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    Just some EX cards I make when I get a hankering for some create-a-card. Might get around to doing a whole set at some point, but that's a tall order. I'll bump when I post some more. Thanks for reading! - David Thomas

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    How about these?

    Frostlass EX :water: 140 HP

    :water::water: Split Slice
    This attack does 40 damage to 2 of your opponent's Pokemon.

    :water::water::colorless: Hyperfreeze 110
    Discard an energy attached to this Pokemon. Your opponent can't attach any Energy cards from their hand to their Pokemon EX during their next turn.

    -Pokemon EX Rule-


    Arceus EX :colorless: 180 HP

    Ability: Multitype
    This Pokemon also has the type of each different Energy attached to it.

    :colorless::colorless::colorless::colorless: Cripple
    Flip a coin for each Energy attached to each Pokemon in play (both yours and your opponents) Remove the highest stage evolution from one of your opponents Pokemon, discard an Item card attached to one, discard an energy card attached to one, or if there is a Basic Pokemon with no cards attached to it, shuffle it into your opponents deck for each heads.

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    Alright, I'll try this...

    Raichu EX :lightning: 170 HP

    Ability: spark
    When you attach a :lightning: energy from your hand to this pokemon, you may place a damage counter on your opponents defending pokemon.

    :Lightning::Lightning::lightning::Lightning: Zap Cannon 120

    Discard all :lightning: energy attached to this pokemon. This attack does 20 damage to each of your opponents benched pokemon for each :lightning: energy you discarded in this way

    -pokemon ex rule-
    W- :fighting:
    RC- :Lightning::Lightning::Lightning:

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    bump with a few more in the OP

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