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    Whew... long loooooong days lol.

    I spent the night at Colin's house Thursday night and we playtest a bit. He only has his exploud deck, but that's fine as I need to test just what setup will work. I was testing LSD and was taking 2 dunsparce out of it for 2 random things that came to mind a bunch of times. I just wasn't happy with how it was performing. So during the night I come up with the idea of Banette/Salamence.

    So, the trip up to Texas... err down to texas, whatever was a pretty rough one. The phrase "Oklahoma SUCKS" was used quite often lol. In a downpour, M45's driver side windshield wiper just decides that it doesn't need to work anymore lol. So we had to stop and get that fixed... the fact that it was raining sucked (but got me out of having to drive hehe). We stop at Burger King to eat, and they have NO onion ring sauce for my onion rings.... why? Cuz Oklahoma sucks. Then, I lose the spidey-sense game on my drink or rings, forget which. Why? Cuz Okla.... err cuz I guessed wrong =\

    Anyway, we finally get to the hotel like 12 hours from when we left st. louis and I build the Banette/Salamence and do some more testing vs. Colin and Anthony. GOD, what a pile. The deck never got setup right, so I just chuck the cards across the table and say "screw it, if LSD went 5-2 at nationals, its gotta be decent" and so I use the same list I used there just with 1 Double Rainbow fitted into it, which was a godsend (thank u pooka lol)

    So we wake up early, register for the tourney, get a SWEET pokemon figurine (Hoppip power... too bad there wasn't a Banette) and just talk for a while with the stl. crew. I got to meet Evil Cacturne, which was cool, and later on I would meet Patriarch and Spectreon, which was equally as cool.

    So, the tourney starts and I'm nervous as heck haha, but the first game gave me a little confidence. And just like everyone elses report, everything I write here won't be 100% accurate, so bear with me as I'm incredibly tired lol.

    Round 1 vs. (sorry, forgot the name >_<) with Walrein/Milotic

    I really like that Milotic is getting popular lol. I get a good start going and he only busts out 1 or 2 walrein but not insanely fast. I take them out, and take out some sacrifices, then Reversal up a Milotic for the win.

    1-0 (3 points)

    Alright, so I'm happy I had a decently long game that I was in total control of; those are always fun. The 2nd round starts and i'm just like "who's this guy" Immediately he asks me if I'm nikePK and I say 'yes' and lo and behold the man I'm facing is the one and only Patriarch

    Round 2 vs. Patriarch with Blaze/Ray

    I don't have an awful start, but I do go 2nd... had I gone first, I might have been able to win this lol. I figure that after he doesn't attach to his active dunsparce that he knows how to play vs. my deck. Wow, I'm quite surprised anyone has even taken notice of it lol. Very very cool if I do say so myself. Anyway, he counters my Desert Ruins that I play down for almost no reason, evolves to a Bex on turn 3 or 4 and just starts coming at me. I don't really draw into anything good, and anytime I paralyze him with a sparce or something, he is able to play a switch or just wait a turn for me to get tails. It's a short game, and i only take 2 prizes, 2 futile prizes as I had lost the game at that point lol.

    1-1 (3 points)

    Alright, so I'm a little aggrivated about that game, but that's cool. We have a lunch break and what happens at every tournament to me is that after the lunch break, I LOSE. It NEVER FAILS. And so you can guess what happens next game.

    Round 3 vs. (forgot again, d'oh!) w/ Gardy

    So he starts with a Ralts, but I go 2nd. I'm quite positive that if I had gone first, this game was TOTALLY mine. But I don't, so he t3s a Gex on me. My Desert Ruins hurts him a bit, but I just don't get enough stuff going by the time he gets up another Gardy and Kirlia among other things. He had a lone Gex for the longest time, but I just couldn't knock it out, which let him get stuff and he eventually just runs me over in a short amount of turns.

    1-2 (3 points... still)

    That made me pretty upset cuz now I figure there is no way I'm gonna come back and make the top 16, I'll get screwed on draw or something. Well, it was a nerve racking next round, but my deck decided it would start working for me again, so here's how it went...

    Round 4 (ya, no clue again, sorry man) w/ Blaze/Ray

    I think it was blaze/ray this round... lol. Hard to tell, I always get the match orders messed. Anyway, I think I have this psychic ability to cut into people's decks and give them Rayquazza starts, which happens here. This is basically an auto loss against my deck. I Ruins him and just start the beatdown/swarm which is waaaay to much for anything he gets to handle. A pretty quick game. Starting with Ray sux, but I'll take it. That's what you get for playing blaze (j/k =P)

    2-2 (6 points... a little better)

    Alrighty, so I'm still nervous as crap as I know I gotta win every game to t16, or draw my last round, but that doesn't guarantee crap. So, onto the next round.

