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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by ampscardshop, Mar 10, 2008.

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    I have a Serious amount of Pokemon cards stolen all of my decks and most of my good stuff
    So im posting what i have Currently and heres the rules
    1. Only Trade in U.S.
    2. I do not buy or sell my products
    3x Follow the rules
    4x U rip Mail Fraud will be Filed
    5 Have fun Trading

    1x Pack of WoTC Sealed Lilly pad Mews <about 20-25>
    5x WoTCLeaque arenas

    Reverse Holos

    Holon Phantoms
    Deoxys d 5/110
    1x Kabutops d 9/110

    Legends maker
    Gorebyss 17/92

    Unseen Forces
    1s Slowbro 14/115

    EX Holos

    Crystal Guardians
    Blaziken EX 90/100

    Old Skool
    1x Tyranitar E1 29/165
    1x Dark Gengar NEO 4 6/105
    1x Rockets hitmonchan Gym 1 Big bend at gthe bottom of the left card 11/132
    1x Mewtwo Really bad condition BS2 10/130

    Delta Species
    Beedrill d 1/113

    WoTC Pkachu 4


    a Modified format Psychic Deck
    Base set Charizard
    New DP cards + Energys
    Pokemon Emerald GBA
    Pokemon Crystal
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