Painful Swords and Ear Influence Versus Protective Effects

Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by Otaku, Sep 19, 2017.

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    In a recent discussion, someone maintained that the "Painful Swords" attack of Aegislash (XY: BREAKpoint 62/122) could bypass the protection offered to Benched Pokémon by the "Daunting Pose" Ability of Machoke (SM: Guardians Rising 64/145). The justification was that the word "double" in "Double the number of damage counters on each of your opponent’s Pokémon." doesn't count as placing damage counters. I find this dubious but failed to find a concrete ruling.

    On a related matter, what happens when something like the "Ear Influence" attack of Meowstic (XY: Flashfire 43/106; Generations RC15/RC32) collides with similar protective effects? Is "moving" a damage counter the same as "placing" it, at least with respect to the protection offered by something like Daunting Pose?
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    1. No. you are placing damage counters. It would be blocked.

    2. Per the ruling for Mewtwo EX, moving and placing are seen as the same.
    Moving damage counters is two actions; removing the damage counter from one Pokemon and then placing it on another. Either of those actions could be blocked, depending on the wording of an effect, and so if a damage counter could be removed but then it's placement is blocked, the damage counter is just removed from play.

    So if the Meowstic player tried to move all of the damage counters on their opponent's benched Pokemon, they would wind up fully healing all of them!
    I'll leave it up to a Judge's Chambers discussion to determine how to resolve a player trying to move multiple counters and then trying to change their mind once they discover that they are all being removed from play. That is outside the scope of this forum.

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