No dark resistance?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Ace-, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Ace-

    Ace- New Member

    i have a question about the TCG. Is there any card, which has dar resistance? I checked my cards and dont find any dark resistance. If there is no card, what is the reason?
  2. Tego

    Tego New Member

    Very good question! The resistances in the TCG reflect the "immune" and "not effective" damage reduction in the video games, and there are Pokémon in the video game that resist Darkness:

    They could make a Skarmory or a Machamp resistant to Darkness, for example. Peculiar how they haven't done this yet.
  3. WinkWinkNudgeNudge

    WinkWinkNudgeNudge New Member

    There are none in the modified format. The best place to get that kind of info quick is

    Can't tell you why but I'm sure the game designers didn't think they needed to balance.
  4. yoshi1001

    yoshi1001 New Member

    Historically, Darkness hasn't been a terribly powerful type, relying mainly on the special Darkness bonus to do more damage.
  5. Diaz

    Diaz New Member

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  6. DarkStar20

    DarkStar20 Front Page Editor

    (One of the many reasons I use dark pokemon.) :smile::smile::smile:


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