Old School Haymaker

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by SwampertEX, Nov 11, 2003.

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  1. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Old School Haymaker
    3 Promo Mewtwo (Psyburn)
    4 Fossil Magmar
    3 Base Hitmonchan
    3 Jungle Scyther
    3 Fossil Ditto

    3 Psychic Energy
    3 Fire Energy
    4 Rainbow Energy
    3 Fighting Energy
    4 DCE

    Trainers: 27
    3 ER
    3 SER
    3 Pokemon Center
    3 Oak
    3 Focus Band
    3 Gold Berry
    3 Gust of Wind
    3 Lass
    3 Computer Search

    There you have it! An Old School Haymaker! I really had trouble with the nrg, but I like it! Give me your fixes and tell me what you think!
    -Swampert :thumb:
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  2. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Made some changes. Whadaya think?
  3. zell94606

    zell94606 New Member

    How about drop one of each basic energy and a center to put in some scoop ups and some item finders. Drop the Bills and put in computer searches and dont forget gust of wind. Since multienergy is out why dont u try that too.
    Cool deck BTW.
  4. SwampertEX

    SwampertEX New Member

    Took your advice zell, it runs a lot smoother now! Thanks!

    HYPER EEVEE Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    you may consider ss buzz instead of magmar
  6. Ghost of Strike

    Ghost of Strike New Member

    Wow, an old skool haymaker, doesn't really look like one to me. Actually, this would be the usual build for what would now be old skool haymaker:

    4 Electabuzz (Base)
    4 Hitmonchan(Base)
    4 Scyther (Jungle)

    That's all it needed right there. The trainers were pretty self explanatory then.
    What you have there SwampertEX is a nice idea, using th odler cards, but with so many colors having such intensive energy requirements (Magmar and Mewtwo both have high energy requirements qhen you think about 2 fire or 2 psychic), rework the pokemon more to have better synergy with the energy.

    Easy pokemon to fit(You can fit these any way you want):
    Ditto, Scyther, Chansey.

    Low end energy rquirements (usually want one or two of these kinds):
    Mr. Mime

    Higher End energy reqiurements (just choose one and that would do fine):

    I'll leave that up to you to figure out what you like best. Try to go for 9-13 pokemon at the very most. You can also work in specific pokemon as special Trick cards( I'm sure many would think of these as TecH) to prepare against certain deck you may fear or expect say if you were going into a tournemnt as well.

    Anyways, with the trainers, you need to remove some of your healing cards. You won't need the focus bands or gold berries, and the centers can go too. Scoop-ups work better here, especially as a surprise tatic, 2-3 will do just fine. Also, reconsider about so many SER's, as 4 energy removals with 1-2 SER's might end up working more to your advantage than a 3-3 model.
    Also, Item-Finders are a must for this deck, I cannot stress that enough as they will be invaluable during the game, 2-4 work great.
    Pluspowers are also great as well, since a very significant tatic for old skool hay is the surprise tatic is for pluspower. 2-4 work great as well. You also will not need 3 lass, unless you're playing cleffa in this deck, and even then since this is old skool you would wnat a max of 1 lass, unless you're playing Rocket's Sneak attack as well, making the one lass very good for the deck. THe other trainers that will make the deck very good is to max out on oaks, and use another form of card drawing, wether it be bill to misty's wrath, copycat, whatever you like best. Stuff liike nightly garbage run(True old skool), or more recently energy charge and town volnteers are staples to the deck as well.

    As for the energy, 4 rainbows are a must, but the energy can be tinkered with depending on what you play, but try to keep the energy around 13-16 energy. Be sure to limit the energy to what is needed

    Anyways, I'm not going to give exact fixes since it's more important to only give cards you might want to test out, and then add to the deck, in amounts that feel comfortable to you.
    anyways, take care and have fun with the deck.

    -Ghost of Strike
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