    Round 5 vs. Adam with a makeshift Aqua Pwnage

    I get off to a pretty decent start and nothing of his does an immense amount of damage to me, so I'm able to command the entire game with my Lanturn army. His TA Electrike was the first thing up, but I went first with an HL chinchou I think. He does the multi-attach attack and I'm like "crap" But, I'm able to pull a lanturn and Double Rainbow + S. Charm and down the thing quick. Either that or it was my TA Lanturn that did the job, I'm not really sure. That gets him off on the wrong foot, and I just take care of the rest of his pokemon.

    3-2 (9 Points)

    Dun dun dun.... I still need to keep winning and i'm freaking out lol. Its 7 rounds, so only 2 more left. I know for a fact that 5-2 makes the top 16 (there were like 53 or so participants in 15+).

    Dun dun dun... ok, u can just start playing the dramatic music yourself...

    Round 6 vs. Nancy Lynch (mewsmom) with Swampert.

    A cheap win here, which really sucked because swampert vs. LSD can be one heck of a game when things get rolling. I get to go first, and she starts with Mudkip, I start with HL Chinchou. Yeah, you can see where this is going. I attach, random spark for 20 and end. She bubbles. I go, but I can't attack cuz I'm para, I think...

    She evos into Marshtomp, taking away my fear of "omg, she's gonna t2 swampert ex and clean me out." She attacks, but my next draw is a Lanturn HL. I attach a DRE and that's game =( It stinks I had to win that way, but my last game would more than make up for that.

    Okay, after thinking about this, I think that Nancy was my 5th round or so, and the Blaziken was my 6th or something.... ugg. Adam mighta been my 4th round actually, then came nancy, then the blaziken... so yeah, just flip flop those okay?

    Alright. I saw in my last game, the blaze game, that a guy diagonal of me was playing a Magma deck. Fighting/fire, more fighting than fire, but there was fighting nonetheless. I say to myself "please, not that guy, PLEAAAASSEEEE"

    Yeah, screw that, I have to play him lol.

    Round 7 vs. Richard (i think that was his name) with Team Magma Aggron/Houndoom

    ohhhhhh boy. I don't even remember if I go first or 2nd, but this was the greatest game in pokemon history, I swear to god. Already, I have to play around weakness, and already he freakin' turn 3's a Magma's Aggron >_< After dropping his first basic off the face of the planet, I think I might kill another one before the Aggron comes up, don't remember. He's got that magic 120hp number, and so I need to try and stall to get an HL Lanturn going PLUS get 20 dmg on it. So, up goes Sparce, 10.... TAILS. Rats.

    So it dies. Next up comes my HL Chinchou, one of the 3 or so I have out. I random spark it for 10 and I'm pretty sure he doesn't know what I'm doing... nor can do anything about it. I evolved to lanturn before that, and it has 1 energy on it. He eats the chinchou for breakfast, I energy Grounding to get 2 on Lanturn. Send it up.

    Draw and attach the S. Charm I had in my hand and I drop the Aggron. We're about even now and I think I drop a DRE on my Lanturn to power it up quickly. We go back and forth, exchanging prizes, I'm retreating and stuff trying to hold off. He gets a Houndoom up to do 30, but I think I killed that with the 80 dmg from the DRE'd Lanturn.

    So now we're at prize count of 2-2. Yes, very close. My HL Lanturn is up with a LLW on it. He has a Magma's Groudon on the bench with 2 energy, but only 2 Magma Pokes in play. So, he Town Volunteers for the entire Aggron line and some other jazz, then uses his Magma's Zangoose to grab a Magma Aron. I try to Reversal it, and bring it down to my last prize, but that fails. So now he has 3 Magma Pokes in play. He Calls for Family again.

    My bench looks like crap. I know I'm TOTALLY screwed if he gets more pokemon, so the only thing I can do is just hit the Zangoose for 50 and hope. I drop it, and he sends up Groudon after saying he doesn't like the power lol.

