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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Phazon Elite, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member


    X -> PIZZA


    So, yeah......I never bother with testing my decks; I just base my deck choices on my half-hearted predictions and assumptions. With that said, you can probably guess I went 3-2.

    Right, so I showed up around ten minutes early and asked anyone who cared how popular Lightning is nowadays. I asked because I was stuck between using Blissey and Gatr d. So, people told me that Gallade was way more popular than Electrode and Electivire combined, so I promptly told my Blissey that I didn't love her anymore and that I was gonna try something different.. C'mere, you big, sexy Gatr, you.

    ......Ow, don't bite daddy there....

    So, I called my gf and told her that there was nothing going on between Gatr and I (note: I actually did NOT make out with my cards, and I actually just called my gf to see how her day was going), and I then filled out my decklist. Upon further reflection, I may have done those in reverse order.

    As a service to aspiring Gatr lovers and anyone who wants to keep me from dominating with 3-2 Gatr records, here's the list:

    Pokemon: 18
    4 Totodile d
    2 Croconaw d
    4 Feraligatr d
    4 Pinsir d (Just shut up, OK?)
    1 Minun SW
    1 Plusle SW
    1 Rayquaza ex d
    1 Sableye CG

    Energy: 14
    10 Lightning
    4 DRE

    Trainers: 12
    4 Rare Candy
    2 Windstorm
    2 Night Maintenance
    2 Warp Point
    2 Great Ball

    Supporters: 16
    4 Castaway
    4 Celio's Network
    3 Oak's Visit
    2 H. Adventurer
    2 Roseanne's Research
    1 Copycat

    Yeah.......shoulda put Charms and Wagers in there. i lost one game just because I couldn't shuffle someone's hand away. Amphy SW would have helped, too. Minun is just amazing, though. Love that stupid card


    So, I turned the list in, signed up for the DS tourney, talked to the gf some more, talked with Keyhan and randomz, then played some POKEYMANS!

    R1 vs. Lloyd w/Typhlosion-Magmortar-Furret
    I started with a Totodile to his Magmar and Cyndaqwil (wow, I'm only 20 and I can't remember how to spell Cyndaqwil. -_-). I went second,, top-decked a Pinsir, warped to it and pulled random stuff out for a while. Meanwhile, he got a Furret and also pulled out random stuff for a while. He eventually got a Typhlosion right around when I got a Gatr, so I brought it up with Drag off, then switched to Rayquaza in order to snipe his Magmar with Three Energies. I think I spread damage around some more, killed that one Magmar, and let him kill the Rayquaza, as I was running out of cards: cards which Minun could get for me. SO, I sent up something, Minun gave me two cards again, and I used Night maintenance + Roseanne to get Ray back. I think I also got a kill with Plusle snipez, too. So, eventually, I killed a random Furret late game (by doing 100 for LL, I might add), thus tying us up. He then Celio'd for a Magmortar, put some energies on it, and hit me for 60 with Typhlosion after benching a Cyndaqwil. After considering all my options, I knew I had lost (edit: I knew this becasue he had Celio'd for a Magmortar Lv. X a few turns back, and his benched Marmortar had three Energies attached), and right when I was about to forfeit, they called time. Well, that changed everything. XD I had Warped his Cyndaqwil active previously (about 60-90 seconds before), so I just attached an Energy to Gatr and killed it for game. Sorry, man.


