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  1. NycDarkDragon

    NycDarkDragon New Member

    Name's Kenneth and writing my first report.

    I first started off oversleeping for an hour. When i got down to the train station, the train just closed it's doors. So I had to wait 10 minutes for the next one. i tried to call my friends to wait up for me but they weren't picking up their cell phones. I managed to get there 45 minutes late. Luckily, they were playing practice games so they waited for me. Once they were done, we set for the path train to NJ. Once we get into the station, the train leaves again... :mad: so we had to wait 20 minutes this time, only i got my friends to keep me company. When we arrive in Hoboken, the people that was surpose to pick us up were running late too, so we went off to grab some donuts. They finally arrive with 3 cars (Alex, Lissane, and James). We had 8 people so we need 3 cars. In time, we finally arrive at Time Warp....we signed up, borrowed some cards, filled out decklists and waited...again....There was a computer problem so the whole thing was delayed til 1:30(or something like that, dont really remember)

    anyway, heres my deck:

    4 Torchic
    1 Combusken
    3 Blaziken
    2 Blaz EX
    2 A. Electrike
    2 A. Manetric
    2 Skitty
    2 Delcatty
    4 Dunsparce
    1 Ray EX

    3 Desert shamans(would have used 4 but didnt have enough)
    1 POR
    4 Oracle
    4 Tv Reporter
    4 Rare candy
    3 Warp points
    1 Town

    13 R
    4 L

    Round 1:Greg with Mewtwo, wobbuffet, absol
    This was an easy match since i had a perfect hand. Started with Dunsparse against wobbuffet and absol. Got everything out in turn 3 and 4. Blaziken just pulled out a double KO with warp to end it.

    Round 2:Caleb with Aqua Deck
    Caleb came with me from NY. We really didnt look forward to battling each other (since I always beat him) Anyway, he had my weakness so that worried me a bit. Everything was pretty smooth until he played walrein and manetric. I overlooked the fact that manetric could shift energy from any aqua pokemon. so my warp point was useless. he managed to kill 2 of my blazikens(1 regular and 1 ex). Thats when i brought up Ray Ex to kill the walrein. he managed to get another one out but he didnt have enough energy left to kill Ray. Sad to say that he was just one energy short from killing my Ray. Ray survived with 90 damage on it and used dragon burst to get me the last prize. He actually got me worried!

    Round 3:Sean with BAR
    This guy was pretty good only he make a couple mistakes. So i got the usual start and decided to power ray instead of Blaz ex. He started with skitty, a mareep and a torchic. When i took out his delcatty, he had problem getting the right cards. but soon he set up 2 blaz, 1 ray, and an amp. started to killed my ray his own. it was his mistake to continue to kill my basics when i got my own blaz ex powered and killed ray. from there, he paniced and started to attack with his blazikens. by using the blaziken and manetric combo, i managed to do 100 every turn. in the end, I OHKO'd all his poke. he said he only had 1 Ray and 1Blaz ex that he never got out.

    Round 4:Jermey with BAR
    i was alittle worried about this kid because he just beated MK(one of my friends). anyway, i started with dunsparce again against his torchic (i think, not too sure). anyway, i just managed to get everything faster than he did. got into a few tight spots but i fought my way out of them. in the end, blaz ex (or ray, cant really remember) just wiped him out.

    Round 5:Eli with BAR
    another from NY, i was surpised that he managed to win all his matches. anyway, we decided to draw cause we were both undefeated. so we played for fun. i had the worst hand ever and in the end wound up losing to him. he then asked me to give him the win because he beated me....i never thought i would hear this question ever...if you could do that, why would there be a draw option in the first place?!

    Eli, Me, Frankie, Lance, Jimmy, Jermey, Sean and Christian.

    Round 1: Jimmy with BAR

    Match 1:
    i knew that this guy was good so i was on my guard. he had a really bad hand this game and i just finished him quickly with Blaz ex.

    Match 2:
    this time we had the complete opposite. he got a good hand and i got a bad one. he killed me with Blaz ex...