    He draws and I hold my breath. His words, "I didn't get what I needed." He passes and I draw my card and say "Awesome awesome game," but he says its not over cuz I can only do 90. But I drop the Strength Charm, discard my lightnings for 100 and win the game. WOW. One magma basic and I was DONE for lol. The entire game was wonderful and Richard (I wish i knew his last name... darn my memory) is probably one of the nicest and most spirited adult player I've ever met. A wonderful WONDERFUL match against an even more wonderful person. Great Game that I will NEVER EVER forget.

    So I'm ecstatic now, sitting at 5-2... wooooooo!

    Top 16 breaks down and I'm up against....

    Round 8, Top 16 vs. Kevin w/ Gardy/Mag/Catty/Sparce

    GAME 1:

    A very different version of Gardy that greatly benefits me cuz I run 4 steven's advice lol. He starts with Sparce and I think I go first... ugg, I can't remember. After his SARS and his bench filling, I think I do the same thing. However, he gets a little energy stalled so he can't Delcatty and I get setup FAST. I start running through a few of his pokemon and he gets Gardy ex up. I desert Ruins the crap out of that, and the only thing he can do later in the game is try for another Gex to ko my stuff, but Ruins and Lanturns are too much for it.

    GAME 2:

    I LOOOOOVE Best 2/3, its soooo much freaking fun and this game proves to be a bit different. Knowing that I play Ruins, he takes a different strategy going with regular Gardy's against me. But again, my swarm gets going like no tomorrow and I down Gardy's with S. Charms and other stuff with my lanturns. He didn't get the best starts, but not the worst starts either, so I'm not sure if he woulda had the god start would he have won, but we had some great games and he already had a Trip so its not a big deal to him I'm sure. He's a really cool guy though, as is his twin brother....

    whom I had to face next round >_<

    Round 9 vs. Devon w/ Shiftry/mag/Catty

    Again, where I'm going "pleeeeasssee don't pair me up with this" it happens lol.

    GAME 1:

    I get a good start and he gets a pretty good one too, but I eventually get to him. I really can't recall what happened this game except for that I won lol.

    GAME 2:

    What a game, woo! He gets setup and so do I, but his deck just has so much stamina as he doens't have to discard jack squat to do 90-110 dmg to my pokemon with Shiftry, whereas I do. We're about even on prizes at 3-3 and that's when he starts to command the game by getting up another shiftry and all. I know that its probably not possible to comeback, but I push on anyway, but end up having lost 6 prizes to him. Great great game though, very fun.

    GAME 3:

    I get to go first since I lost and on top of that I get the GOD hand. Aqua Chinchou/ Aqua Lanturn in hand with 2 energy and an Oracle and something else.

    So I go first and confuse his seedot and Oracle. I know shiftry runs shamans, but I had no idea how many he ran. Later, he told me only 2, but he's gonna bump it up to 3 lol. My mind is like"don't shaman me, don't shaman me, don't shaman me don'tshamandon'tshamandon'tshamandon'tshaman!" after my oracle. He draws... shakes his head, asks how many cards are in my hand. I only have 3, so he CC's for 3 and gets pretty much nothing. I draw, TV reporter, attach lanturn, attach energy, Auxilary Light, KO the Seedot. He brings up Magnemite w/ a grass on it, which doesn't do much for him. He plops his hand down and I ko his magnemite for the t3 win. A pretty cheap win again, but this deck kinda thrives on that lol. Devon's really cool and I'm glad I had the chance to play him.

    Round... *pant pant* 10 vs. (I forget) w/ Gardy.

    GAME 1:

    Ok, so we're going about toe-to-toe, I have a slight advantage and toward the end of the game I have 2 Reversals in my hand. His gardy ex will die after this turn from my Desert Ruins and I can ko something on his bench with my active lanturn. It's game if I can do this.

    Reversal! TAILS!


    GOD!!! >_<

    Man, I'm so mad. I have the dang game WON right there!!!! I forget what happens after that, but he is able to ko a few of my guys and win the game =\

    GAME 2:

    Okay, about the same crap happens except I'm down to just 1 prize. His gardy ex is active making him a big comeback. I have 1 energy on lanturn. DRE in hand. I need 1 prize. 1 reversal in hand and I can ko ANYTHING on his bench.


    TAILS and the die laughs at me!

    Again, I'm pretty mad, but I drill his gardy ex for a crap load of dmg, and ruins hits it hard. He Nursed once already thsi game, actually the VERY TURN BEFORE. He draws. NURSES AGAIN!!!!!!! >_<

    ARGH! That pretty much wins him the game right there as my Dunsparce comes up, Sudden Flash... TAILS... of course =|

    So I lose on fricking Reversal flips... oh well. Vince and the rest of the judging peoples tell me I need to play for 3rd-4th place and I'm up against Dana Lynch w/ Blaziken/Salamence.

