Pichumans First Report of Santa Clara Battle Roads

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by pichuman, Sep 23, 2007.

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    ok so i spent sat. with charmander_162 and Farmer_J123 and we all went over our decks. I was going to use alligator eggs but it was to slow and it was not getting the consistency i thought it would have. Ok so I borrow Charmanders Inferncatty cuz i think that it is very good and i wanted to use it. So during that night i play two games with it and then we continued to play other fun night games...

    so we wake up at 7 and get ready to leave. Since we are all tired we dont realize how early it is. We get some donuts and go to Santa Clara. We get there at freakin 8:30 wich is two hours before registration. And the tournament started at 11:45. so after we get all settled and everyone is signed in we finally start.... oh and i have no idea who i played, i just know how it went down

    The Report

    Game 1 - A nice lady w/ some deck
    ok so i start with chimchar active. I have a scott, two rare candys, two windstorm, and a night maintenence. so i have no way to attack, and guess what... i go first. So i draw and thankfully get an energy and use scratch. She has a geodude and a surskit on her bench. So she draws and attaches an energy to her geodude and realizes she cant use her geodudes attack. So i use scott my turn and eventually get an infernape and thats it. But all i saw was that geodude and that surskit evolved into masquerian, but i was her weakness so i took it down fast.

    Win~ 1-0

    Game 2 - Henry Martinez w/ R-gon
    ok so when we each draw our hands we laugh cuz we both have garbage. He starts with a castform and no energys or anything. I started with a Chimchar, 5 energys, and a delcatty ex.... and of course i go first. Yay!! i draw another fire energy. So i attach an energy and use Scratch. He goes uses copycat and then gets an energy and then Delta Draws for like one of two. i go and get a celios so i get a monferno and attach another energy and use fury swipes... i get all tails. so he goes and evolves his benched egg jr. into egg sr. and delta draws again. so i go and get a tv. reporter and use it and get two fire energys and a chimchar. So i bench the chimchar and use fury swipes and kill that beezy Castform. So he has no energys but loads of good trainer cards. So he sacrifices two exeguttor and then send up a Rayquaza ex. i take that down and then he has nothing left on his bench so i win.

    Win~ 2-0

    Lunch. Nothing exciting happens here... just lots of people say when they have lunch so i did this to be cool.

    Game 3 - Some Person w/ R-Gon Varient
    Ok so we start and i get another chimchar start but no support. He starts with Holons castform and has a mentor in his hand. So basically i fight with two Infernapes in this match and he killed me with mew* and a three pokemon knockout to finish the game. it was ugly

    Lost~ 2-1

    Game 4 - Another guy w/ flippin R-gon
    ok so now i know that i hate R-gon. So he starts with Castform and i started with three skitty, a rare candy, and three fire energies. I use like..... 1401 tail whips with 2 tails so he does not draw much. And in between those tail whips i get lots of good stuff. So after i get tired of tail whipping cuz he wont knock out Castform, i send out an infernape and evolve him into ape lvl. x and knock it out. He then puts latios ex d up to the plate, so i have like two plus power and a strength charm so i am like oh he is done... but then he plays Lake Boundry, So bye-bye to ape x. I send out another ape and knock out his latios. So this match turns into a knock out fest. but this is what it comes down to. i have exactly 8 fire energies and 2 double rainbows. So i send out delcatty ex and use constrain and discard my 50 card hand and put all my energies in there wich is 16 so i knock out his Flygon ex d and that is it for prize cards. this was such a good match. lol we played a fun game afterwards and i got demolished so i am happy i won when i could.

    Win~ 3-1

    ok so now i know that this next match is win and make it into the top 4 or lose and fail at life

    Game 5 someone w/ Infernape Variant
    So I start with Two Skittys and he starts with a Magikarp. I eventually got all four skittys and then i evloved three of them into Delcatty and one into Dlecatty ex. i discard just enough energies to knock out his Gyarados. He Sends out a Infernape. He kills me. I send out a chimchar, rare candy, Infernape, Double Rainbow, strength charm and plus power knock out his Infernape. he sends out another infernape. i Rinse and repeat. eventually i knock out his last gyarados with and upstream. it was uber cool.

    Win~ 4-1

    So i sit around and then the top 4 is called. Here is how it is. one person went 5-0 and four guys went 4-1. and........ i am in fourth. so i play the first player who is playing an all water deck. Its a super Speed Empoleon.

    Top 4
    Game 1
    ok so this is my hand
    Chimchar, Rare Candy, Infernape, Fire Energy, Fire Energy, boring stuff
    and i get to go first and he has only one basic so i am like, yes turn 2 victory for me. He has a priplup. So i attach an energy and use scratch and pray he does not have a mentor or draw a basic. He draws...looks at piplup..... Rare Candy, Double Rainbow i lose. T_T i was so upset. He was goingt to lose next turn. but that lasted like thirty seconds.


    Game 2
    Ok so this time it is much better. I dont lose turn 1. This match is just constant killing each other back and forth. it was insane. i played very wel but that kid planned a super plan and killed me and i lost. by one prize card and i would of one next turn. but my benched infernape had a 90 damage and i could not get ape x and then he uses aqua shower, and then i lose. it was ugly and i was so upset that my last prize was flippin ape ex. i would of won if it was not for that.


    Charmander_162 for letting me borrow the deck
    Susan for running a good tourny like always
    Farmer_J123 cuz..... he is my friend and he went

    Stupid Freakin luck

    i hope you guys enjoyed
  2. Epyon0015

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    I finally make it on someone report lol. It was the funniest game I played but good.:thumb:

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