Phazon's 2nd Place Regionals Report

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by Phazon Elite, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member


    "2nd place? You actually did something?"

    I know, right?


    So anyway, I was playing Call of Duty pretty much all day on Friday, until 9:30 when I realized that I promised Keyhan I'd give him a ride to Regionals (honestly, if it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't have gone. I really don't like the format, and my rogue decks have failed repeatedly, so I just about gave up lol). So, I decided to throw together a Magmortar deck out of the cards I purchased from Keyhan and other stuff I had lying around. I then searched through my stacks of cards for anything interesting to put in the deck, and I came across some Cessation Crystals while thinking that if I'm going to use an Archetype, then I'm going to make it weird (yes, the spirit still lives on). So, after I was satisfied with this thing, I tested it against a pile of Basic Energy cards with names of various GG cards written on them. Twice. Then, I watched the ******* movie, talked to my girlfriend for a bit, and finally fell asleep at 6:00 am.

    I woke up at 7:30 am, had some oatmeal and a can of Noz (really powerful energy drink, makes Red Bull look like milk), looked at the prizes which I didn't think I'd get, and left to get Keyhan. Then we arrived at the venue, which was very, very nice and ritzy.

    Boring registration crap happens here.

    Also, I borrowed a Roseanne's from Lloyd W. at a CC earlier this year, and I decided to FINALLY give it back. What follows is a rough approximation as to what we said to each other.

    Me: *yells* LLOYD!!!!
    Lloyd: *stops and turns* Yeah?
    Me: Remember that Roseanne's I borrowed from you?
    Lloyd: Yes.
    Me: Well, I suppose I'll give it back to you now.
    Lloyd: *cheerful* Ok!
    Me: Ok, I'll go out to my car and get it. Brb.
    Lloyd: Ok.
    *I leave, can't find the damn thing, and come back*
    Me: Uhh, Lloyd?
    Lloyd: Yeah?
    Me: Uhh....I can't find it, so how about I buy it from you? How's two bucks sound?
    Lloyd: That sounds great!
    Me: Ok. *hands over monie* Sorry about that. *pats Lloyd on back*
    Lloyd: Oh, no problem.

    So, yeah. Stop laughing, everyone who's reading this. Oh, you weren't laughing in the first place? Jerks.

    BTW, if you want the list, just make an Aggro Magmortar list and put 4 Cessation Crystals in it, then change the supporters to what you think will work best against GG. It's magical, utterly hilarious (Magmortar can lockx GG nao) and the majority of the list comes down to personal taste. Makes the GG and mirror matchups go in your favor, and the same goes for Tsunami and Gyrados. Damn, Gyrados just dies. Poor Gyrados . . .

    Anyway, the matchups.

    R1 vs. random guy from Wild Things w/ Fire/Water deck
    For those unaware, Wild Things is another card shop in Salem which has a league. Much smaller than Borderlands, though.
    Anyway, we couldn't get anything out for six turns, but I eventually started hitting the right stuff, and I just ran through him. Cool guy, though.


    R2 vs ???
    Sorry, but getting 90 minutes of sleep combined with the excitement of placing second kinda screwed my memory for that day. I know this guy used an archetype, but I forgot which one. I won, though.


    Lunch Break: Ben, random senior's kid whose name I forgot, and I charged over to Panda Express and got Chris some food, which I have no doubt is the reason I did so good.

    R3 vs. Janet w/ Flygon ex d-Togekiss
    Well, I went first, and I was delighted to see that she had a 40 HP Trapinch to my Magmar and Baltoy or something. FLAWLESS VICTORY!! ULTRA SUPER KICKASS FLARE FOR 20!! Then it was her turn . . .

    Rare Candy, Flygon ex d, Mentor, bench Togepi and other stuff, Rare Candy, Togekiss, attach three Psychic Energies to Flex, Magmar dies. Holy crap.

    Luckily, I had enough sacrificial lambs to get a Magmortar powered up, which was then promoted and Leveled-up. That killed her Flygon ex, so she sent out Togekiss to stall while she built up a Vibrava, which I sniped. She couldn't do much after that. But still, dang.


    R4 vs. Daniel R. w/ GG
    I was just outplayed and stuff. He won on time, but he would have won by smacking my benched Magmortar with Kirlia's Telekinesis a few turns later. Great guy, good game. It's worth noting that my Psychic Baltoy got a kill in this game. Fear the Psychic Baltoy.


    Now, here's where it gets tricky. I know I played Jeff C. and Daniel Z., but I don't exactly remember when. heck, I may have played one of them in round two. Ah, well, whatever. The one truth is that if you actually care about the order in which I played them, you suck.