    GAME 1:

    I'm beating him pretty badly in the beginning, but his stupid Salamence lands 5... yes 5 heads on Agility in a row while my Lanturns kinda just twiddle their fins. He gets setup, swarms me to death and I lose.

    GAME 2:

    He gets a bit of a better setup and I just can't handle the salamence's massive HP for a non-ex. He gusts stuff up, topdecks Oak's Researches like no tomorrow and hands my butt to me lol.

    So, I take 4th place, which at first garners an Invite to worlds, which I'm quite happy about. However, since D. Barlock won the tourney and her kids already have some Trips, her trip gets handed down. So 2nd place gets the trip, obviously, then it gets bumped down to Dana of who also has kids with trips, and so he's nice enough to give up the bumped trip to me =)

    So, it was one wild day lol. I could NOT believe that I came back from being 1-2 to go 5-2 on the day in swiss. Once my deck hit t16, it really started clicking too. I always got solid draws, just against the Gardy player, I got the crap rolls, which cost me the game, which is kinda upsetting as I would've liked to have the chance to win the entire thing, but I got the trip which is awesome as I get to see all of you guys that have trips at Worlds!!!!

    Well, thanks for reading this long report, I had a BLAST at the SSC, which was run without a single snag.


    The stl. crew for letting me tag along. Thanks alot Vince & fam. Thanks for letting me spend the night Colin. And thanks to Ben and Anthony for being awesome company on the car ride/hotel.

    Props to Chad, Matt, and Scott who came to judge and did an awesome job. It was also sweet seeing those guys again after not being able to see them when we went to Columbus.

    Props to my opponents. Everyone was a good sport and I had a lot of fun.

    The judges were really nice too, even in my t4 match and fight for 3rd and 4th where I said a few choice words that just slip out... I think they knew where I was coming from lol.

    Props to little Andrew K. for taking the 10- title!

    Props to everyone I met, online and off, you were all so freaking cool, I can't wait to see those of you that get to go to worlds. Patriarch, you better get that invite =P


    Slops to the temperature of the room. Geezus, it was FREEZING in there. I swear, I could see my breath. I was shaking cuz of nervousness enough, I didn't need to be shaking cuz of I was being iced over too!

    And thats it for slops, the tourney was run amazingly well and I had a lot of fun.

    talk to you all soon. Oh, and no offense to all of you that live in Oklahoma =P
  2. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    Great job Pat! Congrats on staying with Lanturn and getting that trip. See what happens when you listen to me? =P See you at Worlds!
  3. HypnosProjectHQ

    HypnosProjectHQ New Member

    Good job man. Wish I could see you and all the others going to worlds. Unfortunatly, my deck crapped out on me at the Manitowoc, WI GC in Top4 and at the Niles, IL GC in Top8. I shoulda at least won the Manitowoc, WI one, but I didn't.

    Good luck at worlds! ;)
  4. lookinforwailordex

    lookinforwailordex New Member

    nice report and congrats
  5. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Congrats, man! Like I said, a Nike PK VS Patriarch finals would have been something =(

    but OMG, I freaking told you that you'd T8 with it, and did you believe me? Noooooo -________-""

    But yeah, Mr. TD'er of boosts eliminated me. Otherwise, we would have played. Pooey ;x

    Hope to see you soon. Since my dad knows I'm a good player, he may just drive me to play in the grinder (if my ranking doesn't hold out),lol. ^_^

    Crap, I use too many smileys!

  6. swanton1717

    swanton1717 New Member

    Good Job Pat

    Well congratulations on winning a trip to Worlds. We'll have a lot of fun down there. I'll email you my flight info in a bit so hopefully we can hook up and fly down together. ttyl

    Last edited: Jul 12, 2004
  7. Freddy K.

    Freddy K. New Member

    Pat that win is so freaking awesome... I have a LS Lanturn just waiting to be signed by you ^_^

    See you at Worlds and MANY congrats for the win!!!

  8. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid New Member

    Dude Pat, Were Destined. You got ur trip, now i need to get mine, Identical Records @ Nats, Identical MF Rating, If I go 1-2, i know im going to worlds =P.

