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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Professor Renee, Jan 10, 2004.

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  1. Professor Renee

    Professor Renee New Member

    Big News.....
    Orlando City Championships to be held at Coliseum of Comics on February 14th.
    Registration starts at 9am Play starts at 10:30am
    Format is Modified. Hope to see you all there, and of course don't forget Orlando players have the thrill of being able to go to several other City Champion ships, check this out!

    Clermont FL 2/7/2004
    Unity Entertainment 12:00PM
    Heidi Craig
    782 West Montrose Street

    fort Lauderdale 2/14/2004
    dragon's Lair 5:00PM
    Bk Minnis
    5118 south state road 7

    Jacksonville 2/7/2004
    Jack & Shelly's Comics, Gaming & More 2:00PM
    Michelle Campbell
    7979 - B Lakeland St

    Orlando 2/14/2004
    Coliseum of Comics 9:00AM
    Renee Martnez
    4722 S Orange Blossom Trail

    Pembroke pines 2/21/2004
    Pembroke lakes mall 6:00PM
    Bk Minnis
    11401 pines blvd

    West Palm Beach 2/22/2004
    Riverwalk Town Center 10:00AM
    Khym Villacrusis
    RiverWalk of The Palm Beaches, 7459 River Walk Circle, Suite 315

    Winter Haven 2/28/2004
    Downtown Comics/Coliseum of Comics 12:00PM
    Heidi Craig
    222 W Central Ave
  2. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    Heh Ill definately go to atleast 3.
  3. Professor Renee

    Professor Renee New Member

    Just a quick update, the Championships at Coliseum of Comics will
    only cost $5 entry.

    I have also talked with the store owner,and there will be special discounts for the PLAYERS
    that day. We will be doing drawings for prizes such as promo cards, jumbo cards, supplies... etc.

    Last edited: Jan 21, 2004
  4. sneaselsrevenge

    sneaselsrevenge New Member

    I'm expecting to go to Winter Haven and Clermont
  5. MP Khym

    MP Khym New Member

    The location for the WPB CC has been changed. I will post the details later.
  6. TheDancingPeanut

    TheDancingPeanut New Member

    I take a few weeks off to get back in to school and look what happens.
    I'm ready! bring on the tourneys!
    Can someone PM me and fill me in on basically what I've missed?

    ~ Jim

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