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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Shadow_Killer801, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. Shadow_Killer801

    Shadow_Killer801 New Member

    List your favorite ways!

    I need recommendations anyway.
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    i usually arrange my trade folder by type... exs/stars/lv.x/ nrg...basic holo nrg....

    as for un/commons...meh it just go all over the place...haha xD
  3. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    I organize my cards by set number, with a special binder for exs/LV Xs/TSDs/VMs. It works very well.
  4. Mystery Thing

    Mystery Thing Administrator

    I use giant hamburger boxes, and then sort Pokémon, rare and below, are one of two ways, depending on how I was feeling at the time:

    1 - set, card number
    2 - set, type in order of :colorless :grass: :water: :fire: :lightning :psychic: :fighting: :dark: :metal: , evolution line by alphabetical basic pokemon name

    Holos are in whatever order I happen to cram them into the binder, but always in the type order as above, and then Ex/Lv X the same way.
    Trainers are in two piles, modified or not, both straight alphabetical
    Energy cards are basic first in the same order as above, and then Special Energy in order of any given Energy card's first printing (so all Darkness Energy is first, then all Metal Energy, etc).

    Just because I can.
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  5. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    In stacks. That's how.
  6. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    I use the surprise method:

    Random stack of cards: common, common, common, RARE CANDY ZOMG, common, common, 4x Nidoqueen d, etc..

    Makes searching through a stack for a card more fun. "I didn't know I had that!"
  7. Absoltrainer

    Absoltrainer Active Member

    I am one of the few people who do this:

    I have a huge 4 inch binder with 2 sets of rings in it.

    First comes Lv Xs in order by most recent set
    Then comes ex's in order by most recent set
    Then comes rotated ex's
    Then comes *
    Then comes stamped cards (cities, nat, regionals etc)
    Then comes the rest of my pokemon cards in pokedex (yeah pokedex) order
    Then each individal pokemon is ordered by popularity, (example: I keep all of my flygons in one "cell" but the δ flygon is the most popular ATM so I display it in the front.
    Then comes "special cards" (signed, collectable)
    Then comes rare, collectable, promo Japanese cards
    Then pre-realese cards
    Then my Absol page (duh) [include power keeper's wrapper ;)]

    My trainers and energies are in a seperate binder.
  8. Luxatos

    Luxatos <a href="

    I separate mine into 4 groups: rare Pokemon, trainers/supporters/stadiums, energies, and "others" and organize each of those in alphabetical order. It kinda helps me see, if I already know what Pokemon line(s) I'm using, what different options I have for the whole evolutionary line. I used to do it by type, but with the delta Pokemon and poison Pokemon switching from grass to psychic, I've found it works better for me to keep Pokemon with the same name together than organizing by type.
  9. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    I keep my trainers, holos, exs, LV. X's and *s in a binder, and the rest in those tin boxes
  10. moza

    moza New Member

    I have 3 binders.

    One is for trainers, arranged on what they are/what they do.

    The biggest is for all pokemon cards that aren't holo/ex/*/etc arranged by set and number

    The last binder is the Holo/energy binder with promos, ex's, lv x's, *'s, and all cards #1-18 from each set, also arranged by set then #
  11. DukeFireBird

    DukeFireBird Gallery Administrator<br>Forum Moderator

    my turn

    I hae my godbooks

    8 three inch folders with pokemon in alphabetical order, in order of set release, WOTC promo going after Skyridge, Nintendo promo after DF, and DP promo in the back.

    and 2 1 inch folders with the trainers and energy in alphabetical order.

    When i finally get it setup, ill take a pic of em!!!
  12. Chairman Kaga

    Chairman Kaga Active Member

    I have a couple 5-inch binders organized by set, for collection purposes.

    Then boxes organized by type for the thousands of low-rarity cards.
  13. Ikari

    Ikari New Member

    3 Folders with:

    1° Folder =

    Ex (Rotated and in Format)
    * (Just 2 :lol:)
    Shinning (Old Neo Sets)
    Lv. X
    Rare Holos
    1. DP-On = Sorted by Set and Set Number.
    2. DF-Backwards = Sorted by random (You can see a base Venusaur besides a Snorlax d) :lol:

    Rare (Not Foil)
    1. DP-On = Sorted by Set and Set Number.
    2. DF and Backwards = Sorted by random.
    Energies (Foils, non Commons...)

    2° Folder = Promos and Reverse foils (Most of DF and Backwards...)
    3° Folder = Trainers (Stadiums, some supporters...)

    And 4 shoes boxes with a lot of common and uncommon :lol:

    I'm planning to put the cards by set and set number, in many folders (Or one For Ex Series, one for Old Series...) but is a lot of work :frown:
  14. Nu Gundam

    Nu Gundam New Member

    A boatload of folders ... sorted by set and number, all the uncommons and commons go to a 3,200 count box (and soon a 5,000 count box will be added)

    Folder 1: Base - Gym Challenge
    Folder 2: Neo Genesis - Skyridge
    Folder 3: EX RS on plus EXs, Stars, and EX set box toppers (which will be seperated)
    Folder 4: DP on sets
    Folder 5: WotC Promos and POP sets
    Folder 6: EX Set promos

    I also have a tin for the other "good stuff" too (signed cards, the Neo Shinings, and such)
  15. JokerBoi

    JokerBoi New Member

    Set Number is the BEST way for pokemon. I organize my trainers alphabetically. Throw my ex's into a binder.
  16. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    I usually have them grouped into generalized set orders for the format, but I always keep the four oldest sets seperate, since they seem to get cut the most often from format to format.
  17. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    I have a binder for exs, *, Lv.x. A binder for my holos and holo rares. And I have boxes to keep my other cards seperated by set that I keep at home.
  18. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    I organize my cards like this:

    The reverse holos of commons, uncommons, Rares, and normal holo Rares are organized by set and set # in a binder. I have 6 binders total.

    The ex's, Lv.X's, secrete rares (TSD, Here Comes Team Rocket, etc.) are all in a seperate binder.

    All none holo commons, uncommons, and nonplayable rares are organized by type and evolution and placed in boxes/tins.
  19. therage

    therage New Member

    i have my binder organized like this

    ex's/lv.x's=front page
    holo energy page 2
    holo trainers pages 3-5
    then from sw-hp i have the pokemon organized(holo/rh pokemon)
  20. larllt

    larllt New Member

    yea, that's how I organize too. Pretty good, you can show off all your victory medals lol.

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