New Pokemon League: Houston TX

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    Heroes Collectables will be restarting their Pokemon League this Saturday and every Saturday there after.


    1570 S.Dairy Ashford
    Houston, TX 77077


    1:00pm - 8:00pm

    Contact for more information

    Store Number: 281-497-0221
    Also, you can PM me.

    Come by and have some fun. We will be testing both formats. Majestic Dawn - B/W, and HGSS - B/W
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    WOW!! Bless you for giving so much of your time to help players!
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    Just in case also

    Alief/SW Houston
    we meet on thursdays 5pm to 7pm
    @ Burger King
    11930 Bellaire Blvd
    Houston TX 77072

    cross street is Kirkwood and Bellaire
    for more information you may contact my pokemon page at

    thank you

    Alief/ SW League Leader
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