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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Pokeric, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Pokeric

    Pokeric New Member

    Pokemon: 11
    4 Banette SW
    4 Shuppet CG
    1 Lunatone GE
    1 Solrock GE

    Trainers: 35
    4 Quick Ball
    4 Plus Power
    4 Pokedex HANDY910is
    3 Energy Removal 2
    3 Felecity's Drawing
    3 TV Reporter
    3 Holon Mentor
    3 Celio's Network
    3 Lake Boundary
    3 Copycat
    3 Night Maintenacne

    Energy: 14
    3 DRE
    2 Multi
    9 Psychic

    Strategy: Just like any other T2B deck, you want to hit for a consitant 80 damage, starting T2. Use cards like TVR, Felicity's, Mentor, and Lunatone to discard so Banette can keep dishing out the heavy damage.

    Banette SW- The main hitter. Decent HP for a Stage 1, but the ability to do 80 damage for :psychic::psychic: is amazing. Also, you get to recycle them back into the deck!

    Shuppet CG- Really the thing that makes this deck so good. You need it to evolve into Banette, but Acsension can gurentee the T2B.

    Lunatone GE- A wonderful way to discard a Banette and speeds up the deck if I have Solrock in play.

    Solrock GE- Let's you to draw an extra card each turn if it's in play with Lunatone. It also has a handy ability that takes away Darkrai's resistance, putting him in OHKO range.

    Quick Ball- I only run 11 Pokemon, and after a Holon Mentor fishes out most of my basics, it will almost always grab me the needed Banette.

    Plus Power- 80 T2 is nice, but a lot of Pokemon will need to be hit twice to be KOed. Hopefully this will save me a turn of attacking that Pokemon.

    Pokedex HANDY910is- A nice non-supporter trainer that can help me to get the T2 80. I like this because it can grab energies which I can't usually run into :tongue:.

    Energy Removal 2- Discard those pesky DRE, which can really ruin your opponents set-up, while you just blow right through them.

    Felecity's Drawing- The best card to ever come out for T2B. Discard BAnette and maybe an unwanted energy and draw 4 card!?!? That's crazy

    TV Reporter- Another way to discard Banette, but this one allows you to discard after you draw, incase you don't have the Banette in your hand when you play it.

    Holon Mentor- Yet another way to discard a Banette. You can also grab a Lunasol AND Shuppet to give you an even quicker set-up.

    Celio's Network- Grabs you any Pokemon...what's not to love?

    Lake Boundary- About 75% of my metagame is G&G, so I think you can see where this comes in.

    Copycat- 3 might seem like a lot, but I seem to mulligan about 50,000 times each game :mad:. This helps me to get to draw those extra cards that my opponent got to early on.

    Night Maintenance- Banette recylces itself, but you need some way to get back those Shuppets.

    Multi Energy- For those annoying Solrock starts. This makes them able to attack and 20+ T1 isn't bad.

    Psychic Energy- What do ya think it's for?
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  2. SuicidalPikachu

    SuicidalPikachu New Member

    IMO -2 Lake Boundary, +2 Crystal Beach,

    and -3 ER2, +3 Pokenav.

    Reasoning: Crystal beach hurts GG ALOT more than lake boundary.
  3. mila

    mila New Member

    nice list, keep 2 lake boundary, add 4 DREs, 1 Minun SW and Rosseanes research.
  4. TavishReppinUtah

    TavishReppinUtah New Member

    im not sure if 3 copy cats is good
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