New to pokemon: opinions on my GE deck?

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by tricia0712, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. tricia0712

    tricia0712 New Member

    Right now I have the following in my deck:

    3 togepi
    2 togetic
    3 togekiss
    2 wailmer
    2 wailord
    2 caterpie
    1 metapod
    2 butterfree
    1 tangela
    1 tangrowth
    1 lapras
    1 delibird

    (the last four of these I'm unsure about, have thought about milotic combo to withstand the lv x, although I was told that this does not work against poke powers? Also considering Palkia/Palkia lv x combo)

    3 great balls
    1 scott
    2 night maintenance
    1 team galactic's mars
    1 switch
    3 rare candys
    2 professor elm's training method
    1 drake's stadium
    1 glacia's stadium

    6 grass energy
    18 water energy

    Basic strategy is to use Togekiss to set up Wailord and Butterfree, Wailord has good HP and attack once set up, IMO, but the sleep thing can be an issue. Butterfree gets to evolved fast with pokepower, like the attacks once they are set up.

    Any help would be great.. I have started playing in order to have something 'in common' with my son, and we are supposed to be going to a tournament on Saturday.

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  2. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Welcome to the game!

    Big problem here is that there's too much going on. The best thing to make a good deck is to have some consistency and redundancy in the cards that you're running. Right now you have 3 attackers that all want the deck to be built around them and none of them really support each other. I would suggest keeping the Togekiss in the way it is, but take most of the other Pokemon out to fit in 4 Tangela and 3 or 4 Tangrowth. If you can't get more of those before the tournament, try to get more of the Wailmer and Wailord. Since that's not a lot of basic Pokemon, throw in 4 starter Pokemon like Pachirisu GE , Stantler MT/SW (can't remember which one), or Sableye SW. If you stick with Wailord instead of Tangrowth, Lapras is also a good idea.

    The trainers and energy should complement each other somewhat. You usually want more trainers than energy because the trainers will be useful throughout the game while the energy have only one purpose. A good rule of thumb is that you have 8-10 trainers that search out specific cards, another 6-10 cards that draw, and other random trainers that go along with the deck like certain stadiums, Rare Candy in a stage 2 deck, etc. With all this drawing and deck-thinning from the search trainers, you only need to run somewhere between 15 and 19 energy. Since Togekiss is a big part of the deck, more energy is better than less, and the trainers you'll want to run will be ones that get multiple cards out of the deck at once so you have a bigger chance of getting more energy. The starter Pokemon also determines how the deck wants to get set up...Sableye basically wants a lot of trainers to maximize his first attack, not supporters or stadiums, while Stantler wants a lot of supporters so that there's different things to choose from.

    I'll provide a list to show you what I mean:

    3 Togepi
    1 Togetic
    3 Togekiss
    3 Tangela
    3 Tangrowth
    4 Stantler

    3 Rare Candy
    3 Scott
    2 Crystal Beach
    3 Celio's Network
    3 Bebe's Search
    4 Holon Mentor
    3 Professor Rowan
    2 Bill's Maintenance
    2 Night Maintenance

    18 Grass Energy
    Total = 60

    The idea here is that you are using your trainers to thin the deck of stuff other than energy, so that once you evolve a Togekiss, your Tangrowth can get a lot of energy. Stantler starts the game to get everything set up by getting the supporter you need from the deck, and the trainers that shuffle cards back in should be used to keep non-energy cards in your hand and put the energies back in the deck.

    Hope I helped, and have fun at your tournament on Saturday!
  3. tricia0712

    tricia0712 New Member

    I don't think I could get my hands on more tangela/tangrowth right now.. but I could do the following:

    3 togepi
    1 togetic
    3 togekiss
    4 wailmer
    3 wailord
    3 lapras

    I thought it had to be a little more involved than that! Figuring out which pokemon to use was pretty hard.. I kinda fell in love with the Igglybuff/Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff line, and the Gible/Gabite/Garchomp line as well :p

    I'll definitely try and get my hands on some of the trainers you mentioned, but most of them aren't available to me right now :(

    Thanks for your suggestions!
  4. Dennis Hawk

    Dennis Hawk New Member

    Togekiss-Wailord sounds pretty good. If you want to use Wigglytuff there, make it 1 Jiggly-1 Wiggly line. When there's not enough energy, use Wigglys power - both fall asleep, your Wailord heals (and it couldn't attack anyway) and there's 50% chance that your opponent's pokémon can't attack. Nice, eh?
  5. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    I understand the problem of trainers...its a problem for most new players. One of my favorite things about the Secret Wonders set is the number of trainers that it makes available to new players.

    Use whatever trainers you have available. Use whatever trainers you have that can help you find cards If you have dusk balls or quick balls available to you, I would simply take out 1 line of pokemon (whichever you feel is your least favorite) and replace those cards with anything you have. You might ask before the tournament if anyone has any trainers that they can spare and I think you will be surprised at how much help you will find.

    There are good trainers and there are available trainers. People will tell you to usee the good ones when asked, but use whatever you can and enjoy the day.

    I can tell that in the end, its all about hanging with your kid and having a good time :thumb:
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