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  1. I think it is about time Pidgeot made a step into EX.



    Wing Attack(C)(C)40

    Sky Attack(C)(C)(C)(C)(C)100

    REtreat Cost(C)(C)
  2. The Fat Kid

    The Fat Kid New Member

    OK first its a good card but...
    It has an all color less attack that does a 100 with no discard or flipping.
    And we thought Blaziken EX was broken
    Heres my broken card idea!

    Smeargle EX 80HP :colorless
    [BODY] Super Defense
    No matter what when Sneargle takes damage, from attacks or special conditons, (after applying weakness and resistance) it is reduced to 1 damage counter.

    :colorless :colorless :colorless Sketch
    Chose one attack from your Opponents Active Pokemon. Sketch copies that attack except for its Energy costs and anything else in order to use that attack, such as discarding Energy cards.

    Weakness :fighting:
    Resistance :psychic: -30
    Retreat Cost :colorless :colorless
  3. Broken.The reason it does 100 with no discard is because it is (C).


    If Pidgeotto is damaged reduce the damage by 10.If the damage comes from an attack and the pokemon using the attack is (F) reduce the damage by 20.

    Mirror Gust(C)(C)(C)10
    If Pidgeotto was damaged last turn this attack does 10 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter n Pidgeotto.

    Retreat Cost
  4. bertrand

    bertrand New Member

    Huh? Where is there a Pidgeot ex?

    Although, if you're going to make a text fake, make it more.. interesting?
  5. Forget PidgeottEX and my other thread of Promo Blaziken I don't even know what the texst kak thing is anyways...

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