kunz (TDK) 5-3
    5. Michal Wojatschke (Hammertime) 6-1
    6. Martin Kaninsky (Gothitelle/Accelgor) 5-2
    7. Ondrej Hus (TDK) 5-2
    8. Tomas Just (TDK w/ Keldeo, Audino) 4-3

    Czech "Masters" metagame:
    1. Darkrai variant (a lot Hammertime) 23,4%
    2. TDK 14,9%
    2. RayEel (w/ Mr. Mime) 14,9%
    4. Gothitelle/Accelgor 10,6%
    5. Landorus variant (1 w/ Garbodor) 6,4%
    5. Blastoise/Keldeo (2 w/ Keldeo, Mewtwo) 6,4%
    5. PlasmaKlang 6,4%
    8. Durant (1 w/ Garbodor) 4,3%
    8. Terrakion variant (1 w/ Dragonite, Altaria, 1 w/ Garbodor, Tornadus EX, Mewtwo EX) 4,3%
    10. Bicycle Donk 2,1%
    10. Garchomp 2,1%
    10. Gardevoir/Darmanitan 2,1%
    10. Kyurem/Deoxys/Keldeo 2,1%

    SENIORS (swiss 75mins - BO3 - 18 players - TOP4 - need 5PP to attend)
    1. Kiko H. (TDK - no Keldeos, no Audino!) 6-1
    2. Jindrich N. (Gothitelle/Accelgor) 5-2
    3. Ondrej S. (Gothitelle/Accelgor) 5-1
    4. Jan Z. (Gothitelle/Accelgor) 4-2

    JUNIORS (swiss 75mins - BO3 - 20 players - TOP4 - need 5PP to attend)
    1. Ondrej K. (Gothitelle/Accelgor) 7-0
    2. Martin M. (Gothitelle/Accelgor) 5-2
    3. Jakub K. (Empoleon, Dusknoir w/ double Audino) 4-2
    4. Filip K. (PlasmaKlang) 4-2
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  4. falcom4ever

    falcom4ever New Member

    Any Slovakian in tops or only Czech ?
  5. Marcinho

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    Only one Slovakian guy, but he´s the WINNER of Seniors category Kiko H.
  6. falcom4ever

    falcom4ever New Member

    I am looking for Chile, Australia results and to complete the Denmark results.
  7. SuperE

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    Hey guys. Here are the missing results from DK.

    1. Stephan N. : Plasma
    2. Patrick C. : Plasma
    3. Peter H. : Plasma
    4. Jonas E. : Plasma
    5. Simon E. : Plasma
    6. Nikolai R. : Plasma
    7. Lars A. : Darkrai
    8. Niels P. : Darkrai
  8. falcom4ever

    falcom4ever New Member

    Thank you !

    The difference between Denmark top and Finland top is really amazing ^^
  9. Andrejev

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  10. falcom4ever

    falcom4ever New Member

    Update with Malaysian results. I am still missing data from sweden chile

    This week end we will have also south africa, australia, hong kong and netherlands
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  11. Jason

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  12. falcom4ever

    falcom4ever New Member

    Wow top32 ^^ nice.

    Thanks a lot.
  13. soon

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    Hong Kong Nationals 16 June

    1st Wong Man Tsung : PLASMA LugiaDK
    2nd Lam Wai Kit : Darkrai
    3rd Timothy Chau : Mr Mine RayEel
    4th Wong Wo Pan : Plasma TDK

    Senior :
    1st Ma SH : Plasma TDK Absol

    Juniors :
    1st Yeung SW: ZekEel
  14. Flare Starfire

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    Wow... look at all the Blastoise decks in that Top 32 :eek: It represented 1/4th of top 16 :eek:
  15. Fireborn

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    Dutch Nationals:

    1. Anna Schipper - Eelektrik/Bouffalant/Zekrom/Lasers
    2. Mees Brenninkmeijer - Darkrai/Absol
    3. Elmer Stouten - Klinklang
    4. David Booij - Deoxys/Thundurus/Kyurem
  16. NoPoke

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    congratulations Anna.
  17. SteveBaPanda

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    South African Nationals:

    1st - Brian Murdoch: Thundurus/Deoxys/Kyurem (with Terrakion NVI and Landorus EX)
    2nd - Mikyle Raju: RayEels (with Mr. Mime)
    3rd - Zahir Hamid: Blastoise/Keldeo
    4th - Sbastian Devy: Landorus EX/Landorus EX/Bouffalant/Deoxys + Plasma Badge
    Topcut of 8. Best of 3. 60 mins.

    1st - Jody dM.: TDK?
    2nd - Devon M.: TDK?
    3rd - Uthmaan E.: TDK?
    Bit unsure about Seniors, can't get any definite feedback or information.
    Topcut of 4. Best of 3. 60 mins.

    1st - Mogamad O.: TDK
    2nd - Daniel H.: Big Basics
    3. Ryan C.: Plasmaklang
    Topcut of 2. Best of 3. 60 mins.
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  18. falcom4ever

    falcom4ever New Member

    Thanks for the results !

    Very good attendance for a first national
  19. SteveBaPanda

    SteveBaPanda New Member

    Pleasure and yup! We were expecting more, but quite a few players missed the event due to illness and other reasons.

    Hoping for a bigger and better tournament next year! (with travel awards!)
  20. falcom4ever

    falcom4ever New Member

    As I said on 6p I hope Brian can make it to Vancouver :p

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