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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Shellshock929, Mar 2, 2008.

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    Wow I haven't done any of these in a while.

    So I woke up at 6:30 getting myself ready to go to Time Warp Comics for NJ States. I, along with Chris (Espeonchris14), went to Port Authority to meet up with most of the NY Regulars, with some new faces. We've arrived around 10:30 and I've handed in my decklist, chatting with the NJ players, and thinking about what's everyone playing. I was playing Gardy/Gallade/Furret Round 1 Started.

    Round 1: Vs. Kyle P. (Empoleon/Claydol)
    I've faced him at a CC in December. So we both got our setup, but as he got Prinplup, I've got Furrett. So I've used Keen Eye a couple of times, then I've got my setup. I've used Gallade's Sonic Blade to push the Empoleon back, and Psychic cut them after. As he had only Claydol left, he knew there wasn't anything left, so I take the win.


    Round 2: Vs. Brian C. (B_B_C) (Mirror)
    I was paired Down, as Brian C. lost the first round. So we got the setup, then spent a little time to prepare our Pokemon, not even determining who attacks first. So I've attacked first, then the control was shifting back and forward until I've got the upper hand. I've used the tech Cess Crystal to help prevent him from using powers as I used Gallade to attack. Sure that would hurt me too, but not that much. Overall, it was a great game.


    Round 3: Vs. Drew G. (TheDarkTwins) (Mirror)
    I had a feeling that I was going to play Drew, and he was happy he was going to face me because he was prepared for this. We had to wait a while since he was missing a card, but we got a minute extension for it. So he uses Pachi to get 2 Ralts and a Mawile. Yes, he uses the GE Mawile. He flipped 2 of my prizes over, 1 revealing a Sentret, while the other reveals Cess Crystal. He also got a Cresselia Lv. X out to help him move a damage counter around. As I used Gardy Lv. X to KO his Gardy Lv. X, he used Gallade to take care of it. So I've wagered, but it didn't really matter since we were tied in prizes, and Time was called already. He knocked out my Pokemon, but our extension was up and he took the Win. Look at Drew's report for more details.


    We had Lunch Break, but afterwards, Round 4 started 30 minutes later.

    Round 4: Vs. Sam M. (Darkrai/Wigglytuff/Honchkrow)
    So he started with Darkrai. I started with Sentret. I used Grope. He used Darkness Roar to switch my Sentret. So I sent out Ralts as that's all I have. As soon as I got furret, and everything I needed, he KO'ed my Furret with Darkrai Lv. X. He used Wigglytuff's power to put me to sleep, and he couldn't sleep since he had Sidney's Stadium. When I sent a powered up Gallade out, and used Cessation Crystal, I've KO'ed his Darkrai in 1 hit with Psychic cut. He scooped since there was nothing he could do.


    Round 5: Vs. Eric (Magmortar/Claydol/RK9)
    He's new to the game, but he managed to make 4-0 going into round 5. He kept Wagering me, as I had awesome hands. He forgot to burn my active Kirlia, but since I had Buffer Piece on it, and he usd Fireball Bazooka. Unfortunately for him, he had 2 DRE attached to his active Magmortar Lv. X, and it did nothing at all. So I've got my Gallade through Celios, then Cess Crystal, and then the fun began. I made a slight Comeback, then in the end, as he couldn't do anything that much, he struggled to attack, but it didn't cut it. So I take the win again.


    Round 6: Vs. ? (Garchomp/1-1 Mothim/Smeargle)
    I'm just going to talk about what happened in the end since I am still tired from yesterday. He used Silver Wind, then next turn, Retreated and KO'd my active Gallade for the Win. We were 1 prize left each, and I've called the judges to clarify the ruling. They said it stays even if you retreat. I didn't know that, but I was told how the effect works and I've understood it.


    So I've checked the standings, and I've made 8th. I've handed in my deck for deck checks, and afterwards, I get ready for Top 8.

    Top 8: vs. Frankie Durso (Mirror)

    G1: Long game, but like round 2, it shifts back and forth from one player to another. I was thinking about going aggro Gallade, but I was worried that it wouldn't help me either way. Looking back, I've regretted it. We both kept using wager so many trimes. So we are at 1 prize left each, and he uses Telekinesis to KO my benched Furret that has 60 damage on it. L

    G2: Not much happened in this game, but it was really another wagerfest until Time was called. So I get eliminated from T8.

    Making T8
    Seeing the NJ Folks again
    No one expecting my Cess Crystal Tech. Props to Adam Garcia for the deck help.
    My brother, teammates and friends for supporting me.
    The Bus Ride home

    Getting Eliminated in Top 8
    Little to No Sleep.

    See you in NY States!

  2. Adam Garcia

    Adam Garcia New Member

    congrats bro im tellin ya next states is yours
  3. Time for Pain

    Time for Pain <a href="

    GJ making top 8 dude. We will do better next week. (I also got knocked out in top 8)
  4. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Member

    GJ Peter, good luck in NY!
  5. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Good job
    See you in NY
  6. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    Nice Job man.
  7. yuki_potsd

    yuki_potsd New Member

    nice job peter, but you could have been nicer about the report between me and you!!! lmao
  8. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    Gj. That was a good game that we played.

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