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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Muscovy Level X, Mar 26, 2008.

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    Most decks run an opening Pokemon, something that you send up in the game's beginning to try and get an edge on setting up your Pokemon. There are a number of good ones that are useful for many decks and strategies.

    Smeargle (Secret Wonders)
    Smeargle is a pretty good Pokemon, usually found in decks like Garchomp, Feraligatr, or any other deck that gathers lots of energy.
    What makes Smeargle so good? The first attack, color pick. For no energy cost, you can search your deck for up to 3 basic energy cards. This is very useful for getting the energies.
    Trace, Smeargle's second attack, is pretty good as well. For only 1 :colorless energy, you may flip a coin, if heads, choose one of your opponents benched Pokemon's attacks. This attack copies everything except the energy cost! So it's also good for after it's served it's original purpose (no names mentioned, Pachirisu). With 70 HP and only +10 :fighting: weakness, Smeargle will defiantly have time to use trace. The joy of trace is that the biggest advantage your opponent can get if you leave the opener up too long is they can win by sniping. But with trace, that means Smeargle has a 50% chance of sniping back, if there isn't a better move available.

    Pachirisu (Great Encounters)
    Don't even get me started on this card. It's virtualy worthless. If anyone is still on the Pachi kick, I'm going to scream.

    Furret (Secret Wonders)
    I have to say, this card is the best. Keen eye is another energyless attack, one that lets you search your deck for any two cards! This gives players a huge advantage, and makes Furret good in almost any deck. 90 HP is pretty good, but then again, you have to evolve Sentret to get Furret, which some :fighting: decks can take advantage of.
    Furret's second attack, baton pass is only a small bonus. Unlike cards such as the previously discussed Smeargle, Furret's keen eye is not the sort of attack that you only want to use once or twice. Baton pass' only real use is to move any energy you placed on Furret (for lack of a better candidate) to your other Pokemon, and to switch while doing damage. You should only place energy on Furret is no other Pokemon that need energy are in play.

    Chingling (Mysterious Treasures)
    The only merit of Chingling is the free attack, inviting bell (search your deck for a supporter card). But Chingling's lousy 40 HP and +10 :psychic: weakness means it won't be around long. The only reason you'd choose Chingling for it's roll is if the deck also runs Chimecho.

    Mawile (Crystal Guardians)
    Mawile is like Chingling, only better. Minning, a one :colorless attack let's you search your deck for a trainer card (any trainer card in PK to HP, and the ones that say "trainer" in DP+). What gives it the edge over Chingling (although to be fair, different decks may work better with Chingling), is the 60 HP, more than the short lived Chingling. The 2x :fire: weakness on this does mean that fire decks do have an edge.
    Bite off isn't really that good. You need a metal energy and a colourless to do only 20 damage (30 more to exs, but let's face it, no one really uses them anymore).

    Stanler (Secret Wonders)
    Stanler is the last of the three supporter searchers. Lead, yet another free attack, is the same as Chingling's inviting bell (get a supporter).
    Frighten horn does 20 damage and confuses unevolved Pokemon, for two energies. Always useful. Sometimes you may want to use it turn two, just for the confuse.
    I say Stanler is the best of the supporter searchers because of the HP and weakness. Stanler has 70 HP and a +20 :fighting: weakness, the best of the three.

    Lapras (Great Encounters)
    This card only really works in water decks. Carry in does the same as a Castaway, a supporter, a Pokemon tool and a basic energy, for an attack cost of 1 :water:.
    The second attack won't see much use, a water and colourless for only 20 damage.

    Sableye (Crystal Guardians)
    Sableye is more so a tech opener than the others we've discussed so far.
    Excavate, Sableye's :ppowr:, lets you look at the top card of your deck, and either put it back or discard it. Always useful, but be sure to add an extra night maintenance (or if you're lucky, Time-Space distortion), because you may find yourself discarding what you'll need later to find what you need now.
    Disable is what makes Sableye an opening tech card, instead of a sit-on-the-bench-tech. Disable does what it says. For 1 energy you may pick one of the opponent's attacks, which they may not use during their next turn, and it does 10 damage. That can stop Pokemon with only one attack (or only one attack charged) from attacking at all!

    If I can get enough support, I'd like to get this posted on the front page. Tell me what you think of it.
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    I think you're in the wrong forum. And you posted again in the correct forum, which means you should have asked that his be closed.
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