Pikachu Deck! No, seriously

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by DragonClyne725, Jul 11, 2010.

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  1. DragonClyne725

    DragonClyne725 New Member

    Ok, so i have wanted to make a Pikachu deck for a long time, and the opportunity presented itself when I got a RaichuX. This deck kind of is more of a Raichu deck, but Pikachu is a main part of it. This deck currently is a league/fun deck but I may use it in small tournaments just to see my opponent's expression when I flip over a bunch of Pikachu's T1 :lol:. Ok, here it is:


    4-4-3-1 Raichu (SF-MT-2 SV/1 MT-SF)
    4 Sableye SF
    1-1 Gyarados MT (donphan counter)
    1 Unown Q
    2 Uxie LA
    1 Azelf LA


    4 Pokemon Collector
    3 Roseanne's Research
    4 Bebe's Search

    4 Pokedex HANDY910is
    4 SSU
    3 Pokemon Communication
    2 NM
    1 Energy Restore
    1 WP
    1 Luxury Ball
    1 Premier Ball


    10 :lightning:

    Ok, before you start posting comments that completely change my deck, read this:

    So, at first glance you probably were like, "....." while reading the deck list. I'll try to explain the basic strategy as best as I can, but first I'll introduce the stars of the deck:

    Sableye SF- I think just about everyone knows this little guy. I use him in order to set-up the deck. I'll explain more about the set-up latter on.

    Pichu SF- The only reason that I need to have Pichu in the deck is for Pikachu (see next paragraph). I kind of like the SF one, but I also like the AR Pichu.

    PIKACHU MT- Why I wrote it's name in all caps is because this little fellow is the main part of this deck. Pikachu has this awesome pokepower that lets you get a :lightning: energy from your discard and put it into your hand, but only if Pichu is under Pikachu. So not only is it really cute, but it can also be helpful. The significance of getting energys to your hand from the discard will be explained in the RaichuX analysis.

    SV/OP9/MT Raichu- I have been trying out different Raichus and I think that these two best fit the deck. I like the OP9 Raichu's attacks because I might want to do 100 damage one time with no discarding of energys, but i'm am currently switching the OP9 for the MT Raichu. I like the SV Raichu because it doesn't discard energys either :biggrin:.

    And now, the main attacker of the deck:

    Raichu Lv.X- Awesome PokeBody, which is helpful but not at all connected to the strategy. The main attack that I use RaichuX for is its Voltage Shoot, which can do 80 to any of your opponent's pokemon, but at the cost of 2 :lightning: energys from your hand.

    Ok, so the goal is to get a Sableye start. You impersonate Collectors to get out your Pichus and Pikachus. You then can Baby Evolution Pikachus onto Pichus the next turn, start charging energys onto one of your Pikachus for a latter Raichu, then impersonate either a Bebe or a Collector to get a Raichu or more Pichus/Pikachus/UnownQ out, etc.

    THE GOAL OF THE DECK IS: to get at least 2 Pikachus benched with Pichus under them, a RaichuX active with 3 :lightning: energys, and at least 2 :lightning: energys in your hand. You use Voltage Shoot to snipe pixies, claydols, or any other low hp bench pokemon, or even attack the defending pokemon with it. The Pikachus get you your 2 :lightning: energys back to your hand, and then you Voltage Shoot again. (And yes, I know that PowerSpray kills the strategy, so please don't mention it.) RaichuXs pokebody lets you have a 'big bang entrance' when you play it, but that's about all the 'body does.

    The Problem with RaichuX is that it needs 3 energys to attack. I used Mr.Mime to stall while I attach energys, but is there a better way to stall/attach energys? Remember that this is only a fun deck that MIGHT see tournament play, so please don't be suggesting a lot of counters. I CAN'T AFFORD UXIEX, DO NOT SUGGEST IT.

    Ok, so there's the deck, I hope that I inspired others to make their own versions of it, and if they did that they would share them.