    R(X) vs. Jeff C. w/Mortar-Blaze
    At first, it looked like he was going to have a better start, as I started with a Tauros (I run 4, but I prefer Magmar starts in a mirror match so I can lock sooner) to his Pachirisu, but I got Magmortar and Claydol out T2, and later attached a Cessation to Magmortar, then won a Wager (or something similar to that. Regardless, the end result was that he had a full Bench and a three card hand, while I had a six card hand and a Power lock in place). He had attached a Scramble to his GE Blaziken earlier, no doubt hoping I would kill his active basic, so I just passed (he had an energy drought), then Warped next turn so I could continue Smacking his benched Blaziken around. Next turn, I killed it with Mortar X, and that gave me control over the rest of the game. Very, very cool guy.


    R(Y) vs Daniel Z. w/ Arithmetic
    Well, he was using some sort of Banette-Gyrados thingie. I dispatched a couple of Banettes, and he sent out Gyrados, so I won a Wager, attached Cessation to Mortar, and started pounding away. Luckily, he doesn't run Windstorm, so I had an easy kill. He benched a Magikarp later on, but I eagerly Flame Blustered it, and the rest of the game just went to autopilot. He's a good Pokemon friend of mine, so it's all good. lol


    Before the next round, I went outside to play some wallball. Someone spent two minutes explaining the rules to me. It was my turn to hit the ball. The little kid who went before me hit the ball at such an angle as to make it go over my head, out of reach. I went after it, and fell on the cement. So, after ten seconds of physical activity, I was injured and had to go inside and get band-aids for my boo-boos, as I was using white sleeves, and I thought someone would mistake a blood stain on a white sleeve for a marked card. Do you realize how utterly stupid I felt? Even my girlfriend laughed at me when she heard about it.

    R7 vs. Matt C. w/GG, Dusknoir tech.
    He helped me shuffle. ^^ I felt special. ^^

    Very tough match. It played out like any other Mag vs. GG match for a while (with the notable exception of my Cessations), until he made a horrible misplay: late game, he had intended on attaching an Energy to his benched Dusknoir, bringing it up, then pounding my face in with it. Instead, he attached an Energy to a Gardevoir, switched to Dusknoir . . . and had to pass. That extra turn was all I needed to put myself in a position to tie the game up whenever I felt like it. So, on my turn later on, time was called when I was down by one prize. As much as I hated it, I had to do 20 to a benched basic with 10 HP left in order to stay in the game (would have preferred to continue spreading the love with my Scrambled Magmortar). After 15 tense minutes of sudden death, he finally ran out of ways to prevent me from killing something, and I won. Definitely one of the best games I've ever played, and I'm very glad the he still made it into the T16, as he's very good at this game and deserves at least something for that match, as I won seven of the eight Wagers we played. @_@


    So, I make top cut, obviously. I would have been happy with just nine packs (nine FREE packs? WOOHOO!!!111), but nooo. lol

    Unfortunately, we only had ten minutes for Dinner, so Nanette was sweet enough to let me pillage her picnic basket. Chicken Salad has never tasted so gooood. Yummy. <3

    T16 vs. Daniel Z. w/ Arithmetic
    I know. I face the deck that would have handed me my butt if I didn't put the Cessation Crystals in.
    Game 1: Well, it was pretty close throughout, but the Cessation Crystals and damaging but not killing Banettes proved to be too much for him.
    Game 2: My lone Magmortar got killed. Fast.
    Game 3: A complete reverse of last game. His start was hilariously bad, plus both of his Claydols were prized. It's kinda stupid how only one of those three games were legit. lol

    T8 vs. Daniel R. w/GG
    ...ok, what the heck? Is every Daniel ever going to bum rush me or something?
    Game 1: Well, he had a bad start, while I had a very good one. After a few turns, I was in the position to either go at him guns blazing, or fall back and let him kill stuff. I decided to chase him, as his start was slow, and I could tell from his expression that he didn't have many options. I guessed right, and he scooped.
    Game 2: Well, I got a Wager + Cess lock in place VERY early, which allowed Magmortar and Steven's Advice to feed off of his big bench, while he couldn't copy the Steven's he so desperately needed. He didn't even draw a prize. Also worth note is my Psychic Baltoy, which killed a Gardevoir and set up a kill on a Gallade. Fear the Psychic Baltoy
    I felt bad about it, but he made me feel better by saying that he doesn't mind losing to me, because I'm cool and nice and stuff. Thanks, man. ^^

    T4 vs. Keyhan T. w/GG
    Noooo! A round too soon!!??
    Well, this match was really stupid. We had just finishing a game of RPS when the judge sitting next to Keyhan told us to stop playing. Long story short, I won the entire match based on a judge's decision, which sucks, as Keyhan was building quite a bit of momentum. I needed to win that Wager to establish control, which I didn't do and couldn't manage.

    I was feeling all emo about it, as it felt like I was robbing Keyhan of a scholarship, but everyone assured me that it was ok and that I had nothing to do with it, and Keyhan wished me luck, so I felt better about it.

