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Discussion in 'Trading Figure Game' started by Pokemon Trainer Mikko, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Well, everyone knows about the Pokemon League for the Pokemon Trading Card game. However, as far as I know the TFG isn't involved at all with the League. I know the TFG is just starting up, but I would like it if Toysrus or someone would hold something for the TFG. What better way to draw in new costumers and raising interest than to start events for the TFG. Does anyone have any opinions on this? I'm half way tempted to see if my Toysrus has a Pokemon League and if they do talk to whoever runs it to see if they'd be interested in including the TFG at this location.
  2. Heatherdu

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    Many of the kiddos at our TCG League bring the TFG and play. They don't get points for the battles or anything like that but they have lots of fun.
  3. That's nice that you have people involved with it, though it would be nice if the TCG League structure nationwide would expand to include events for the TFG. It could have essentially the same blueprint of any club, where the group leaders/organization runners could do a demo on the game for everyone, there could still be the points system already established for the TCG league, and personally if I was running it I would reward players with a badge or i'd give away a single Pokemon booster once a certain accomplishment was reached. I used to be involved with the TCG League when I was young, when the TCG was owned by Wizards of the Coast. I always digged the badges, even if they weren't anything amazing. It was the sense of accomplishment, and pride of showing off the badge made me happy.
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    The league I go to has the tournys weekly.
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    Give it time. If there is interest then official leagues may be created. In the mean time, have fun with the game and usually Pokemon League is a great place to talk about everything Pokemon not just the cards.
  6. I'm sure the League for the TCG is nice, I have a strong opinion of it since I used to be involved in it when I was younger. Currently though, i'm just playing with close nit friends and sharing starter kits with them. A friend's birthday just came up so i'm thinking I might buy him a starter set in order to break him into the game. He expressed interest, and he's as geeky as the rest of us.
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    *cough* I give them ten points per game of TFG, but only up to two times per session. So they can earn 20 points a week on TFG. *cough*
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    at our league you can earn as many points as you want in the TFG but you can't do challenges obviously. Every ow and then there is a tourney for a shiny figure like shiny salamence, Ho-oH, or as this weeks prize was supposed to be shiny zangoose.
  9. I see, so judging from comments, such things vary greatly per league.
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    Im all for it but please allow me to say this.
    What happen to Double Battles being made for tournaments? Did we just make the rules and the cards for fun and because of the TV show?
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    For any LLs who give points on the league scorecards for TFG battles, Liesik has said he would rather this not be done. When you see LLs say that they aren't giving points for it, it isn't because the LLs are being difficult, it is because the head of Leagues has said to not give points for it. So, things should not vary from league to league when it comes to league points for the TFG if you are responding to this thread.

    At my league, TFG battles are applicable for any bonuses that I do, but not league points.
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    do you have a link to back up this statement?

  13. bullados

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    I seem to remember him saying something like this either here or "elsewhere". Probably "elsewhere".
  14. ShadowCard

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  15. I want the opinions of League runners, Poke Profs, and anyone that considers themselves to be a representative of the TCG League.

    Why would it be that big of a deal to incorporate the TFG into the TCG League? Obviously attendees that only play the TFG shouldn't get some of the benefits of being a full TCG member. I can understand not giving them special attendee things like promo cards, and the like. After all, they have no need/want for them and I wouldn't want to take away anything from those invested in the main game. However, wasn't there once a time when the TCG League used to reward members that played the electronic games? I mean you would just have to explain that naturally TFG players are not elligable for TCG related rewards since they do not play the TCG. However, I still think things like Member cards/League cards/Season cards/whatever the true name for the league point recorders are called, even if you create a new templet for TFG only players. I still think that rewards like badges, assuming they are still given out like they were doing the WotC League days. Also by having TFG players involved, when things like game play demos are done people that previously didn't play might become interested in joining in the TCG. I mean fundamentally we are all Pokemon fans, or else we wouldn't even be on this forum. So as a community, and fandom couldn't we pull together more? The best way to do this is simply letting the established community welcome in new players/games. I mean the TFG isn't here to replace the TCG, and I wouldn't say that it competes with it either. They are two very different markets, and the figures fall in closer to Pokemon toys than they do collectable cards.
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    As an LL, I follow the rules and regulations set down by POP. If they say that I should not give points for TFG games, then I won't give points for TFG games. SAme thing for the video game. In that regard, my opinion doesn't matter.

    Now, as to what I think is right? The VG and the TFG should be League supported just like the TCG is. I would have no problem giving League points for VG and TFG as I do for TCG. It's good advertisement for the game as a whole.
  17. ShadowCard

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    The GB games are no longer supported by the Leagues and have not been for a 3 years now. Pokemon Trainer Mikko, I think a reason is that the TFG and the TCG are two different games and are worth different credit. The TCG league's current structure is made for TCG expectations, not TFG expectations.

    Got to admit though, the refusal to support it is just more nails in the coffin.
  18. I know I posted this in another thread, but I felt it was relevant to this one as well:
    "The Groundbreakers expansion will release this spring, and there will be some sort of TFG OP launching in the near future. Check back at for updates as they are available."

    Thank you,
    Pokemon TCG Customer Service

    There we go, the game isn't dead yet and they are working on some organized play.

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