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  1. Bryan13

    Bryan13 New Member

    Hello guys .. so im new to pokemon and i really dont know where to get started..

    What is the best way to get started?

    What stater deck or boosters should i get?

    What are the costs for making a tournament winning deck?

    Also i really want to play this game competivly so i would love to get a sort of trainer or teacher..

    Im the national champion in the tcg i play so maybe i can teach you the game i play in exhange for transforming into a "expert" player..

    Thanks once again..

    and ill need looking at al the poke stuff to try and get exposure lol

    Most important im looking to have fun.. since i really want to get into another tcg since in only in one right now..
  2. dave628

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    Flamemaster is best starter deck to get as it will provide you with helpful trainers and supporters.
    Overflow is also pretty good because it's one of the few stater decks that gives you roseanne's research.
  3. Bryan13

    Bryan13 New Member

    Agh ok lol.. Is there anyway to play pokemon online? Like other then msgs
  4. gallade

    gallade New Member

  5. thepliskin5005

    thepliskin5005 New Member

    Well for packs i would say try to get a box of great encounters from ebay type in pokemon box or you could get a box of platnium im not sure if you have the energys thoue if you get platnium use some of the sp pokemon there good for starters sorta....well if you can get a box if you get great encounters use claydoll from there and rare candy is very good from great encounters and preimeir ball well in arceus there brong zong toxicorak and probpass that are good and you need bebe's serches and if you dont get great encounters be sure to find cards that will make you draw cards and secret wonders for roseanns reserch. so i would recomend getting great encounters and secert wonders....i mean box's and....this is a lot of money lol
  6. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Okay, first off if you want to play competitively you need to go to a League. A League is a small non-competetive atmosphere meeting where local players go to simply play, be test their new decks and such. By participating you can get rewards such as Limited Edition Pins (called badges) and/or promo cards. Each year, the prizes are different and the year is split into periods usually a could months long. These periods are known as Seasons. Each season's prize is different but it goes with the same characteristics of all the prizes for the year. For example, this year (the 2009-2010) the League rewards are Promo Cards, some of which are staples for almost all winning decks. Each season, what promo cards you recieve will be different. Basically, a League is a place to relax while learnig the game and testing your strategies. You can find a league in your local area by using the League Locator on While at your Legue you should be able to find a wealth of information. They are usually run at card shops or other friendly places. When you go for the first time, you will recieve something called a POP ID. This stands for Pokemon Organized Play Identifier. You will here the term "POP" a lot, just know it's the company that runs the tornuments and events. Your POP ID will allow you to create an account on MyPokemon, a handy little tool which helps you keep track of your OP scores, what events you have participated in, etc. Your POP ID will allow the tournament runners be able to identify you as both a person and a player so make sure you bring it be record your participation. Now, if you want to play competitively, you need to have a good deck. A starter deck would be the best since it gives you a playable series of evolution lines along with several important cards even top decks use. Once you have a deck you will need to buy both Staples and boosters. Staples right now include the following cards:
    - Claydol GE
    - Uxie LA
    - Azelf/ Mesprit LA
    - Roseanne's Research
    - Bebe's Search
    - Broken Time-Space
    - Expert Belt
    - Rare Candy
    - Several other Trainers and Supporters depending on your deck

    The biggest reason these are common staples is because they give draw power, which gives speed and consistency; two things in this game that some of if not the most important aspects of this game. (there are researchable topics on why and how to use these cards) Now there are two more terms you need to understand. Teir Decks (commonly refered to as the Metagame) and Rogue Decks. Metagame decks are decks made up of the strongest and/or most consistant and stattegic decks out at the time. This means you will we them almost everywhere. Rogue decks are decks that are completely unheard of that are made up by the pure creativity of the deck maker. Winning Rogue Decks are much more higly respected but as a beginner, I highly recommend making a Teir Deck of some sort. Here are some of the largest decks in the format right now: (Several articles can be found here on the Gym on how to build a foundation for these decks)

    - SP Toolbox
    - Dialga/Palkia/Lock
    - Beedrill
    - Flygon
    - Luxape
    - Blaziken FB Variants
    - Kingdra
    - Machamp
    - Arceus
    - Gengar

    These are just a few of the many decks out there right now. Now comes the question, What Packs do I Buy? Well it all depends Personal Preference, what you are looking for, and when you need it. If you want a deck and collection that'll be good for more than eight months, buy something from the Platinum or the soon to be released Heart Gold/ Soal Silver sets. Yes, Diamond and Pearl is good, but every year, about 4 sets are cycled out be are no longer tornument legal. As of last year, this did not happen, and, while we don't know for sure, we assume about 8 sets should be cycled, and there are 7 D&P sets, those will all be cycles out next year. Unless you are a collector too, I would suggest simply buying the D&P singles you need.

    Once you have your deck, and you look for tournaments, you will want to start with Battle Roads or City Champs. CC are starting soon and you could start there. Here is a list of ok the types of tournaments:

    - Battle Roads
    - Cities
    - State
    - Regionals
    - Nationals
    - World Champs (requires invite)

    Your OP scores are kept with your info on your POP ID be increases for every tourny you win. and if your score is high enough, you might just get an invite to Worlds. I hope this helped and good luck and welcome. :)

    PS: There's a ton of info out there. Just do some research! :) besides the Gym, I recommend and And again, good luck! :)
  7. Bryan13

    Bryan13 New Member

    Thank you so much that really was a big big help!!

    Also are there any nub friendly decks?

    sort of like auto poiliot?

    Also was is the lowest costing top tier deck out there right now?

    so i just bought the starter deck Flame master..

    What is the best deck i can make out of this?

