Ok, I won all the contests...now what?

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Postdog2Gengar, Nov 16, 2003.

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  1. Postdog2Gengar

    Postdog2Gengar New Member

    I just beat all of the Beauty contest levels with my Castform (Go figure, but he's actually pretty good in them). Is there anything special I can do now? Any rare item to get? Anything? If not, then what's the point of the contests (besides the fact that they are a lot of fun to do ;) )?
  2. Orange Soda

    Orange Soda New Member

    You can compete again to win a Luxury ball.

    Also, if you win well enough, an artist will paint your Pokemon, which will go in the Museum. You get some item for getting all five paintings.
  3. Postdog2Gengar

    Postdog2Gengar New Member

    When you say compete again, do you mean the entire circuit, or just the last one?
  4. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    just the last one. and the item is a glass bird to go in your secret base if you win all the contests.
  5. GuardianTIM

    GuardianTIM New Member

    So you've beaten the Beauty Contest with your Castform? Well done!
    I assume the painter made a really nice pic of your pokemon.
    Take that to the Art Collector (he'll be outside the art gallery in Lilycove, northwest of the Pokemon Centre)

    Inside the gallery, in the empty exhibit hall, there should be five white spots where the paintings will go, one for each contest type.

    Once you've filled the art gallery by completing Master Rank on each contest (you can use any pokemon, and you don't have to use the same one for each contest), then your Trainer Card will get another star.

    I'm pretty sure people have mentioned this before, you get a star for-
    Beating the Elite 4 & Steven
    Completing your Pokedex
    Mastering the Contests
    4 & 5 :
    Not sure on these ones. I think one of them is 100 wins in a row in the battle tower.

    Yes, the 'glass bird' that SwampertEX mentioned is a decoration that you can use either in your bedroom (in LittleRoot town), or in your Secret Base. To me, it looks like a Pidgeotto/Pidgeot.

    Not sure about the Luxury Ball bit, but it sounds good! Because it can't be bought in the stores, I didn't use mine, so I wouldn't lose it to just any old pokemon.
  6. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Actually I believe it was 50 wins In battle tower, on either level. Not sure about the 5th star though....

    So that is how you get the Bird Statue... I have been wanting one....

    There is a wierd red stage like thing I have seen in a secret base, how do you get that??? Is it in Ruby only? I noticed there is a blue slide, and it wouldnt be the only base exclusive item for Ruby or Saphire (like the Seedot/Lotad dolls, and the tents)
  7. Cooltrainer Aaron

    Cooltrainer Aaron New Member

    The stage thing goes on clearance sale every once in a while at the roof of the big shopping center in Littleroot. It costs a pretty penny, so save up. It also takes a lot of room so I'd find a hideout with a large open space if you're gonna put it there.
  8. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Thats how I got the Slide, but I didnt remember seing the stage..... oh well, I will check next time

    Exactly how does the getting your pic in the museum work, I have won 2-3 Master Rank contest, and no picture yet.... I want that Pidgeot Statue!!!
  9. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    You can't lose at any of the ranks if you want a portrait
  10. Alex

    Alex New Member

    The statue is supposed to be a glass pidgeot statue according to a few of my freinds in high places.(hehehe)
    However I am still stuck at master rank beauty contest with m y kyogre. :eek:
  11. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Ok, 3/5 of the way to my Pidgeot Statue. Got my pic of Cradily (Tough), Milotic (Beauty), and Bagon (Cool). Working on a Cute Whismur.

    The trick to the contest is all about timing and combos. with Kyogre, try Dive/Surf combo + Blizzard. It worked for my Milotic. Either start with Blizzard, or end with it. Make sure your Beauty is maxed, and hold the appropriate item for the contest (Blue Scarf for Beauty I believe).
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2003
  12. Alex

    Alex New Member

    alright G.T. I will explain this in an easy way.as said before the sale is every now and then.(usually after the energy guru's sale.)the items sold are as follows:

    rhydon doll
    wailmer doll
    mud ball
    breakable door
    solid board
    sand ornament
    the stage you were refering to is actually a stand.and the blue one is a slide.

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