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    As none of you know, this was my first time ever going to a worlds tournament (not being in it, going to the event). For it being my first time and my deck being the way it was, i think i did alright. My Deck was Butterfree / Mothim. Me and my friends arrived at the Hilton around 7 and the line was REDICULOUSLY long. We were afraid we werent going to be able to play in the grinder, but they didnt have a cap and everyone got in. woo!

    Round 1
    Gardy Gallade 1-0
    He mulligan'd 3 times, started with a jirachi ex, and i got the turn 1 butterfree. i got lucky lol.

    Round 2
    Gardy Gallade 1-1
    I couldnt get a butterfree until like T4, i was fudged.

    Round 3
    Mothballs 1- 2
    Donked by Gyrados

    Round 4
    Empozong 2-2
    She only got one Empoleon and i got the T1 Butterfree. she sniped off a few of my benched caterpies but it was a fun match.

    Round 5
    Plox 3-2
    If he had any gallade he didnt get them, i think he was running just straight Gardy, i got an early Butterfree and won.

    Round 6
    Gyrados 3-3
    Donked, if i could have got the T1 Butterfree i would have one, but bad flip let him survive. we played for fun afterwards and i beat him XP

    Round 7
    Gardy Gallade 3-4
    Gallade swept, He asked if i would sign his ralts though, so i thought that was awesome.

    Round 8
    Hurricane 3-5
    He one shotted all of my butterfrees, my healing wouldnt work.

    So in the grinder i went 3-5, but thats alot better than i expected to do with a Butterfree deck with a fishing engine.

    Saturday i played alot of league and ran slips for the DS tournament. They also let me make some calls and rulings. Im too young to be a professor so i thought this was awesome.

    Sunday was pretty much the same thing, lot of league, trading for japanese stuff, you know the drill. I watched the final matches and was astonished by the Toxicroak deck that won juniors. Before the closing ceramonies i met Prime. We talked, i traded him some cards for packs, i pulled a Garchomp X from those packs, and got an autograph on my italian leftovers.

    Overall it was the Highlight of my summer.

    Props - Being able to find a hotel, Pulling 2 Lv X's, Getting cool japanese stuff, Meeting Prime, being able to judge, and getting a lot of footage for my school pokemon club movie.

    Slops - Going 3-5 at the grinder, and not getting a playmat.

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