NYC Pokemon Center Dragon Pre-release rescheduled

Discussion in 'Archive' started by JohnnyBlaze, Nov 14, 2003.

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  1. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    I was just informed by the Pokemon Center that this weekend's Dragon Pre-release scheduled for Sunday Nov. 16th has been rescheduled to next Saturday Nov. 22nd. I called to verify since we were planning to attend and coming down by train which would have cost us a good penny. The website still has the 16th down. He said that it was not yet updated to reflect the change. Anyone else that was plaaning on going should call the contact:

    Contact: John Hershberger
    Phone: 212-307-0900

    So we cant make it on the 22nd. So we wont be going to this one. Too bad.
  2. PokeMeBob

    PokeMeBob New Member

    The previous message about the rescheduled Pokemon Center Pre-release is an error. According to John at PCNY, THIS IS AN ERROR.

    The EX DRAGON pre-release at the Pokemon Center in NYC IS being held on Sunday November 16, as planned.

    There will be a second event (not a prerelease) the following weekend at the Pokemon Center NY with mini-tournaments and teaching tournaments. This is in addition to the EX Dragon pre-release on November 16.
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  3. jhershbergrerpcny

    jhershbergrerpcny New Member

    This is John Hershberger at PCNY. I do not know who you may have spoken to at my store, but I'm afraid you've been misinformed.

    As PokeMeBob said, PCNY's EX Dragon Prerelease is in fact going to be held on Sunday, November 16th. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

    We will be holding a second Dragon event on the 22nd that will not be a standard Dragon Prerelease. It will be a series of small tournaments and teaching sessions for new players, and small 8-person single ellimination tournaments for advanced players.

    Winners of the big Dragon prerelease will be invited back to participate in the events on the 22nd for free.

    Please do not change your plans if you plan to come to PCNY on the 16th.

    -John Hershberger, PCNY

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