Niles IL City Champs RESULTS UP

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Ice'Cold, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. Ice'Cold

    Ice'Cold New Member

    EDITED: Ok for all of you who were asking, yes there *probably* will be a city championships at pastimes. Nothing for sure, the details are still being worked out. As soon as I hear anything, I will post it here. Until then,


    Info now up! For directions and info on the store visit Please note that this event will probably not be listed on the website.
    Cost: FREE
    Player Limit: Unlimited (I think pastimes has room for 400 something people, so you can be sure as long as you are on time you wont be turned away)
    Time: Registration will start around 11:30 The actual event will start at noon, once everyone is registered. To help speed up your registration have your decklist premade, as they will be required. Also a note from me, if you have attended tournaments in the past we have been a bit harsh on enforcing penalties for game and procedural errors (such as decklists) In light of new rules (such as those reviewed in "spirit of the game" new penalties will be adjusted accordingly. Please still take time to fill out your decklists as accurately as possible. If there are any questions, feel free to ask them here or email me through the link. Thanks

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  2. PokeWisconsin

    PokeWisconsin New Member

    I'm actually considering a pastimes CC. Get us the info as soon as you can.
  3. Dek

    Dek New Member


    We must have a City Championship at Niles. I beg of you.
  4. ST Pika

    ST Pika New Member

    I hope you get to have a CC, a good date for that would have been the previously mentioned 12/11. Hope you can find out soon.
  5. Dek

    Dek New Member

    No. Not the 11th. I gotta re-take my ACTs that day.
  6. kingkyle3

    kingkyle3 New Member

    I hope we have one as well. I hope you can get the details fast so, we can plan ahead with the holiday season coming up!

    [size=+2]BTW, Is there a date for league yet?[/size]
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  7. soslowpoke

    soslowpoke New Member

    ...guys, we cant schedule somethign to accomodate one person.

    It will be in January because there is basically not a free weekend at all before then to run this thing.

    Think 1st or 2nd weekend in January (saturday) NOT the same day as the Crystal Lake one, we can tell you that much :)
  8. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 New Member

    The 9th would be a bad day, as well. ;)
  9. Ok .....​

    Well can I make one suggestion...please make it the earliest of Jan. as possible, with the exception of it conflicting with the Cystal Lake date. Alot people wanna not have to deal with school and the tourneys at the same having the tourney at an early time can ensure that no one has to deal with any major homework or project because schools just started. Am I making myself clear??​

    See ya​
  10. ST Pika

    ST Pika New Member

    Well, if you guys do it on 1/2 or 1/8, I will be visiting Collinsville IL (Dizzy Dugout) and St. Louis MO (Dragon King), respectively. I've been itching to go back down to the St. Louis area and playing the people down there again, and the owner of Dizzy and Vince are cool people who run really good tourney's. I guess it's time for Plan B on 12/11.
  11. Ice'Cold

    Ice'Cold New Member

    Relax everyone, the date is being worked out, let me take care of that.
  12. AXE

    AXE New Member

    Ill be there if there isnt another cc going on any where else in the midwest.
  13. Ice'Cold

    Ice'Cold New Member

    Theres alot of em going on, one this sunday I believe, also the weekend after thanksgiving is the MI city champs, ill send you the list if you'd like axe. There arent really any other ones close to us besides WI and the dizzy dugout one.
  14. PokeWisconsin

    PokeWisconsin New Member

    Has anyone ever been to a dizzy dugout tournament? How are they?
  15. dld4a

    dld4a Feature Writer

    I believe that one of Meg45's places. If so it'll be great, bet on it!
  16. ST Pika

    ST Pika New Member

    I was down in Collinsville on my way back from Kansas City, KS about 2 months ago. I attended a league session there, not a tournament. The store was very nice, the league was well run, and the owner was a cool guy. I believe that Vince would be running it, so I believe it would be a nice tournament. I'm going down there for sure, no one else is going with me so far... but arrangements can be made...
  17. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Ice: there's also Rockford and CL, both w/in an hr or 2 of my place, which isn't that far (but AXE already knows bout CL)
  18. meganium45

    meganium45 New Member

    Sorry guys, Vince is not running the Dizzy Dugout events, but Mike from Dizzy's is! I will be there, playing, so it will be a chance to come and hang.

    Dizzys runs good events, and they are always a lot of fun.

    I will be running my Gathering Ground event the next Saturday (1/8) which is within 20 minutes of Dizzy's (which is on Sunday 1/2)

    My first event is the Dragon King City champ on November 27th...can't wait for that!

    Talk to you all soon!

  19. Ice'Cold

    Ice'Cold New Member

    As you can see the Niles City Champs is now scheduled for the 9th of January (yes I realise it is the same date as Rockford) but due to scheduling conflicts there simply wasnt much of a choice as to when to have this. It will be nice, you can have Niles CC that week, and then the next will be Crystal Lake CC, both of which I will be able to judge.
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  20. kingkyle3

    kingkyle3 New Member

    9th of January sounds good.

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