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Discussion in 'Local Tournaments' started by The Oldies (a.k.a BJFR), Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Today, I will change the way Poke'mon is played!

    I have looked at the rules, and how some people have cards that once they get on the field, they are hard to put down. The new format is called Z format.

    In this format, all Ex's from expansions are banned. A Lv. X's are allowed one to a deck. A lot of people are booing, but this format gets a lot more intresting. :tongue::lol:
    Instead of six prizes, you have 12. You may have up to three active Poke'mon in the arena, but beware, if a Poke'mon is weak to another Poke'mon, it cannot attack in the same turn the poke'mon that it's weak to attacks and if a Poke'mon you have is resistant to another you have, it may attack twice. If that Poke'mon attacks twice, it cannot attack for two turns. (Note: It must use the same attack) If all your Poke'mon have the same color, they all deal 10 more damage. Also, if you are playing on a playing surface that has the same color as the playing mat, you get another 10 bonus on your attack. (note: resistance and weakness penalties are still done as normal)

    All trainers are supporters (you can only play one per turn)
    You may play trainers during your opponents turn, but you may only play one.
    Nonbasic Energy - NOn basic energy may be played during the same turn you attached a basic energy, but the energy must be discarded at the end of the attack phase.

    Banned Restricted list:
    Note : All Poke'mon cards that ever existed will be included. This format allows players to use older cards.
    You may only have one of the following card (excludes lv. xs)
    Rare Candy
    Proffesor Cosmos
    Double Rainbow Energy
    Holons Castriform
    Proffesor Elms Training Method
    Ariados (the one used in Flariados Decks)
    Gardevoir (from power keepers)
    Sableye (from power keepers)
    Gust of Wind
    Charizard (Base Set)
    Proffesor Oak
    Bills Maintence
    (Any more suggestions will be welcomed)
    You may only have 2 of each of the Following Cards in your Deck:
    Ditto (Fossil)
    Magmar (Diamond and Pearl Mysterious Treasures and Fossil)

    What does this have to do with Local Tournaments? Well, I'll be visiting different Poke' leagues to test my Idea and see how it runs. So people in Jackson Metro Area Poke'leagues, look out! Your first. You'll need a Sixty card deck for a mock swiss Z styled tournament.

    Thanks for your suggestions ,
    The Card Master
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