    So i can use this as my starting deck and at least not get destroyed in a league?
  8. Nobodys

    Nobodys New Member

    lol Gengar's pretty autopilot / speedgar mother gengar. Just do a search for it in the deck help and strategy section...

    Flame master... *looks* oh gosh... theme decks are even more terrible than they were about a year ago... i honestly can't think of a single thing to make with this.

    Gyrados is sorta auto-pilot ish and nice... cuz u can buy a theme deck from strom front and get sum stuff you need...

    Just read some articles on here and look at some decks people post to give you an idea of where the game is at... probably best advice I can give. If you're going to get packs or boxes... these are the best sets:

    Great Encounters - Comes with Claydol, Unown G and Rare Candy... All 3 are needed in any competitive deck to run... except rare candies if you're playing SP

    Storm Front - Gyrados and Gengar.

    Rising Rivals - SP goodness - Luxray GL and Flygon.

    Platinum - SP Tools

    Probably best to get a few packs, buy the singles that are hard to get off of sellers in the selling forum... I bought my theme deck a year ago and I only use a few trainers from it like roseanne's and lux ball...
  9. V1c10u5

    V1c10u5 New Member

    Just out of curiousity, what TCG do you play?
  10. Arcanite

    Arcanite New Member

    In order to start off with a cheap meta deck, purchase the following decks:

    2x Cuting Edge (RR)
    2x Endless Night (GE)
    1x Eternal Time (GE)

    From these you get the Following Pokemon Line for a Cut price Speedrill deck, one of the bst decks in the format!

    2x Beedrill GE
    2x Beedrill RR
    4x Kakuna RR
    4x Weedle GE
    2x Porygon2 GE (cheap alternative to claydol)
    2x Porygon GE

    You should also purchase the folowing pokemon:
    2x Azelf LA (allows you to get a pokemon out of the prizes)
    1x Uxie LA (Allows you to draw cards until you have 7 in your hand, was recently available through leagues)

    Trainerwise, you get the folowing good trainers from the decks:
    4x Roseanne's Research
    4x Underground Expedition
    2x Professor Oak's Vist

    4x Amulet coin (helps draw)
    2x Quick Ball

    These speed up your setup.

    You should also get trainerwise:
    4x Bebe's Search (Available in many theme decks such as flamemaster from arceus)
    4x Cynthia's feelings (Available in many theme decks such as flamemaster from arceus)
    and when you get used to it, you could try expert belts, which are available in the stormshaper deck!

    I have several good cards to trade, so you can click on my link below to see. If you have cards I want, I could trade with you.
  11. Bryan13

    Bryan13 New Member

    I play a game that just came out a few months ago.. ITs called battle spirits

    Thanks alot.. I think I will make that beedrill deck
  12. Ash6

    Ash6 New Member

    Well I bought starter decks. And the league I went to told me not to use starter decks and to use cards I have. Also order booster boxes from
  13. Bryan13

    Bryan13 New Member

    yea.. man starter decks dont work..

    i went to my local poke league and man i got rocked!!
  14. Happiny13

    Happiny13 New Member

    Heres a line of staples in a normal deck. They will be expensive so you will have to start out slowly.
    2-2 Claydol GE
    1 or 2 Uxie LA
    4 Bebes search, Roseannes Research, and Rare candy(only for stage 2 decks).
    2 Night maintenance and Warp point.
  15. kwisdumb

    kwisdumb New Member

    I haven't read through this thread completely, but...

    Buy a theme deck, or maybe one of the world championship decks (although those aren't tournament legal) and attend a league. To find a league, visit

    Kind of depends what you want to do...I know nothing about starter decks, but you can't go wrong with Stormfront, Platinum, and Rising Rivals as far as packs go.

    It really depends. Some decks require a lot of Lv. Xs and other expensive cards, and then there are decks like Beedrill that are dirt cheap to make. Look around online, find something that you like and that's in your price range, and go for it.

    Go to a league, and see if the league leader/owner, or a player that you think is good will teach you a bit. You can also read the posts on this site, as well as others (the ones in my signature are a good place to start, imo), to learn a bit about the game.

    What game do you play? And congrats for winning Nats.

    You can use Redshark or Apprentice. Redshark is a Pokemon oriented program, but it's not as good as Appr, which was built for Magic, but has a Pokemon patch. I'm not sure if I can link to the sites that the programs are hosted on, but Google is your friend.

    Definitely. Kingdra and Gyarados are pretty easy to run. Beedrill to an extent as well. Those are probably your best choices.


    I'm down to help you, especially if you play a game I'm interested in, and I'm sure theres others who are willing to help as well. Good luck, and feel free to let me know of any more questions you may have.

    Good luck!
  16. Bryan13

    Bryan13 New Member

    thanks for the help..

    i play a tcg called battle spirits
  17. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    I haven't gone to a a league since the original Team Rocket set was released.

    League is a place where a lot of bad players congregate. You can play a deck vs usually subpar lists and players. I would rather just play online on Apprentice, spend less time, conduct more tests vs better players and easier to change/modify lists. However, only recently they have started to give out some of "staple cards" as league prizes, making it somewhat worthwhile, just to obtain valuable staples for free.
  18. AzNightmare

    AzNightmare New Member

    Most tournament decks that do well will cost at least $50 in total of cards. Probably even more.
    That's of course if you know exactly what you want so you can buy them as singles.
    That probably wouldn't be the case though, and if you are new to the game, you might as well do what everyone else did in learning the foundation and spending lots of money on the theme decks to only get a few cards that are actually good enough for competitive play.

    It won't be cheap, but you probably knew that already, since you're a TCG player already. TCG is never cheap.

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