Need Help with Mega Venusaur!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Connor Barrios, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. Connor Barrios

    Connor Barrios New Member

    So I recently made a Mega Venusaur deck and tested it at league, but it wasn't fast enough for me to pull off my strategy. I was wondering if anybody can help me make my deck faster so I can pull off my strategy faster and win more games. Here is my list:

    M Venusaur x2-XY
    M Venusaur x1-GEN
    Venusuar EX x3-XY
    Venusaur EX x1-GEN
    Hoopa EX x1-Ancient Origins
    Trubbish x1-BreakPoint
    Garbodor x1-BreakPoint
    N x1
    Hex Maniac x1
    Pokemon Fan Club x1
    Professor Sycamore x2
    Olympia x1
    Skyla x2
    Pokemon Center Lady x1
    Lysander x1
    Mega Turbo x4
    Ultra Ball x3
    VS Seeker x3
    Energy Switch x2
    Random Receiver x2
    Max Elixer x2
    Switch x2
    Revitalizer x1
    Professor's Letter x1
    Venusaur Spirit Link x3
    Float Stone x2
    Forest of Giant Plants x2
    Grass Energy x10
    Double Colorless Energy x1

    Please send feedback if you want. I would really appreciate it!
  2. huck1eberry

    huck1eberry New Member

    This deck will take a long time to set up in the current state.

    A couple things,

    Drop to one of skyla, you can VS Seeker for it. Also 4 VS Seekers.
    You need more draw support. Shaymin-EX and at least one more Sycamore.
    1-1 line of Garbodor is risky. Either part will be prized a decent amount of times.
    One DCE? I cannot remember the attack cost for Ven. But 4 would be better if you plan on using them.
    I think the grass gx in Sun and Moon will help this deck thrive though. . .
  3. Connor Barrios

    Connor Barrios New Member

    Thank you, but I can't afford Shaymin. The reason I only have one DCE is for the Generations Mega Venusaur's attack, which costs 2 grass and 2 colorless. Everything else seems fine!

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