New To Pokemon Need Help On Tournament Rules

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Professional Caliber, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone Im new to Pokemon and I have some questions regarding decks and tournaments.

    1. What sets are currently legal in tournament play and how will they rotate out?

    2. Out of the archetype decks out there which decks will rotate out the soonest and when?

    3. How do judges determine at the end of time for a round. whether there are 5 extra turns or not?

    4. Is there anywhere i can go to watch videos of people playing in a tournament so I can learn more about pokemon strategies?
  2. 1-
    Sets rotate out every year on Sept 1st

    2- What sets will rotate out has not been officaly announced yet.

    3- 5 extra turns? When time is up the players turn whose it is finnishes there turn, then the player with least prizes left wins. If there is a tie, play continues till next prize is drawn

    4- No

    For All Tounament Rules and Resorces-
  3. Tego

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    Er ... what? What about the Worlds 2007 minisite and Youtube?

  4. I stand corrected
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    hmm.. from the minisite
    Offtopic: I wonder if it is possible to devise a shorthand notation for games.( Like Chess and others have)

    I've watched that masters finals video several times and I still can't work out what the last three or four moves were that led up to the victory.
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    Roos evolves Eevee to Jolteon ex, increasing the damage counter count on From's Nidoran F, Vibrava and Vibrava to 30 each, then smacks down an Absol ex, moves 30 from any of the two Vibrava to Nidoran F, knocking it out before he takes the final prize with Jolteon ex' attack via Mew ex. :)

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