Oregon Fall Battle Roads: How Does Schedualing Work?

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by DarkStar20, May 30, 2008.

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  1. DarkStar20

    DarkStar20 Front Page Editor

    I have a league down here in Southern Oregon, of about 35 kids, and 15 or more adults. They always
    ask me why we don't have these big tournaments down here in Ashland, Medford, or Grants Pass. I
    tell them the obvious answer that we just havn't been active down here in a long time, and are just
    getting started. Their question is pretty simple, but I have a few tougher ones. :biggrin: Sorry, I like
    to think big.

    What I want to know is:
    How far in advance do battle roads tournaments get schedualed?
    Would it be possible to schedual one down here as soon as fall?
    If it is possible, what can I do to help make sure it does, or what do I need to do take it from a
    possibility, to a reality?
    If it is not possible, what can I do now to help the possibility become bigger for the future?

    Honestly, I am mostly motivated because at regionals, it was announced that Texas' regionals beat
    ours in size. I figure if we can get the southern part of the state in gear , we might be able to help take
    back our thrown for next year. And the earlier, the better!!! (And hopefully some of us will see you on
    June 15th in Salem for that last Spring Oregon Battle Roads tourny!)

  2. ilikegengar

    ilikegengar Member

    Hi Jason,

    I don't know the answers to your questions but someone who does will answer you. In the meantime--how about going to Eugene tomorrow, June 1, for their Battle Road?. It's closer than Salem.
  3. DarkStar20

    DarkStar20 Front Page Editor

    I'd love to do that. But unfortuantly, I work on the weekends. (I'm a college student, so it's the only time I am available to work.)

    If I ask for time off early enough, I can usually get it. That is why I decided to shoot for June 15th, so I could give my boss enough warning. Maybe if I ever get up the guts to actually TELL my boss this is for Pokemon, then I can have her reschedual me to weeknights for some of these Battle Road Seasons, so I can travel all over. (But she is a hardcore war veteran in her 60's...she doesn't really get the world of Pokemon.) lol.

  4. momma_june

    momma_june New Member

    From my understanding we are doing a pre-release down there in August. It seems to me that you have already started to get things moving in southern Oregon :thumb:
    More detailed questions can be answered through...
    PM'ing BDS or Mr. Raichu here on the gym
    Keep up the good work!!!!
  5. DarkStar20

    DarkStar20 Front Page Editor

    I'm glad that that rumor has spread northward. I didn't want to be the first one to say anything,
    cause I didn't want to jinx it, but yea, I've been talking with Mr. Raichu to get the a pre-release in
    Medford this nexp loop around. :) All the kids are really getting a kick out of their first big official event
    being the release of 'Legends Awakened'!

    Last edited: May 31, 2008
  6. momma_june

    momma_june New Member

    I believe there is a league in Roseburg now. You may want to contact the person running it and see if you might get any travelers from that area as well. Hope to see you and part of your crew at Salem BR
    BTW I'm Mr. Raichus wife. We met when you came to a tourney at Lokis to see how we run things.
    Keep up the great work down there!!!!!
  7. DarkStar20

    DarkStar20 Front Page Editor

    Yes there is a league in Roseburg, it was neat to hear about. I sent the leader an email saying how exited
    I was about them getting started up there! I'll make sure to contact them in early July, once they've had
    a chance to get acclimated.

    And yes, I remember seeing you at Regionals as well. I'll find out tommarow whether I will have June 15th
    off or not, I sure hope I do! Cause I want to come up there and cause problems for all you Northern Masters.
    lol, and the league kids down here are really looking forward to it as well.

    ALSO, BDS PMed me back the other day, and (For all those who don't know) the schedualing will happen over
    the summer, and the planning staff is planning on including Southern Oregon in the tournament locations! :)
    I can't wait to tell me league members tommarow, they are gonna flip out!!!


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