Oklahoma: Hidden Legends Pre-release / June 12, 2004

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  1. :D ~Oklahoma...Let's Start The Lazy Days of Summer Off...POKEMON STYLE!!!~ :D

    :pokeball: ~~~Hidden Legends Pre-release Tournament~~~ :pokeball:
    (Brought to you by: Pokemon USA, Inc.)

    On June 12, 2004, "The Game" and Master Professor Birch will be kicking off the "Lazy Days of Summer" with the newest Pokemon-e TCG Series, "Hidden Legends"!!! Again, this will be your first chance to get your hands on these new series of cards. This Pre-release Event will start at 10:00am and run all day and night. The "Hidden Legends" series will contain reprinted cards cards from older sets (hopefully with new graphics) and some new cards that will surely enhance your decks. As we know Nintendo/Pokemon USA, Inc. will be rotating out series of cards soon, so you don't want to miss this Pre-release Tournament to get these cards. :eek:

    Pokemon USA, Inc. (PUI) is trying to get more "10-Under" and new players involved in playing sanctioned tournaments. So, PUI is trying some new things to draw in more new players. Read all of the details below so that you will not miss a thing.

    Details and More Details of the "Hidden Legends" Pre-release Tournament:

    Loacation: "The Game"
    6713 East Reno
    Midwest City, Oklahoma 73110

    Date: June 12, 2004

    Time: 10:00am (Registration Starts)

    "Hidden Legends"~Start Time: 11:00am

    Entry Fee: $15.00 ("Hidden Legends")

    Prizes: 1st-8th Place (For Each Age Group)
    (Age Groups: 10-Under, 11-14, 15-Over)

    Prizes Break Down:

    1st Place: One Display of Pokemon-e TCG "Hidden Legands" Boosters (36-Packs)

    2nd Place: 18-Booster Packs of "Hidden Legends"

    3rd-4th Place: 9-Booster packs of "Hidden Legends"

    5th-8th Place: 4-Booster Packs of "Hidden Legends"

    Tournament Format: "Limited Sealed Pack" (PUI-Sanctioned)

    In "Sealed Pack Format", each player will have six booster packs from the Pokemon-e TCG "Hidden Legends" series. Players add "Basic Energy" cards to build a 40-card deck. Basic Energy will be provided by the Tournament Organizer. Players may only use the cards that they get from their six booster packs plus basic energy. NO TRADING of cards from these booster packs will be allowed to build your deck. Decklists will be provided and MUST be filled out and turned in to play in the "Hidden Legends~Pre-release Tournament".

    Limited decks contain exactly 40-cards. Players who open multiple copies of a card are not limited to onlt four of any card that is normally applied to the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Any extra cards are set aside for the remainder of the event. Players MUST play only the cards that they have listed on their "Decklist". (Players may not change out any cards in their deck between rounds of the tournament.)

    Players set aside four prizes at the start of each game, instead of the normal six.


    "Pre-Constructed Deck" Tournament (Unsanctioned)

    This tournament will be limited to 24-players. The "10-Under" age group will have the first chance to enter this tournament. After all "10-Under" players that want to enter this event, we will offer the remaining spots to palyers that are beginners in the other two age groups. The Entry Fee is $15.00. You will receive one "Pre-Constructed Theme Deck" from the "Hidden Legends" series. after the tournament is over, you will receive three booster packs of the "Hidden Legends". The top 50% of the players' standings will receive one additional booster pack of the "Hidden Legends".

    The "Pre-Constructed Deck" Tournament will take place the same time as the "Pre-release Tournament". It also will not be sanctioned. The is a tournament that player can enter to get use to playing in the "Sanctioned Tournament" events. There will be Judges helping players as they need help in learning the Game of Pokemon. This is to be a FUN and LEARNING tournament with no pressure.