    R2 vs. Rather friendly fellow whose name I forget w/Quickitune
    Tune's a good matchup for Gatr (I've had Gatr built for a while, and this is one of the few matchups I've tested. lol). Gatr can easily OHKO Tune, while Tune must 2HKO (or waste a load of PP/Charms to OHKO) Gatr. Anyway, he actually had the lead for the entire game: I got crap. I think I killed something, but whatever I used died instantaneously afterwards. I also spread damage around with Ray. So, late game, he uses Steven's Advice for three and immediately realizes that he's almost out of cards. Since that mistake could possibly give me the game, I didn't let him take it back. XD. After calculating and investigating his discard, I saw that he used all his Pluspowers already, as well as one Charm. I took my chances and sent a Ray with 90 HP up to do something or stall or whatever after he killed something (Didn't really have much else). Then, with the calm rage of 1000 relaxed suns, he told me that he just figured out why I searched his discard. XD. I damaged something, he tried to Sore Performance for game....but I flipped heads. ^^. Then, with PERFECT timing, my deck finally decided to give me stuff. I Candied out TWO Gatrs and happily used Drag Off on an Energyless Kricketot or whatever and successively switched Gatrs around like a madman ("No, you're attacking THIS one! DHUR!") He decked, I won. We chatted while we walked to my car to put my deck in my trunk, blah. Really awesome guy.



    DS tourney started. I faced Lloyd, who brought the wrong game. >_< He brought his Pearl, the strongest guy in which was a LORDLY and ALLMIGHTY Lv. 36 Infernape. Then, the blatant cheated had the NERVE to use SIX POKEMON!!! DUDE, read the rules. "THREE POKEMON OF LEVEL 100 OR LESS!!!" THREE =/= SIX!!! PLZ RETAKE MTH251!!!!!

    Luckily, I randomly yell random crap all the time, so everyone knew and knows I was and am not serious.

    I also ate and made jokes about sexy Orange Chicken.

    Oh, yeah....I went to the mall to get that sexy orange chicken. On the way back to Borderlands, the Juice of the Chicken (The Uncensored Edition) spilled unto my lap, thus making me seem strangely fertile. To avoid marriage proposals from the fairer sex, I opted to change into a rugged, work-torn pair of jeans which had been in my car for as long as dumb has been in your head (about four months). However, I sadly and wierdly discovered that these jeans were too Paris Hilton (Think about her most famous activity. Now think of an adjective which describes the fit of a pair of pants. The same word can be used to describe both. Got it? Good, let's continue.) So, I looked in my car for a belt. I found DVDs, a Wiimote and GCN controller, a three-month old, half-consumed bottle of Game Fuel, and shame. Distressed and intrigued, I did the obvious thing: I ran the GCN controller cord whrough my beltloops and wandered around asking people if they'd like to control my pants (no, really). Unfortunately, everyone I asked was either male or married or both, so I had no takers. Also, no cops were called. I attribute this fact to my rather unique tournament manners (or lack thereof), which have earned me such fame that little randoms who I've never even seen can run up to me and call me "Marvin." That, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of nerd success. Bow down and worship it, for it will smite you if you do not.

    R3 vs Meadow w/Gardelade/Absol
    Meadow is really an awesome name for a girl. In fact, I am so inspired by the beauty of that name, I will name my first daughter "Bog" in honor of unique names everywhere.

    Seriously, though, why does everyone only choose the most serene names for women? Like, at the Oregon tourney's alone, we have women named Meadow and June. That's not fair to the other times of year and geographical locations who wish to have their name deemed appropriate for the fairer gender, thus confirming their right to build a house upon themselves and LITERALLY have competitive, sport-based land wars (Announcer: "HOKYMOLY!!!! The Mountains have risen ABOVE the Valleys!!! OOOHHHHH, THEY JUST CRUSHED THE VALLEYS WITH A BOULDER!!!! THE VALLEYS CANT GET UP!!!"). Their collective rage could easily change our body temperature by a whole tenth of a degree. Dangit, if I want women to be named "New Jersey" or "Black Friday," WHY CANT I HAVE IT LIKE THAT!!????

    .....actually, I take that back. I'm sure we can all think of at least a few people (men and women inclusive) whom we would refer to as"Disease-infested Swamp" or "Flu Season."

    Oh, yeah, I lost. Her Absol discarded my Castaway AND Celio T1.


    I got a bye in the DS tourney.

