Official PTCGO Bug Thread (Updated 3/7)

Discussion in 'PTCGO' started by Pooka, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. PokeMasterFlabface

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    Yeah I've seen that happen too, some people use it on purpose to cheat the game.
  2. pokedan24

    pokedan24 New Member


    Why would they do this?
  3. Krusiv

    Krusiv New Member

    Does anyone know how to fix the invisible card bug? I've had to concede so many games because I can't see what my opponent is playing.
  4. gokugohan

    gokugohan New Member

    I faced it once. The fix I found for this issue is that let the collection tab be opened for 3-4 hours. Everything will then "permanently" load, helping you to see the cards everywhere.
  5. pokedan24

    pokedan24 New Member

    You mean the glitch where half of your cards are just some weird back with the print "Pokemon Trading Card Game Online" and an illustration representing connecting to the internet?

    That's annoying. I can't do anything because of that. I bought an XY pack for 95 tokens and couldn't see any of the cards I got. I'm really sick of this crap.
  6. Suicide

    Suicide New Member

    I don't know if it's been brought up but terrakion with revenge attack doesn't seem to activate the additional 60 damage after your pokemon is knocked out

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  7. HappyHaunter

    HappyHaunter New Member

    Mega Blastoise can hit a benched Suicune for 30 damage. :(
  8. TheMantyke

    TheMantyke New Member

    It seems that Hard Charm is glitched to reduce damage counters applied to Pokemon. I had my Absol PLF with a Muscle Band attack a Raichu with a Hard Charm while two Pokemon were on his bench after using a Hypnotoxic Laser with a Virbank City Gym in play. Upon completing my attack, Raichu was left with 20 HP when it should have been knocked out (60 from the attack + 20 from Muscle Band - 20 from Hard Charm + 3 Damage counters should result in a Raichu with 90 HP knocked out).
  9. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    Seems like Evosoda can be played when a pokemon has been just played.
  10. MarUlberg

    MarUlberg New Member

    Not sure this is a bug. I think there was some announcement that this also goes IRL. Not sure though.


  11. King Piplup

    King Piplup Active Member

    Rainbow HS is legal in the Standard Format.

    I'd guess there's a variable encoded somewhere pertaining to turns in play that's being increments even though that first turn isn't a "true" turn in play. That's my useless speculation though.
  12. EricDent

    EricDent New Member

    So is the game back to "normal" enough to enter in a ton of code cards & redeem them?
    Just curious since I got about 100 code cards.
    Mostly Plasma Blast-X & Y.

    BTW does the Xerneas code card for that season work yet?
    If so what does it give you?
  13. Gyarados11

    Gyarados11 New Member

    With the new update, the league promo skyla is not working. You cannot view or select any cards from your deck when you play it
  14. Chanman

    Chanman New Member

    Plasma Energy cannot be played from your hand :(
  15. tonenkyra

    tonenkyra New Member

    yes, works enough to redeem codes as far as I can tell. the xerneas/yvetal tin codes aren't good til 4/1 and the xerneas league promo codes aren't even valid :/

    its not just the league promo Skyla. its all the Skylas in general as I have a FA, a regular one from bcr and the league promo one.
  16. evilxsystems

    evilxsystems New Member

    Garbotoxin is NOT blocking forest curse on Trevant!!!!!ugggggg seriously!?!?!
  17. evilxsystems

    evilxsystems New Member

    This has something to do with Trevant being benched as well
  18. EricDent

    EricDent New Member

    BTW the Trainer Kit code won't work until April 16.

    After not playing for a long time, I refreshed the game on my mom's laptop (while visiting).
    I like the new graphics & stuff.
    Though for some odd reason it says I haven't played any games with any of the started except Froakie, Chespin, and Fennekin. So if I wanted, I could get about 8 free boosters...

    Noticed when putting in codes, some of the images hadn't loaded yet.
    After a bit they did show up though.
    Not sure if it's cause I had the settings at "fastest" instead of "best looking".

    Though I do play the trainer challenge on easy, it seems that the computer is a complete goof.
    It always brings out the weakest Pokemon it has, despite having at least one Pokemon fully powered on the bench.
    Even on expert, it still made dumb mistakes like that, which led to me coming back from near loss to a win.

    Looks like my suggestion about what happens if you trade cards from your starter decks was answered.
    They made it so no matter what, you can still play those decks.

    Haven't tried my real decks yet. So have no idea if any big glitches have occurred.

    BTW it might be time to update the Trainer Challenge decks, since they still play with cards that have been rotated out.
  19. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    Seems saving decks locks up PTCGO on the please wait screen..
  20. crazybobbles

    crazybobbles New Member

    Anyone have issues pasting codes on the redeem code section? Sometimes the codes don't come through and I have to type a stray letter and delete it in order to paste it. Quite painful when I'm mass entering codes. Wish they could do multiline code entry, even if there's a 10 code limit

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