PacMac tL's Trade Thread; NEED RH Roseanne's Research!!! Updated with NEW Wants!!

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by PacMac tL, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. PacMac tL

    PacMac tL New Member

    1) Live in U.S. so will ONLY Buy/Trade in U.S.
    2) Cards MUST be Mint/Near Mint (90%-100%)
    3) I WILL SEND FIRST, unless I have more REFS or we have same amount
    4) Cards should be sent in TopLoader w/ Sleeve, but as long as cards are SECURE it's good enough for me.
    6) I Have PayPal or CASH..I Prefer to PAY by Paypal!!


    EX's, *'s, Lv. X's

    Mightyena EX

    Porygon-Z (Great Encounters; HOLO)
    Pachirisu (Great Encounters; HOLO)
    Altaria (Great Encounters; Rev. HOLO)
    Dialga (Great Encounters)
    Blissey x2 (Mysterious Treasures; 2 HOLO)
    Raichu x2 (Mysterious Treasures; 1 HOLO & 1 Rev. HOLO)
    Tyranitar (Mysterious Treasures; HOLO)
    Bastiodon (Mysterious Treasures; Rev. HOLO)
    Octillery x2 (Mysterious Treasures)
    Slaking x3 (Mysterious Treasures; 1 Rev. HOLO)
    Manectric (Mysterious Treasures; 1 Rev. HOLO)
    Celebi x2 (Mysterious Treasures; 1 HOLO & 1 Rev. HOLO)
    Raikou (Secret Wonders; HOLO)
    Weavile x2 (Secret Wonders)
    Electivire (Secret Wonders)
    Farfetch'd x4 (Secret Wonders; 1 Rev. HOLO)
    Ludicolo (Secret Wonders; 1 HOLO & 1 Rev. HOLO)
    Wormadam trash cloak (metal) (Secret Wonders; 1 Rev. HOLO)
    Electivire (Diamond & Pearl)
    Weavile x2 (Diamond & Pearl; 1 Rev. HOLO)
    Nidoqueen DF (holo)
    Nidoking DF (holo[2])
    Typhlosion DF (rev. holo[2] & holo[1])


    Felicity's Drawing x2 (Great Encounters)
    Leftovers x2 (Great Encounters)
    Amulet Coin x3 (Great Encounters)
    Castaway (Crystal Guardians)
    Roseanne's Research x2 (Secret Wonders)
    Team Galactic's Mars x3 (Secret Wonders)
    Bebe's Search x2 (Secret Wonders/Mysterious Treasures)
    Windstorm CG (holo)
    Holon Mentor DF (non-holo)
    Scott PK (non-holo)
    Holon Researcher DS xXx (holo[2] & non holo[many])
    Holon Farmer DS (holo)
    Holon Lass DS (holo)
    Full Flame LM (holo)
    Wally's Training EM (holo)

    React Energy LM (holo[4])
    Multi Energy PK (non-holo[4])
    Rainbow Energy delta (non-holo[3])


    Roseanne's Research (Must be RH!!! SW-preferred) x3 BIG WANT
    Flaffy SW (Must be RH!!) x2 BIG WANT
    Rare Candy (GE-Must be RH!!!) BIG WANT
    Double Rainbow Energy xXx (CG holo preferred) BIG WANT
    Chikorita MT (rev. holo)
    Furret SW (RH preferred)
    HOLO Leaf/Electric/Fire Energies (I prefer HP/League ones)
    Basic DARK Energies
    HOLO Trainers (modified)

    MORE!! I'll Check LISTS..

    PokeGym REFS: 3
    1. secretsof2113
    2. RandyDragon
    3. bubba_235
    PokeBeach REFS: 11
    Last edited: May 6, 2008
  2. flarerose0o0

    flarerose0o0 New Member

    CML for Togekiss GE (holo), Windstorm CG (holo), Team Galactic's Mars SW (non-holo[3]), Blissey MT (holo[2])
  3. RandyDragon

    RandyDragon New Member

    CML for Rotom and Blissey
  4. PacMac tL

    PacMac tL New Member

    sorry didn't really see anything I really need/interested in..

    interested in these:
    Aggron EX (CG)
    Metagross EX (PK)

  5. RandyDragon

    RandyDragon New Member

    j/w, do you have GE Latias?
  6. PacMac tL

    PacMac tL New Member

    yes i do have a GE Latias (non-holo)..
  7. Epyon0015

    Epyon0015 New Member

    Im interested
    2 Blissey MT

    4 Aggron EX (CG)
    10 Grass Energy (EM) or (HP)
  8. PacMac tL

    PacMac tL New Member

    really interested in that Aggron EX (CG) and maybe even those HOLO Grass Energy (from HP), I PM'd you about it.
  9. weatie21

    weatie21 New Member

    i want ur Togekiss (Great Encounters; HOLO)
  10. Spirit Of Mew

    Spirit Of Mew New Member

    I havethe RH Flaafy but it would be hard to get.

    I want your Togekiss
  11. BeckordJ

    BeckordJ New Member


    You need to fix your Ref`s link it takes you directly to my Ref`s list.

    Thanks BeckordJ
  12. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    sceptile ex cg that one u wanted
    DRE non holo cg

    Skarmory EX
    Mightyena EX
    Pachirisu (Great Encounters; HOLO)
    Altaria (Great Encounters; Rev. HOLO)
  13. PacMac tL

    PacMac tL New Member

    not really as interested in the Sceptile EX anymore...LMK about the DRE though

    and if you have any of these:

    RH Roseanne's Research
    RH Rare Candy (GE)

    LMK thx!!
  14. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    uh you said you wanted my Magmortar SW RH.

    ill trade it for pachirisu GE.
  15. PacMac tL

    PacMac tL New Member

    PM'D you about the details..thanks
  16. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    CML for:

    Nidoqueen (DF)
    React Energy (Holo) x4

    LMK. Thanks! =]
  17. PacMac tL

    PacMac tL New Member

    interested in:

    5/130 Infernape
    56/130 Monferno
    6/106 Porygon Z
    4/132 Entei x2

    LMK thx.
  18. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    I can do all of what you want. But the Porygon Z is non-holo however. LMK if that's still ok.
  19. PacMac tL

    PacMac tL New Member

    oh whatever happened to that HOLO one you have:confused:and yeaa sure i'm done for that trade.
  20. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    Scratch that, I have a holo one. I HAD a non-holo but I can't find it. So I'll trade off the holo one. PM me to finalize. Thanks!
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