    R4 vs Alex w/Quicketune
    Before the match, I tried to bribe him with cash so he'd forfeit. He said yes to $5, but I didn't have a $5 on me. I tried finding a scanner on his upper body so I could buy his forfeiture on my debit, but one of his fingers on his two-finger scanner was broken (guess which one). I asked my neighboring card-game players to lend me a five, but they refused, probably because I told them why I wanted the five beforehand (one smart little missy, her being Mr. Raichu's daughter, offered to put it on HER debit for me, but I respectfully declined. My mom is the only girl who is required to buy me stuff whenever I want). Luckily, it seems someone gave Alex's deck a $5 instead, as it happily prized half of his Kricketunes for me. I killed the first two with the same Gatr, and he finally granted my wish and forfeited. I gave him a quarter.


    I beat two people, in the DS tourney, thus putting me in the finals

    R5 vs Janet w/Electivire
    Yeah......ow. This is where that Ampharos would have come in handy: I could have killed every single Electabuzz before they ever Evolved and became threats if I ran a 1-1 Amphy. Oh wells, She's a cool lady, so I'm happy.


    I got second in the DS tourney and gave Keyhan my two packs for the Pachirisu Stylus he won, then left three times.

    Clint Winning Seniors
    Keyhan winning DS
    Me getting second in DS
    Me realizing that hand disruption is finally back
    Me promptly switching decks so I can be an annoying ** next weekend.

    The Chinese place for giving me cola-flavored water
    Me for not having a totally legit win all day (time, deckout and prizes. YAY)
    Mr. Raichu for being there (JKJK!!! Don't rule against me pwease!!)

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  2. Adam Garcia

    Adam Garcia New Member

    lol sexy orange chicken gj buddy. Hopefully i will get cod4 for christmas and we can play lol
  3. ilikegengar

    ilikegengar Member

    Nice report Phazon. Thanks for sharing the orange chicken too. Guess the overload of orangy-poultry goodness makes up a bit for the cola-flavored water.

    Interesting comment on names. When I met my husband he said to me, "Hi, I'm rich." To which I replied, "Hi, what's your name?" :wink:

    See you at the next event. :colorless
  4. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    Awsome report phazon. I'm glad we have someone like you at the tournies to shake things up a bit. Only you could of thought of using a Gamecube controller chord for a belt. :rolleyes:

    And for the record, my name has not "keyhan." You're only two letters off buddy.
  5. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Yes, you should. You can use my guns after I DIE!!! lol

    Also, why in the heck would you congratulate someone who went 3-2? "Hey, good job nailing the middle of the pack, old chum!"

    His parents named him Richard very appropriately. lol

    Zomg, I think I forgot to put in the part about the GCN controller! </3

    *edits the lunch break section*

    Edit: Ok, I added a whole nother paragraph to the lunch events. Because you care.

    Thanks kadoodle. XD
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  6. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    Your sure a funny guy, nice report.
  7. Big Daddy Snorlax

    Big Daddy Snorlax Administrator

    Wow, I like this new "director's cut" edition. Bonus features are always a good selling point. GREAT report! :thumb:

  8. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Thanks man. Keep making those articles, ok? ^^
    haha! Awesome, thanks, BDS! :thumb: You know that I just HAVE to show up at Tualitin now. XD
  9. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    I was making a Absol/Honch article but it's got to be perfect :rolleyes:, and I am running out of speech...
  10. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz New Member

    I love this person..

    He stickeys me in halo like 24/7

    but yea

    eww 3-2 lol

    gj tho XD..

    and me and adam wshould show you this funny video of us playing halo 3 OMG it was such a funny match that me and him could not stop laughing..
  11. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    Hey Phazon, I remember another tourney highlight.

    Remember when you and I were trading and then all of a sudden one of the pages ripped? Man, it was like that page was exposed to liquid nitrogen for too long. :lol:
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