Next Destinies 3-Pack Blisters?

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by DanthePokeMan, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. DanthePokeMan

    DanthePokeMan New Member

    Did anyone actually find these? I've been to several card/hobby and department stores with no luck. All of the places I went to had either never heard of these or have no idea when they are being released.

    In case you're not sure, I'm referring to the blisters with the Riolu and Luxio promos.


    P.S. I live in Ontario, Canada...maybe we didn't get these yet but the US did?
  2. Dragonflames1994

    Dragonflames1994 New Member

    I haven't seen em either. But then, I'm also in ontario.

    I'll likely be going on a trip to the US next week so I'll report back on what I find there.
  3. ExoByte

    ExoByte Master Trainer

    For, uh, reasons, the Next Destinies 3-Pack Blister wasn't released in North America. Those cards will be used in some upcoming Dark Explorers products.
  4. DanthePokeMan

    DanthePokeMan New Member

    So we can still get those cards then with the same Promo numbers? I hope this doesn't become another DP54 and DP55...

    I'm actually kinda bummed because I was hoping to open up some more Next Destinies packs.
  5. Ranger_Zero

    Ranger_Zero New Member

    I'm replying from Northern California and there is no sign of them here either. I've checked Toysrus, Target, Walmart, and card shops. None of them have any sign of 3 packs. I'm kinda bummed because they were a great deal for 3 packs + coin and promo and I'm a coin collector :(.
  6. DanthePokeMan

    DanthePokeMan New Member

    Although I'm not a "coin collector" per say, I am more of a collector when it comes to the TCG and, yes, another new coin would have been nice. It sucks that I now have to wait until May to get two promos we should have gotten now...all I can say is that the EX tins we're getting in March better have all Next Destinies packs in them to make up for us not getting the blisters here...but I doubt that will happen. Hey...I can dream can't I?

    TPCi seems to be making it harder to get promos nowadays...I won't even start on the promos that didn't make their way to Canada (*cough* BW 14-16 *cough*)...
  7. TheDancingPeanut

    TheDancingPeanut New Member

    This kind of thing worries me. I don't like hearing about snags in the mechanism. It always makes me think something has gone awry with the machine. Hope all is well at headquarters and with the game in general.
  8. honchvire

    honchvire <a href="

    Perhaps it has something to do with places being sold out of ND. Too much demand for packs, not enough supply for blisters?
  9. King Piplup

    King Piplup New Member

    That's my thoughts.

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  10. ExoByte

    ExoByte Master Trainer

    Nothing like that. We're shifting up the product layout (you'll see in Dark Explorers) but due to how things get committed we needed to keep the 3-pack going for non-North-America.
  11. King Piplup

    King Piplup New Member

    Ok, thats interesting to hear!

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  12. espy87

    espy87 New Member

    Yeah my guess is because it's being sold out everywhere.

    Two local walmarts ive been too actually just had booster boxes sitting out with packs in it. it was strange. they usually only have blisters around here.
  13. Tash

    Tash New Member

    Same here. Also, all of the Regigas pack mysteriously vanished from it a few days ago.
  14. otarolgam

    otarolgam New Member

    So, wait... does this mean that we could be getting 4 or even 5 pack blisters in the future? Cause that's what I think when I hear "shifting up".
  15. King Piplup

    King Piplup New Member

    Really? My target has 53 Regigigas and NOTHING else....

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  16. MrWaffle

    MrWaffle New Member

    Youre not talking about the one with the giant mewtwo ex card right?
  17. SteveP

    SteveP New Member

    I hear NX is the hottest selling set in quite a while. No need to repackage a set that is "blistering" by itself!:smile:
  18. Envoyofduels

    Envoyofduels New Member

    Let the speculation begin.
  19. Axew

    Axew New Member

    I want the coinnnnnn
  20. otarolgam

    otarolgam New Member

    ... 11 cards per pack?
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