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    I get up at 5 something on Saturday to take the 2 and a half or so hour drive down to Columbus for the GC. David and Tom come with me too. After like 10 minutes of walking through hallways at the building we finally make it to the play area at the start of registration. I do some secretive trading with YoungJohn for my needed tech and turn in the decklist. I do some talking with Jim Ferrel and let him borrow one of my multis for his deck. Well doing this who walks in but WILLIAM HUNG. Apparently he was in Michigan for the playoffs and decided to come down to play at the GC. So I get him to sign my dunsparce for me. After like a half hour or more delay we finally get down to play. It is 5 rounds with a top 8 for 15+ and Top4 for the other age groups. Top 8 is also 2/3. I'll write down my decklist after I come back from Michigan on Mother's Day. The report was written hastily and will be added onto later.

    Round 1: John w/ TM deck
    It was like a modified themedeck. My blaz has no trouble dispatching with a couple Kyogre and Wailrein.

    Round 2: James Davis w/muk ex
    Well I figure I am in to lose this one as I start off with a lone skitty. However I draw into a delcatty and get a energy draw out of it before its power is gone. I then start beating his muk with blaze kick. Eventually he dies to burn and a new muk has 100 before my Blaz Ex is finally taken out. I finish off that Muk and then 2 other random pokemon as he has nothing left.

    There is then a lunchbreak which consists of me, david and tom playing poker for crappy rares.

    Round 3: Gymbo w/Blaziken
    I have a trashy set up and he stomps me like a red headed step child.

    Round 4 : Russell w/Swampert
    I try to get him to conciede to me as he is already 3-0 and in top 8 but he says no. We both have decent starts but I use multi to kill his 3 energy marshtomp with my Ray. There is then a series of trading resulting in me killing his 5 damage Latias Ex with Delcatty. After this he draws nothing and my Blaz Ex gets powered up and cleans up for the last few prizes.

    Round 5: Cory (Mr Fuji) w/BAR

    After Standings I am in Fifth place and have to play Tom Dolezal who is in fourth place. The top 8 consists of 7 Blaziken and 1 Swampert.
    We go play in the hallway for like half an hour and watch Tom being stupid by slidding his chair down the hall.

    TOP8 Tom w/Blaziken
    Game 1: Im pretty sure he starts with Torchic while I start with Dunsparce. My insane draws quickly overpower him as he draws into nothing. He did get insane flips AKA 5 burn heads in a row with blaz ex. We are done before some people even start their game 1.

    Game 2: The first five or so turns are identical in cards played and on the field. Eventually he runs outta gas and I quickly get down to two prizes. However instead of killing Ray I kill a Blaziken with my Ex. Now he has new hope and quickly turns the game around in his favor. However the tech comes out and locks down his side of the board. A last ditch effort of a dunsparce flip that may or may not win him the game is tails and I finish him off about 20 minutes after I should have already won. This would be the only game of the playoffs that did not go the full 3 game distance. Even with my mistake no matches are even close to done and I sit around for about half an hour.

    TOP4 Mr Fuji w/BAR
    Game 1: I have a lone Skitty forever and he finally Multis it with Ray for a quick loss.

    Game 2: Again I have lone Skitty and no draw. However I do some MAD topdecking and turn the game around for me. It helps that he loses every flip and appears to have run out of gas. A blaziken Ex and some mad switching quickly destroy any hope he ahs for victory.

    Game 3: I have a much better start and this game is much like game 1 went for me. He just draws nothing and quickly goes to scoop zone.

    TOP2 Gymbo w/Blaziken
    Before this match Jim suggests we play standing on chairs. However on his way up the chair he slips and almost smashed his head on the back of the table behind him. Somehow he regained his balance just enough to come down safely. It has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

    Game 1: This has to be one of the greatest games I've ever played in my life. It quickly turns into an all out brawl with both of us stalling on 2 prizes and looking for a way to win without using ray. Jim almost misplays and send up his ray but quickly decides against it as he my benched ray is waiting. We both go the Blaziken swarm method and damage quickly starts to mound. I have to try and kill his Ray before he kills my two Blaziken. There were many options I had in this game like instead of going for the third blaziken going for the ex and waiting a turn to kill his ray by sacing one of my Blaziken. This probably was the play as I look back but I went for the third Blaziken instead and scoop as my benched blaziken will die from taking too many hits. This game could have easily lasted an hour for all I know.

    Game 2: This game turns out to be much the same as Game 1 was. We both end up low again with prizes looking for a way to win without misplaying. I come out on top as I set up a Ray and Blaziken Ex to pick up my last prize. Jim hopes that I am bluffing and decides to kill my active Blaziken with his Ex. However I am not bluffing and my Ray takes out his ex with a multi for my last prize.

    Game 3: I am sad to say that this game was not as great as the first two had been. Jim starts off horribly with a Ray after a mulligan. I the procede to get 3 Blaziken out and an Ex over the course of many turns while he draws nothing. He knows its over but I tell him to keep playing because there is always a shot. However this doesnt happen and he loses. It was a crappy ending to a GREAT finals. Good games Jim.

    I'll clean this up later.
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  2. ToysRUsKid

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    Congrats !!!

    I'll hopefully see you at worlds ^_^

  3. nikePK

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    Awesome job, Drew. It's really cool seeing 2 great players duke it out in such great games during the finals... too bad the entire t8 was basically blaziken =| Other than that, very very cool. And again, great job.
  4. Imperial

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    I lost to Willy man, ah well.
    It was a close game. ;)
  5. Jim Ferrell

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    Since my computer is being retarded, and I am having to reply at work, I wanted to say, that my report will prolly be up within the next couple days. I wanted to say that those games were incredible Drew. You beat Tom and I, so you really deserved to win. Great job.

    ~Jim Ferrell
  6. Mr_Fuji

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    PFFT. Very nice Gymbo. Skip RIGHT over me. Thanks a lot :/

    ((I beat Tom too :p))

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