    Match 3:
    We both got everything fine this game. he cornered me with 1 blaz, 1 manetric, 1 delcatty and a blaz ex as active. i had only a blaz, manetric, delcatty and some supporters in my hand. i had to do alot of thinking to pull myself out of this situation. i used oracle and energy draw to help me find the remaining cards to set up my own blaz ex. blaze kicked him for 50. he countered by doing his own blaz kick and burning me(he was short on fire energy to do volcanic ash) so i killed his blaziken and started doing 100 to each of his poke every turn and i wind up in the top 4.

    Round 2: Lance with Vaporeon, Espeon, Swampert/ex
    this guy was really a worry to me, he was the only one with a non-Bar deck in the Top 8. He beated Carlo, Bolt, Mk and Eli (btw, im dont really like this guy because he's annoying). i heard comments about lance shuffling too fast and something about cheating. so i had to be on my guard.

    Match 1:
    he did suffle pretty fast and looking at his cards as he shuffles but i cut his deck pretty nicely so it wasnt so bad. i started with dunsparce once again. against his eevee. i increased my bench size when he powered up vaporeon. when i was using strike and run, he decided to start his turn without me finsihing, so i told him to wait for me before drawing (which he did). i took out ray 2blaz, and a manetric and killed his vaporeon in one shot.

    Match 2:
    I still got the same start, but he had 2 eevee's and a mudkip this time. instead of evolving his eevee's, he decided to take advantage of Ray's weakness with quick attack and lunge. unfortunately, he got more tails than heads allowing me to have more time to set up. the result was exactly the same.

    Round 3:Frankie Durso With BAR(wat else?)
    He was a friend from NY too. quite a good player. probably a rival to me.

    Match 1:
    the whole day....of starting with dunsparces in either the first or second turn, i didnt get it until the end of the game. he had everything set like 3 turns before me.

    Match 2:
    i started with a decent hand this time. when i started by taking out his ray with my own. and then there was an energy drought. this bought him enough time for him to set everything up and wiped me out with blaz ex.

    it was quite sad how close i was to winning the trip to worlds...sigh...there's always stadium challenge and nationals i was a long ride back to NY. wasnt until 1am that i got home. anyway, thank to the following people:
    People who lent me cards

    thanks for reading hope to see you all at origins :cool:
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  2. EternalFire

    EternalFire New Member

    I knew you couldn't resist posting a report... :rolleyes:

    *(Shameless plug :p )*
    Anyone who is interested, come to the Staten Island Prerelease
    June 5th, and support more local NY events! :cool:
    Go here -
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  3. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Good job Kenneth. Nice report. Im sure I have met you at the Center before. Yeah Frankie is a real good player.
  4. NycDarkDragon

    NycDarkDragon New Member

    Enternal, I already told you that I was going to write a report. Shouldnt be a surprise to you.

    Johnny: Yea we did meet at the Center, Im the other chinese kid with glasses.
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  5. Great report. Too bad your energy drough set down your downfall but hey there is always nationals and with the way your deck ran it should have a fighting chance. Good luck and hopefully this time transportation delays dont get you to origins late. :p
  6. ShadowTogetic

    ShadowTogetic New Member

    Yea, you saying I'm the only other Chinese kid around? =P
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  7. NycDarkDragon

    NycDarkDragon New Member

    Are u not?
  8. otw38

    otw38 New Member


    What Stadium and Gym Challenges are on sundays? We want to have an
    opportunity to win a travel award at a Stadium or a Gym Challenge, but
    we are never available on fridays or saturdays except for Nationals or Worlds.
    Who is in charge of scheduling the Stadium and Gym Challenges?


    Mike C.
  9. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    You should really start a new topic to ask a question like this rather than reviving a topic that is months old, not to mention that your question doesn't relate much to the original topic.

    In answer, though, before I lock this:

    These events are scheduled on a day that is the best for the largest audience.
    That usually means Saturday.
    The PTO running the event schedules it, after getting approval from PUI.
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