Old Thunderstorm/Tempest Gift Box Set?

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  1. lordantwarrior

    lordantwarrior New Member

    Hey guys, a quick collecting question here.

    I recently won a sealed Pokemon Tempest Gift Box on ebay. According to the listing, the box contains 1 Preconstructed Theme Deck and 3 "Random" Boosters. I am curious to know, what is the theme deck? And what were the boosters included in this box?

    UPDATE: I just found out what it contains, which is listed 2 posts down. I guess this can be locked unless anybody wants to discuss.

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  2. Yoshi-

    Yoshi- New Member

    I got this box liek 10 years ago. Just checked it out, it says a constructed deck from abse til fossil iirc.
    I think there was a Zapdos and some Lightning/Water deck inside, and I got a Dragonite out of one of the boosters.
    Still I got this a loooong time ago, so I'm not sure xD
  3. lordantwarrior

    lordantwarrior New Member

    Thanks with that info I was able to fine tune my googling and came up with a page which brought the full contents up:

    1 Electabuzz (Rare Card)
    1 Lt. Surge's Voltorb
    2 Magnemite
    4 Pikachu (Jungle)
    1 Raichu (Fossil, non-holo) (Rare Card)
    1 Zapdos (Fossil, holo) (Rare Card)
    1 Golduck
    1 Misty's Poliwag
    2 Psyduck (Fossil)
    1 Psyduck (Team Rocket)
    1 Doduo
    1 Farfetch'd
    1 Fearow
    2 Spearow
    2 Bill
    1 Defender
    2 Energy Retrieval
    2 Energy Search
    1 Misty's Wrath
    1 Pokeball
    1 Potion
    1 Professor Oak
    1 Super Potion

    16 Electric Energy
    8 Water Energy
    2 Double Colorless Energy
    1 Full Heal Energy
    1 Potion Energy

    Three 11-card booster packs (1 Fossil, 1 Rocket, and 1 Gym: Heroes pack)
    One all new, 60-card theme deck with a holo rare (The Thunderstorm Preconstructed deck, possibly has a BS2 or Fossil Zapdos)
    Learn to Play! CD-ROM Version 2 (HOPEFULLY MacOS compatible. That was their first mistake in the first CD version.)
    A collectible metal Pokémon game coin (maybe Zapdos)
    A unique playmat
    A cloth card deck bag
    A rulebook
    A card list
    12 paper damage counters
    A deck tuning tip sheet
  4. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    I still have one of these lying around. Good times, good times...
  5. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Note that the Zapdos is an alternate version, different than the regular Fossil one.
    Fossil was printed with the old holofoil that was also used for base set and Jungle.
    This Zapdos, while the Fossil card, was printed using the new holofoil that is still used now.

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