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    It's time for the Oklahoma City Championships for this year. Below are the details.

    Saturday November 28th
    Hastings Bookstore
    Ada, OK 74820
    Registration starts at 10am

    Saturday December 5th
    Game Headquarters
    9118 S. Western
    Oklahoma City, OK 73139
    Registration starts at 10am

    Saturday January 9th
    Alien Games
    508 East A Street
    Jenks, OK 74037
    Registration starts at Noon

    Sunday January 10th
    Wizard's Asylum
    9165 S. Mingo Road
    Tulsa, OK 74133
    Registration starts at 10am

    Each event will have a lunch break, except Jenks. It will be announced at the tournament when that will be and how long. There will not be a dinner break.

    To register for a tournament you must fill out your decklist. Go to http://support.pokemon.com/FileManagement/Download/b70f626c0aea4e459d8fd78468b34cdf
    or http://pokegym.net/decklist/ to print a copy of a deck list. Note the above does not include BREAKthrough cards but they are legal to use.

    Entry fee is free for Juniors and Seniors age group and $10 for Masters age group.
    Juniors were born in 2005 or later
    Seniors were born in 2001, 2002, 2003 or 2004
    Masters were born in 2000 or earlier

    Each player must bring his/her own deck of 60 cards. Damage counters, randomizer, and status markers are also required. Deck checks are optional for all players, but remember it is the player's responsibility to ensure they have a legal deck and sleeves if they use them.
    Any player entering 45 minutes after the start of the announced registration start time is subject to a round 1 loss.

    Each age group will play a number of rounds based on that age groups attendance at the event, Then there will be a top cut. The first games are single game with a 30 minute +3 turn time limit and the top cut is best 2 out of 3 matches with a 1 hour +3 turn time limit.

    Everyone entering will get a promo card while supplies last.

    Prizes are as follow.
    1st place - 18 booster packs
    Masters get an additional 18 for 36 packs total
    A City Championship Playmat
    50 Championship points
    A surprise gift

    2nd Place - 10 booster packs.
    Masters get an additional 10 for 20 packs total
    40 Championship points if age division is 4 or greater
    A surprise gift

    3rd and 4th place - 4 packs each
    Masters get an additional 6 for 10 packs total
    30 Championship points if age division is 8 or greater
    A surprise gift

    5th through 8th place - Masters only - 4 packs each
    20 Championship points if 32 or more masters

    If you have any questions ask here please.

  2. Are we doing expanded or standard for these?
  3. old man

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    Standard all the way through
  4. old man

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    With the latest info released on deck/deck lists penalties, a courtesy deck and deck lists check will be given to anyone who wants one. But remember it is still the players responsibility to ensure their deck and deck lists are correct and legal even if looked over by a judge.

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