Niles R/S Challenge Report

Discussion in 'Archive' started by ilc, Aug 23, 2003.

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  1. ilc

    ilc New Member

    Ahhh this was one good tournament ;) I ACTUALLY made it, unfortunately though I was unable to drive TRC there, but she got there. I traded Bullados those two Pokes he needed, and TRC the 3 pokes she needed(actually my 1st version of my time, basically the same pokemon but weaker.) SO let the reporting begin ;)

    For the sealed deck part I did rather well. My start Hitmonchan EX, lead me well through the battles. Hariyama/Pelliper were my back ups. My bro didn't do as well, but was able to slap a decnet deck together.

    Battle 1: TCG. Me vs that guy from Pojo.
    Seriously I forgot the guys name >_< Black guy, tall, bandana thingy on his head, anyone know who I'm talking about? Well I was sitting right by my borther so I was slightly disctracted. My first hand hand my star card, Hitmonchan EX. He did a good job while I powered Hariyama. He put up a decent fight with that weezing, but succumbed to me in the end, do to weaknesses and stuff.
    4 points

    Battle 2: GBA. Me vs Ryan(Bullados)
    God, worst match of my life. I had trained 2 of his pokemon, Gardevoir and Wailord. I was a bit nervous, but the fact that my Gardevoir killed his Blazkien was reassuring. He forgot to switch for his blazkien before the battle so it was Gardevoir vs Gardevoir. Basically we were mirror moving each other with Calm Mind, and my 1 lone T-BOlt. Seeing he was only calm minding I decided to switch and send out my Salamence, originally I was planning to EQ his butt. Well so I send out Salamence and see Dragon Claws, and for God knows what reason I think it is physical >_< I use it and think I'm so smart. Heh well I'm saddly disaapointed since it is a SPECIAL ATTACK!!!!! Well my own Gardevoir ends of killing my whole team (he used Calm Mind like 7 times >_<). Baaaaad Game.

    Battle 3: GBA. Guy with weak team ^_^
    Easy match, the guy starts off by saying he lost. Hehe ends off he had lvl 20'ers.

    6 ponts

    Battle 4. TCG Me vs my bro(aka Pokikid)
    Heh, the main reason why we almost didn't go, the guy broke his tooth in half at the pool the other day >_< We joked about it, but never thought this could happen, we had to face each other. Well we had equal points, but I saw he had a better chance of getting a better prize(and the medal he sooooo wanted), so I threw the game away and gave him the win(even though I would of won ;) )
    6 points

    Battle 5. GBA Me vs Odd Kid.
    This kid was nothing but odd. I knew ahead of time he had a Latios and Latias, so I started with Wailrein. He used some weird psychic attack with Latios and the lucky SOB got a critical. I did my Ice Beam and quickly switched for Salamence. Salamence did heavy damage but died to Latios. I switch to Gardevoir and finish his latios and Machamp. Besides the critical easy match.
    8 Points

    Battle 6. GBA Me vs YOSHI1001
    Hehe, always wanted to meet the guy. Not a bad match. Gardevoir killed his starmie, and weakened his cradily. Salamence did the rest.
    10 Points

    Well my bro got third in his age group being defeated by William who got first(he is a pretty neet Azn guy). In 15+ there was a three way tie for second between me, ryan and some other guy whom I don't know his name. Apparently they did win/loss ratio or something along those lines to figure out who got what(I seriously did not want to battle again >_<). The other guy got 2nd, I got 2rd and ryan 4th.

    Overall it was a pretty fun tournament.

    -Me and my bro both getting 3rd
    -Nintendo for giving such nice prizes.
    -TRC for understanding why I couldn't give her a ride to Pastimes.
    -Heh meeting William, one really neet guy.

    -The fact that they had to re-pair the team twice
    -Losing to my own Gardevoir

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  2. Dek

    Dek New Member

    well its a shame I dont have Ruby or Saphire cuz it seems like that was a real fun tournament. Oh well... You should be lucky :lol:

    anyways, I hope your at the Sandstorm Prerelease tournament.

    -Arthas Zero​
  3. SomeGuy

    SomeGuy New Member

    How was the turnout?
  4. soslowpoke

    soslowpoke New Member

    Twenty Seven
  5. TheDeuce

    TheDeuce New Member

    Guy with the Bandana = Cory, I'm pretty sure...

    Guy theat took 2nd that you didn't know = me, the other Will ;x
  6. I would like to apologize to...

    The people that came out to the R/S Challenge and the judges, seeing as how I was one of the people that had to go and caused the repairings... :( I had a bit of a family problem (Aunt was sent to the hospital/ she's ok, nothing serious, if anyone wanted to know)

    Also does anyone know who won the raffles at the end of the last match???
  7. ilc

    ilc New Member

    Yeah, the kid who won 10- got the SP. And the E-reader went to someone else, don't remeber.
  8. kingkyle3

    kingkyle3 New Member

    No, my little bro won the 10- division and he didn't win the SP.
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  9. ilc

    ilc New Member

    he did? Hmmmm well the someone that won a medal got that SP ^_^", maybe 2nd place?
  10. soslowpoke

    soslowpoke New Member

    That was my brother
  11. ILubAzureHeights

    ILubAzureHeights New Member

    hehe i won first place in 11-14 in that one. couldnt resist posting...
    guy in bandana wanted grovyles? ya i think thats cory. Also i got 3 sharpedos in my box, ilc. and tons of d-phan.
  12. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Kudos to all on a tourney well done. I had my differences at some points, but, to quote the great one, "feh", it all worked out

    Heck, Poke was worried about my GB being doctored, should have looked at my record first!

    Practicing on your draft skills all the time, expensive
    TOing for a year to keep the game going, expensive
    Traveling to Gencon and Origins to gain mad skills, expensive
    Borrowing a gameboy and cartridge for 10 packs, expensive
    Driving Round Trip to And From St. Louis, expensive
    Being one of 2 people to go away prizeless, PRICELESS!

    Guess I proved I EARNED that 135th rank at the FAT!!!

    Still a Master Professor


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