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    Hey everyone.. well this is the first time i'm doing this.. so i'm just gonna make this brief... i like to keep my identity a secret but at the end you guys who attented Santa Clara regionals should know me... so let's start with *SWISS*

    Going in Deck = PLOX!

    Match 1: vs. Rogue.. (Gyaree/Cress) W

    Funny that i got paired up with the guy who kicked me out of states at pasadina..
    I dont remember much, but i know i went against some gyarados.. and cressalia.. all i remember was ploxing and i was in control the whole game.. then time was called and of course knowing plox.. you almost always win in prize.. prize count was i 1 to 4 my victory..

    Match 2: vs. Skittles L

    So in this match.. i had one of the worst starts ever.. i started with a baltoy and had it for about 3 turns in.. and he started with a ho-oh.. by now he already has 3 different color energies on... finally i got a claydol going on my bench as he sets his claydol up to and drew first blood knocking out my baltoy up front.. i came back with a scramble gallade but lucky him.. he flipped a head on his ho oh PP.. annoying.. by now he was able to kiss because i couldnt set up a gardi in time.. and he pulled 7 different energies on my gal for the KO... i came back with another gal but again.. it was futile.. he flipped a head and another gal went down the drain... and just as i was about to give up.. i was able to rare candy a dusknoir.. blew his ho oh with 4 energies on the bench back into the deck and did hard feelings for 90.. and he flips again.. and another head.. what a pain ho oh is... i lost this one, but would love to give it another shot.. my first time going against skittles.. so yeah..

    Match 3: vs. Rogue (Dodrio/Ray ex/Omastar) W

    The concept of this deck was to spread damage and then use omastar PK to pull down and devolve everyone on my side.. good idea.. but i had a godly start.. and gallade all the way.. taking two KO from the ray and then the rest was easy business for gardi to just plox away.. but since this deck didnt consist of powers.. Gal was the way to go and it was an easy win.. (must've been the lunch that gave me my juice back)

    Match 4: vs. Arethmatic W

    So basically against arethmatic.. I shouldve gotten an auto loss just because this deck was built to mainly play against the GG and Any fire matchup.. Luckily though, i knew this deck inside out.. there was nothing that would suprize me.. i played tested against this deck many times before hitting regionals and i knew i would be able to win this deck 2 out of three times.. so i was pretty comfortable..

    So what happened what.. of course he started with a shuppet.. and me a ralts.. i went first so i attached an psychic energy and confuse ray.. tails.. his turn.. he ascension.. then i rosan for a pachi energy and retreated to call for family.. and boy this was a tough one cuz this player was no push over.. knockouts were handed back and forth and back and forth.. until we reach our last prizes.. luckily i drew my cyclone energy against the arethmatic's gyaree and he sent up claydol and i told him "no hard feelings, but knock out"

    Match 5: vs Gator(i didnt think anyone would play this) W

    So pretty much this is and auto win for PLOX.. he got an early smeargle and tries to set up... during the first 4 turns he probably got all his energys from his deck in his hand already but sadly.. i galactic and ploxed.. so it was all for nothing.. and then when the gator came up.. i simply gallade the gator into literally "gatorade".. which pretty much refueled me with moral to finish up the match.. so that's that

    Match 6: vs Mag/Kiss L

    Luckily this guy was rank 3rd... during this game.. i swear i could not buy a celio nor any of my stage 2 at all.. all he got was a turn 2 mag and blast away at me.. just like how leo(i think that's his name) did to me during states... all i had was basics.. and i eventually lost taking zero prizes..

    Made top cuts at #8

    Top 16: vs. Leo(he played Blissey/Lucario/+ and -) W

    So the first game was a fairly simple game.. i played plox but i figure plox isnt always the solution.. so i went a turn 3 gallade scrambling away and follow up with DREs.. took about 3 knockouts until my gal when down and from there.. i just ploxed away and killed those carios and for the blissey.. i just slowly chopped it down and that was game 1 for you..

    So game two.. he got out a fast cario.. and i had a very bad draw... i was alive for awhile because my pachis would rid him of his cessations.. but then two pachis were knocked and from here.. he just went cessation crazy on me.. therefore locking me down.. and i could'nt buy a stage 2 or a celio again.. so i lost this one

    Now game three... i got out and early gal and galactic him.. so he didnt have any draws.. and just hit away.. i was up in prize.. and then he made a run, but it was pretty much futile because i was so much ahead in prize and then time was called..