    What To Bring: $15.00 for the Entry Fee for the "Hidden Legends" Pre-release / Any Extra Money for Side Events, Food, Drinks, etc. / Damage Counters / Randomier: Coin for Flipping or Dice for Rolling / A "Modified Constructed Deck" of 60-Cards to Play in the "Modified Format" Side Event / "GBA:Ruby & Sapphire" Game and GBA to Play in The "GBA" Side Event

    Side Events: (All Side Events will Be Held After the "Pre-release Tournament")

    "Game Boy Advance: Ruby & Sapphire" Tournament

    Players will play in one big tournament for all players. Entry Fee is FREE!!! this Tournament is "Single Elimination". Judges' decision is final. Pokemon USA, Inc. does not supply prize support for this type of tournament. Master Professor Birch will supply the prizes. :thumb:

    Below are the Rules for the "GBA" Tournament:

    *10-minute matches
    *3-Pokemon level 50 0r lower
    *No two of the same Pokemon
    *Players may use only one or none of these Pokemon : Groudon, Kygore, Rayquara, Jirachi, or Ho-oh on their team
    *Only Pokemon caught in either Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, or Pokemon Colosseum from the North American market
    *No Pokemon caught in Japanese games may be used
    *No duplicate held items
    *Certain powers (rest, recover, etc.) are not allowed after eight minutes into the match
    *Modified GBA cartridges are NOT allowed
    *Judges' rulings are final
    *"Sudden Death" time limit after time has expired, if match is a tie

    "Modified Constructed Deck" Tournament (PUI-Sanctioned)

    60- card deck using cards from the current "Modified Format" that the players will bring with them. Entry Fee is $5.00. Prizes will be determined by the amount of players in this tournament. There will be a 30-minute time limit for "Age-Modified Swiss" rounds. We will cut to the Top 25% of the total attendance in this tournament.

    "Limited Booster Draft" Tournament (PUI Sanctioned)

    These are the same rules as the "Pre-release Tournament" with the exception of the "Draft". Entry Fee is $15.00. We will play "Age-Modified swiss" rounds with 30-minute time limit for each round. Prizes will be determined by the amount of players that play in this tournament. We will cut to the Top-25% of the total attendance in this tournament.

    T-Shirts: We will be offering official "Hidden Legends" T-shirts for sale at the "Pre-release". These look great and I know that you will have to have one for your collection. "old man", Roy Roberson has the copy of the T-shirts if you wish to look at the design and pre-order. The price for sizes "S, M, L, XL" is $11.50 and the price for sizes "XXL, XXXL" is $13.00. These prices may go down but they will not go up. See Roy before May 10, 2004 to see the picture of these T-shirts to pre-order. (Pay the day of the Pre-release)

    Judges: Roy Roberson, Sr. (Head Judge) "The Game~League Leader, Pokemon Professor, & Tournament Organizer"
    Dr. Ryan Davis "4th Street Boutique~Pokemon Professor"
    Charles R. Collinsworth "Premier Tournament Organizer & Pokemon Professor"

    Contact Information: Charles (Richard) Collinsworth
    Premier Tournament Organizer for pokemon USA, Inc.
    Email: retnuhd1999@yahoo.com
    Phone: (972) 442-5545

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please ask them on this "post" or email me. Good luck players, it looks like there will be Lazzzzy Days of Summer...but not on this day!!!

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
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  2. RainbowRichards

    RainbowRichards New Member

    silly question time - why does your topic title say 29 May 2004 if the event is on 12 June ????
  3. mewsmom

    mewsmom New Member

    Because he has his Gym Challenge and Pre-Release mixed up.
    MP Birch is so awesome and running many events between TX and OK and got his tourneys all in a jumble.

    MP Birch do you need a vacation?

    We'll cya at the next one
  4. RainbowRichards

    RainbowRichards New Member

    okies! just wondered ;)

  5. ~RainbowRichards~

    Thanks for catching that mistake on my title. If not, I would have players showing up at the "Gym Challenge" wanting to play in the "Pre-release Tournament".

