Pachi Vs. Furret Vs. Phione+Call

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by vorg7, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. vorg7

    vorg7 New Member

    Which is best in PLOX and why?
  2. kristi

    kristi New Member

    Phione and call. You get basics and evolutions, and after you setup claydol you have draw power. I think that it's the best starter thing. Or just call.
  3. octillery49

    octillery49 New Member

    I kind of like Furret.
    Because you can get anything not just evolutions.
  4. Gowk

    Gowk New Member

    Furret gets what you want, but it is a stage 1 pokemon, slowing you down a little, though it is a great guy.

    Pachi is great for s quick starter with a large Trainer line and some one who needs the basics

    And Phione and Call are great becuse you are just plainly assured a stage 1 by turn 2. Kinda nice.

    The whole thing is up to you.
  5. Rai

    Rai <a href="

    Are you playing Claydol? If so, then Phione is amazing. Turn 2 Claydol? Yes, please!

    Otherwise? Eh, Furret's fine. Ensures your DREs come right away. I'd rather not lose my attack though if I didn't need to (If you already have Claydol, then you really shouldn't need to lose your attack for the turn trying to set up).

    ...I guess Furret isn't too reliable in the mirror match (Gallade Weak, Team Galactic's Wager...), and Claydol lures their Gardevoirs active, so... :/
  6. gengardeckwinzz

    gengardeckwinzz New Member

    straight ralts/call imo fast psy lock is prioritiy, that and T2-3 claydol
  7. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior New Member

    It could be argued that Call/Chatot is best
  8. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    Call is good, but why do people always say that it should be paired with Phione? I only tech one of those, and I am seriously considering taking it out.
  9. G-Dog4377

    G-Dog4377 New Member

    That's probably because you are only using one. It isn't going to do that much good unless you get it early in the game, and that isn't going to happen a whole lot if you run only one. I'd say use Phione over the others. Pachirisu shouldn't even be on the list for Gardellade to begin with, let alone if you put Call Energy on that same list. Furret can be very reliable, but it takes up a bunch of space, and it is very vulnerable to getting Wagered and Psychic Locked. Phione is the play, especially if you use Claydol.
  10. DeathBerry

    DeathBerry New Member

    They're all gross imo. Jirachi ex? :smile:
  11. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    None. Lone Phione and 4 Call is best.
    Chatot isn't bad either.
  12. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    I use one because I think attaching a Call Energy to it is a horrid combo.

    I only run the Phione because I'm hoping it can get me out of a jam mid-game.

    Look, T1, you get Phione with Call. You Call Energy.
    T2 you evo-wish to a Claydol. Cool. You have a Claydol.

    I think my options are better with attacking T2, so I am at least getting something done. I usually would get out a Claydol in mid turn 2 with Celio's or something anyway, so its attack is unneccessary.
  13. G-Dog4377

    G-Dog4377 New Member

    Phione is not supposed to be used for getting you out of a jam mid game. If you want that, I'd suggest you give Chatot MD a try. I think you will like the results.
  14. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    Believe me, I never even CONSIDERED teching one in until I was playing someone, and saw them use Phione to set back up after I had knocked out a crucial Pokemon.
  15. G-Dog4377

    G-Dog4377 New Member

    Was the person using it for the specific purpose of mid game salvation, or was it just a convenience that it was available from earlier in the game? Phione is certainly capable of giving you some mid game after burners, but to use it specifically for that when you could use it in a starting role would probably be more effective. If you do that, chances are you will have one available for that mid game situation anyway, should it even arise.
  16. Scizor

    Scizor New Member

    None of the above. Pachirisu is past its time. Furret was replaced by Claydol and Phione is/was the most overrated card in Majestic Dawn.

    Phione is often terrible after setup. It allows you one less bench space, which can often be a game-losing disadvantage against GG (Dusknoir, obviously), since GG will not KO Phione, often opting to Warp Point or Bring Down to keep your Phione clogging your field. Phione is also nearly as bad against Empoleon decks, as it is an easy target for a prize with just two Dual Splashes. Finally, a deck like Leafeon/Magmortar can simply do 20 with Fireball Bazooka to Phione and if you're playing GG, chances are your Bring Down ability has been basically shut off until that Phione is KOd.

    All any deck needs, (with the exception of perhaps Empoleon, which repeatedly needs several guys to continue spreading and is heavily reliant on Claydol) is often just a single Chatot to deal with a poor hand. Things are better off running no starter, 4 Call Energy, 4 Roseanne's Research and at least 4 Bebe's Search, often in addition to 1-3 Celio's Network for optimum setup.
  17. Dual_Draw

    Dual_Draw New Member

    Phione+Call is good because you only need either Phione +Basic/Call or Basuc+Call to work.
  18. ChicoBlanco

    ChicoBlanco New Member

    Call NRG itself is soooo much better then Pachirisu...
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2008
  19. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    Yes, Call by itself is best. The Pachis, and the Phiones both take up bench space. In Plox, usually what you want to have is Gardy or Gallade active, with the other benched, along with 2 Claydol, ideally, or 1 Claydol with a Dusknoir, which comes out to 3 bench spaces, which makes it perfect against Dusknoir, so Pachi or Phione are really bench taker-uppers.

    The only advantage I see of these over Call Energy is the fact that you can sacrifice it early-game to activate a Scramble Energy.

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