Nidocatty deck need help

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Uchiha_Sasuke, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. Uchiha_Sasuke

    Uchiha_Sasuke New Member

    hay guy i just need some help on this deck plez give yuor feedback

    Nidoran m (df)x3
    Nidoran f (mt)x2
    nidoran f (df)x1


    copycat x1
    Celio's network x3
    Bebe's search x1
    TV reporter x1
    Pokemon Fan Club x1
    pokenav x2
    Professor cozmo's discovery x1
    Professor oak's research x2
    Professor elm's training method x2

    the gole of this deck is to get the pokemon out fast with the nidoqueen from DF but i dont know mybe i need more or less of some thing you guys tell me plez
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  2. DL24

    DL24 New Member

    U need rare candies big time!!! If u want to run queen and king together, add 1 more of each nidoqueen, 1 more king, and get some holon castforms. U wont need delcatty w/ the castforms. No mime or deoxys. If u dont know already, castform acts as both a basic pokemon and a double rainbow energy. Take ur energy line to just special and basic dark. You'll have the castys. As far as ur trainer line goes, take out oaks research and elms training method. Add some more tvr maybe 2. Run holon mentor instead of fan club and pl;ay 2-3 of those. It should turn out something like this

    Pokemon: 23
    Holon’s Castform (hp) 4
    Nidoking d (df) 3
    Nidorino (df) 2
    Nidoran m (df) 4
    Nidoqueen (3 mt, 1 df) 4
    Nidorina (df) 2
    Nidoran f (df) 4

    Trainers: 27
    Holon Mentor (df) 3
    Rare Candy (hp) 4
    Celio’s Network (cg) 3
    Tv Reporter (df) 4
    Scott (df) 2
    Holon Lake (hp) 1
    Night Maintinance (mt) 2
    Professor Rowan (dp) 2
    Windstorm (cg) 2
    Switch (dp) 1
    Sidneys stadium (pk) 1

    Energy: 10
    Special Dark Energy (df) 4
    Basic Dark Energy (dp)=6
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