    Mewsmom, thanks, I will take a vacation. Off to the golf course I go!!!

    Master Professor Birch
  6. I have not forgotten about you...

    :clap: Oklahoma!!!! I Have Not Forgotten About You.... :clap:

    Master Professor Birch has not forgotten about you guys!!! The "Oklahoma Pre-release Tournament" will be on June 12, 2004 at "The Game" at Heritage Park Mall in Midwest City. And as always, you may be having your tournament last but you get all of the leftovers from the other tournaments that MP Birch has done!!! :thumb:

    Hang in there I will be back in your GREAT STATE of OKLAHOMA with Master Professor Birch's "Magical Pokemon Tour". :D

    Take care and I will be back sooner than you think. Until then, start to have a great summer!!! :cool:

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
  7. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ New Member

    We might make an appearance.....who knows :)
  8. Here WE Come!!!!

    :eek: ~~Oklahoma...Here We Come~~ :eek:

    Master Professor Birch and his "Magical Pokemon Tour" will be making its last stop of the summer in Oklahoma on Saturday, June 12, 2004. After this Pre-release Tournament, MP Birch and his crew will be making the rounds at "Nationals", "South Stadium Challenge", and "Worlds". The next Pre-release Tournament will be August 28, 2004 which will be the "FireRed~GreenLeaf" series. MP Birch wil be signing any "Professor Birch", Ruby & Sapphire cards that you will want signed. Master Professor Birch signed about 25-30 cards at the "Pokemon Space Party" at NASA over the weekend. :cool:

    This is a very exciting series of cards and the current decks will surely change with the addition of these cards. As previously stated, the "Hidden Legends" are HOT-HOT-HOT!!! Do not miss out on this Pre-release Tournament or these cards!!! And this will be the last "Premier Tournament" held in Oklahoma until August 28th. Also, we will have the "Official Hidden Legends" T-shirts on sale at this event. Costs are $11.00 for "S,M, L, XL" and $13.00 for "XXL". :D

    :clap: Beginners and lesser experienced players are welcome to come, also. We will have a "Theme Deck Challenge" for you players that want to learn to play the game. Come and join in on the fun of Pokemon. :clap:

    I hope to see you there for all of the fun that we will have during the day. We will have "Side Events" during the day: "GBA Tournament", "Modified Constructed Deck Tournament", and "Limited-Booster Draft Tournament". The "Booster Draft" will allow you to get more of these cards at a great price!!! :thumb:

    Take care and I will see you on Saturday at "THE GAME". ;)

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
  9. And The Count Down Begins...

    :D ~~And Then There Were Two Days & Counting.....~~ :D

    That's right, only two more days until the Pokemon players of Oklahoma will be able to get their hands on the "Hidden Legends" series of cards!!! ;)

    I just know that Roger of "The Game" will have some specials running through out the day. I hope to see you there this Saturday. :cool:

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
  10. old man

    old man New Member

    Yes, you can bet that Roger will have some specials. Especially since he's not an overpriced beanie store!
  11. And Then There Was One...

    :clap: ~~And Then There Was One.....Day To Go!!!~~ :clap:

    Only one day to go and you too can have an experience with the "Hidden Legends". :eek: As previously thought, this set of cards has no reprints in it. These are all new cards!!! You will have to check out the "Reverse Holos"!!! They are the BEST!!! :thumb:

    :clap: Come on down to "The Game" and feel the experience of "Hidden Legends". :clap:

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
  12. Good night To All...

    ~~Master Professor Birch Is Turning-In for the Night~~

    Good night to all and I will be at "THE GAME" early am in the morning. Good luck to all of the Pokemon players and I will see you tomorrow morning.

    Master Professor Birch
  13. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    lmao at Roy's post ;x

    Too bad you guys couldn't make it down here. Oh well, nice to see Jordan. He cleaned up quite well down here in Tejas ;)
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