    Finals vs. Paul J. (HoennAsh) w/GG, not PLOX
    Well, I was guaranteed a $1000 scholarship, so I didn't really care if I won or lost. Unfortunately, neither did my deck.
    Game 1: The first truly abysmal start all day. I just folded a few turns in.
    Game 2: Better than last game, but two Magmortars were prized. I could have done something if I had one more, but no. Believe me, when your luck is that bad, and you're facing someone who has a good start AND knows what he's doing, you're not going to win. I put up a fight, though. XD

    People congratulated me, blahblah.I walked away with $1000, a box of GE, and a schweet trophy, which is $1000, a box of GE, and a schweet trophy more than I expected to get, so I'm happy. ^^

    Me for going to Regionals after all!
    Chris for finally making me understand that archetype = win.
    Nanette and BDS for the free food.
    Don for the job info.
    Everyone else in the TC for being good sports.
    June and Chris for the June/Chris hugs.
    Panda Express for being pimp.
    Jeff C. for showering me with compliments about my deck, and for the awesome, nostalgia-inducing chat we had about the good ol' days of Machop-Staryu haymaker decks.
    The people who own the venue . . . for, uhh . . . having a fantastic venue.
    Me for eating fried rice in the same way as I've seen Asian people eat it in Jackie Chan movies: literally stuffing it in their face, which works better than using my wet, slobbery chopsticks and hoping that a few rice kernels stick to the goop.
    Panda Express, for making VERY sexy orange chicken.

    Keyhan, for trying to cheat against me.
    The guys who made the trophies for spilling a bit of yellow paint on the top of mine!! : (
    The idiot who thought that playing wallball on cement was a good idea. lol
    The Washington-residing announcer who forgot my name when he was congratulating Paul and I in an announcement.
    Matt C. for the misplay. Not the one in which he sent up Dusknoir, but when he shuffled my deck. Had he not shuffled my deck for me, he could have had me be disqualified because of my inability to play. But he did, and he didn't, so I wasn't. Hey, it's his loss. XD
    Me for getting Darkrai instead of Cresellia out of my box. : (

    Thanks for reading! ^_____^

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  2. Adam Garcia

    Adam Garcia New Member

    dude congrats srry i havent been on the 360 in a while but i plan on it soon
  3. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    You better, because I forgot what your gamertag is, and I might have removed you from my friends list as a result. lol
  4. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    UG, I hate myself for being stupid and losing the way I did, but I'm very grateful to have lost to a good friend. Seriously, I can't think of anyone better to lose the scholorships to. Good job Marvin.
  5. HolographicPhanpy

    HolographicPhanpy New Member

    And to think that some people complained that Northwest Regionals was in Salem this year....

    I think it was totally appropo that a Salem player played for the championship.

    Way to go Marvin!:thumb:


    Hey Marvin its Daniel Z w/ Arithmetic instead of 4 corners.

    I am so glad you got 2nd woot! those were a fun 4 games...3 ko's in one turn ftw nice man

    Nice job,

  7. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Yeah, but hey, at least it was guaranteed that an Oregon player would make T2. ^^
    Thanks Mike. It was cool seeing you there. ^^

    oh, well excuse me for mixing up your weird name. Gosh, it's not like I have an odd name or anything . . .

    Also, HA! Payback for Eugene CC's! >:)
  8. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Good job on getting 2nd place and I didn't play Plox, I played GG, just to let you know. By the way, this is Paul.
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2008
  9. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Yeah, I heard from various people that PLOX was the play, so I kinda assumed that you were using it. Stupid decks being so damn similar. Grr.

    Random people told me who you were. Thanks man, congrats on winning yet again. ^^
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2008
  10. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    O man IDK you but I couldn't stop lol in your report. Congrats placing 2nd.
  11. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Haha, thanks. I aim for that whenever I write a report. Glad to see it worked. ^^

    Also, how dare you laugh when I explicitly said in my report to stop laughing.
  12. kiwill

    kiwill New Member

    Very instructive thanks :)
  13. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    hehe ;P
  14. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    So true. And the best part was we're both from Salem, the city Regionals was held in! So nice to see a local win second. :thumb:
  15. HolographicPhanpy

    HolographicPhanpy New Member

    Fear the psychic Baltoy!
  16. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Yyyeeeahhh, baby.

    That's the general idea. Psychic Baltoy is SO dominant, it should be called Bal-DOOMSDAY instead.
  17. ilikegengar

    ilikegengar Member

    Congratulations Marvin!

    As usual, you've written an amusing and in-depth report. With your scholarship you're on your way to being a math teacher any kid would love to have. Oh, if you decide that is not your future occupation you have a good start at being a comedy writer or perhaps a political speech writer. Yes, there are some current candidates that could use your help.

    best wishes in all you do,

  18. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! ^^

    Yeah, if I was writing speeches for Obama, you wouldn't see any of that "I have a dream" rehash. Nu-un, no way, original catch phrases only. For example, "Fear the Psychic Baltoy!"
  19. hitmonchan93

    hitmonchan93 New Member

    Dude, add me again! BiskitFoo72. Good job!
  20. Articjedi

    Articjedi Active Member

    Shuffling your deck makes me an idiot, huh, Phazon? Congrats anyway =P

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