    Top 8: vs. Rogue Cressalia/Gyaree/Gardi PK (a deck my bro made and play in states, but somebody just claimed it after seeing it's potential and placed it on pokegym haha) W

    So anyways.. He started with a cressalia.. and i started with a pachi.. so i figured okay.. we'll see what he do.. will he try to take two prized or will he level up and just retreat.. and knowing my hand.. it was godly.. and i was just baiting him to knock me out... so he pulled down a quick jolteon plus power.. T3 KO my pachi for two prize.. leaving his bench with only a jolteon.. then i just rare candy gardi and plox.. that was game 1..

    Game two.. it was a long and stressful game.. and i lost this one.. just put it at that..

    Game three was close too.. to the wire you can say.. he pulled out and combo of gardi PK and Gyarees hitting me.. and he was up in prize 4 to 6.. so i had to scramble back.. and i scramble and dre my gallade and gardi all the way back till the prize was 3 to 3.. and i knocked him out.. i pretty much now had demand of the game.. and i KO his gardi and now it was 2 to 3.. with no gardi.. that means no Gyaree attacking.. and was an easy bring down to his benches.. time called and i pulled a W..

    Top 4: vs. Stephan (Gallade/Empoleon)

    Game one.. he had a godly start.. and i was just overwhelmed by the gallade and emps.. that's all there is to it.. i couldnt buy a card after he cessation me..

    Game two was a toughie.. but i pulled through it and took control of the board.. just knocking out everyone of his pokemons using every bit of my arsenals, going from pachis to gal to gardi to claydol.. even ralts got a hit in.. so i ended that game with 2 prize to 5.. he had no more Pokes to KO

    Game three... second turn donkage... he started with a Casty.. and i just threw some Clay on that casty on the second turn and he was forever brown, no more changing color or weather or whatever.. point is.. that was one way to end a time ending round... haha.. Thanks for the Match Stephan and glad you pulled in for top 4..

    Finals: vs. //:Edit Mag/Kiss (Joel <-- i think was his name)

    Well during swiss.. he beat me 6 prize to nada.. and i was pretty frustrated.. so before we played he told me.. this is ur time to take revenge.. and that's exactly what i did...

    Game one.. i ploxed Gal Plox Gal Plox Gal for the win.. leaving his side of the board clear.. i was in control the whole game...

    Game two.. i got out and early gal.. and KO is mag.. pulled out and i ploxed away again.. and then finish with my starting gallade.. everything was going for me.. it was like the pokemon gods didnt want me to lose or something.. hahaha.. funny thing to say but it was true.. i was in the zone these two games... and it was just a total domination... i control the board leaving him taking zero prizes... i went on a 12 and 0 prize run for the victory of being NoCal regionals first place winner..

    It was a fun event.. but now i have to like fill out all the paperworks.. ugh.. anyways.. i hope everyone had fun.. and hope you see the lot of you at nationals.. hope you guys enjoyed reading.. it's not much, but something to look at.. =).

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  2. Poor Trainer

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    Congrats on the win!:thumb: Now I know both yours and your brother's pokegym names, heh.

    Hopefully we'll see your whole group at one of our future events in Sacramento (Elk Grove/Carmichael), probably for Battle Roads.
  3. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    congrats =) you earned it!

    see you @ brs :D
  4. Vegetasou

    Vegetasou New Member

    Nice report Jim. Good to see ya on the gym. Just make sure to spell check next time :lol:
  5. Gratz. My only regret is that we couldn't finish our battle. It was a very good game.
  6. Cheenou

    Cheenou New Member

    hey guys.. thanks.. i'm new to pokegym.. so mind if i ask who you are Poor trainer and uhhh arcanine/arbok master, which round did we play?
  7. emoboy666

    emoboy666 New Member

    Hay this Saturday at i believe noon there is a tournment at adventures and comics in games.I think robbie who got 3rd at regionals is going enter.
  8. We played for the top 8 round. (I ran Gyardevoir / Cresselia)
  9. Cheenou

    Cheenou New Member

    oh i see.. yeah that was an interesting game.. i would love to finish that game up too.. it was pretty close all the way.. thanks for the match.. hope to see you at nationals if you decide to go.. =)
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  10. Dogai

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    I think I played you with the Skittles deck. I think the only reason I made T16 was because of Phoenix Turn. There were a number of people frustrated with my Phoenix Turn luck.

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