    I heard from Patriarch that you lost cuz of reversal flips, and i felt soooo bad for you =/. But CONGRATS on getting that trip, im sooooooo happy for you, Earned it with Lanturn =P, No Blaze,Gardy ever from you, just nice old red face paint decks, From Salamence, to Sceptile =P. You earned it. Hopefully see you at worlds =).

  9. Whicker

    Whicker New Member

    nice job
    I have to say

    too bad you are in 15+
    because I want to play you
    and beat you for saying that Oklahoma sucks

    the weather isn't boring like Texas and Missouri
  10. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    Great Job Pat I told you LSD PWNS ALL.
    See you at worlds

  11. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    dude awesomeness, yeah ditto jermy, from ur title it was kinda obvious you got a trip/invite =P. Cant wait to meet you, only 1 month and 8 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Xeno

    Xeno New Member

    Ah, so you were the guy with the insane Lanturns of doom. That deck surprised me, I might go and make it to play for fun in the leagues aorund my area. I was the guy with the Walrein/Milotic deck, I couldn't get it out fast enough against you. >.<
  13. mewsmom

    mewsmom New Member

    Hey, I was really hoping you'd offer to play for fun after that round since you didn't even get the see the WRATH of my deck. But guess ya was scarrred, LOL

    Congrats and cya at Worlds!!
  14. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 New Member

    Congratulations nikePK! See you at Worlds.
  15. Magnechu

    Magnechu New Member

    Mmm. GJ Nike; you really deserved the trip. They screwed all you 15+'s over at Nats. cause of the T16 when it shoulda been the T32. But what ever, Congrats Pat and I'll be seeing you at Worlds. ^_^

    ~Chu :)
  16. meganium45

    meganium45 New Member

    OK, please do not take any criticism of Oklahoma personally. Our little group just encountered EVERY problem we could in the State of Oklahoma, particularly with my car....

    Heck, in reality, we love OK! With Oldman and his gang, how can you not?

    It is just a state in the future that I will probably have my car stay away from...for some reason it does not like the state!

  17. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Lol, right Vince.

    When I left the Oklahoma GC, brushfires were in our way home to Allen! o_O
  18. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    Huge congrats NikePK. :clap: Way to make red face paint work. Completely red face paint (well for another 2 days until the decks forum fills up with them ;) ) Great job.
  19. nikePK

    nikePK New Member

    wow, lots of replies lol.

    First off, thanks to all of you.

    Pooka, yeah I know lol. I take the advice at the last possible second, eh? Cya at worlds man, we'll have a blast.

    wailord ex, thanks a lot

    Hypno, that really stinks as it'd be fun to meet you. Maybe you'll have some bizarre last chance thing you can get to make it to worlds

    Colin, awesome, and thanks for everything. Free movie, all that playtesting time, a place to sleep lol. Thanks man, I really owe you.

    Jermy, rofl.

    Patriarch, lol. That'd be awesome if you came down even for just the grinder, cuz you can definitely t8 in that. Thanks for having some confidence in me lol.

    Freddy, haha, I'll definitely sign one for you, but only if you sign something for me of course =)

    Truk, your post made me smile haha. Yeah, you better get a trip darnit, cuz it was a blast hanging out at Nationals!

    Whicker, haha, so true about the weather. But rain isn't exactly a fun state of condition to drive in. And like m45 said, it's all in good fun about Oklahoma =P

    Krayzie, haha I'm glad you think so too. It'll be sweet to finally meet you down in FL.

    Mudkip, I look forward to it ^_^

    Xeno, WOW I didn't know that was you. Bah, every game I should just start asking everyone if they are on Pokegym lol. It was cool facing you, yeah you didn't get the greatest start and I was up and going pretty fast that game. Definitely try the deck out, its loads of fun ^_^

    mewsmom, thanks and yes I'll cya at worlds, maybe we can have a solid rematch there haha.

    Moltres, Thanks man.

    Magnechu, glad you think I deserved the trip lol. It'll be awesome to see you again at worlds, I know you'll rock some faces off in it lol.

    m45, I can only imagine what would've happened in OK with MY car haha. Thanks again for letting me tag along and all, and I'll be seeing you at worlds as well =)

    Pidgeotto, Thanks a lot ross. Haha, I dunno how fast the forums will fill with this deck, I can see a lot of people still sticking with blaze and such, but it'd be kinda cool if it got popular I guess. Btw, did you get a trip or invite to worlds? If so, cya there!
  20. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    Yo pat glad to here ya did very well. congrats on a great finish and i cant wait ta meet ya at worlds. the oklahoma phrase lol no offense to the oklahoma ppl.

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