    Sorry about the length, but i really wanted you to understand the strategy and how the cards work together.

    Please Comment, thanks :thumb:
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2010
  2. Nekizalb

    Nekizalb New Member

    Considering how Promocroak can give you huge problems, I would add in more Sunyshore City Gyms.

    Raichu MT can attach energies from your deck for no cost, and it can hit for a sudden burst, but you run into the energy discarding problem. Magnezone SF can also attach energies, but other than that I don't see much of a way to quickly get Lightning Energy onto your Raichu.
  3. DragonClyne725

    DragonClyne725 New Member

    ^ sad face :(

    yeah i don't really want to run the Zone because its a stage2
  4. Solemn_Party

    Solemn_Party New Member

    Fisherman and Aaron's Collection do that.

    I'd switch an Unown Q for another Uxie, personally.
  5. DragonClyne725

    DragonClyne725 New Member

    I like the +1 uxie idea, but i need 2 Qs for mime and sableye. :frown: anything that might be abvle to come out?
  6. Solemn_Party

    Solemn_Party New Member

    Probably the Premier Ball. You only have 1 Level X to search.

    Also, consider Raichu Prime when it comes out.
  7. DragonClyne725

    DragonClyne725 New Member

    grr, have you seen it? its not that good:

    Raichu - Lightning - HP100
    Stage 1 - Evolves from Pikachu

    Poke-Power: Voltage Up
    You can use this power any number of times during your turn. Move 1 Lightning Energy attached to one of your Pokemon to this Pokemon. This Power can't be used if this Pokemon is affected by a Special Condition.

    [L][L][C] Mega Thunderbolt: 120 damage.
    Discard all Energy attached to Raichu.

    Weakness: Fighting (x2)
    Resistance: Steel (-20)

    Retreat: 1

    I highlighted all that I don't like

    ---------- Post added 07/11/2010 at 10:59 AM ----------

    the X is the main attacker. I want to search it out and recover it when it is KO'd, but i'll consider taking out the premier ball

    ---------- Post added 07/11/2010 at 02:57 PM ----------

    anymore comments?
  8. Solemn_Party

    Solemn_Party New Member

    Which Raichu are you using instead?
  9. DragonClyne725

    DragonClyne725 New Member

    currently i am using 2 of the MT Raichus for speed energy attatchment and one of the SV Raichu for the spread

    Raichu Prime isn't good for this deck cause it discards energys on Raichu
  10. sslv4goku

    sslv4goku New Member

    I agree with u that the prime raichu awful in too many ways. I currently run a raichu deck with the magnezone that attachs from the discard pile, and i also use the hgss raichu just because its free retreat and a 100 for 2 energies. i always set up atleast two zones on 2 or 1st turn by usiong 4 unown r, four poke rescue, 4 handy 910s, and four poke drawer+. the strategy is amazinlg fast. just use collectors to the 3 r's or uxie and 2 r's depending on your hand and start spamming r the use poke rescue and do it all over again while also laying down the 910s for even more draw power. with the new rotation u can run entai raikou legend searhable through the zone with magnetic search and bebes or comms. because with out claydols ppl are going to be forced to drop all their uxies or anything else without powers u can simply blow all of them away. just yesterday i entei raikou my opponent taking 3 uxie while saving my bench a 1-1 manectric line the one with the body that protects your bench.
  11. DragonClyne725

    DragonClyne725 New Member


    -2 Mime
    -1 Q
    -1 Looker
    -1 Energy Restore
    -1 Sunyshore

    +1-1 G-dos (donphan counter)
    +1 WP
    +1 Bebe
    +1 Communication
    +1 Uxie

    ---------- Post added 07/12/2010 at 06:43 PM ----------

    More Comments Needed!!

    ---------- Post added 07/13/2010 at 09:16 AM ----------

    Please Comment!! I think the deck has potential but it needs help!!
  12. Grinning_Gengar

    Grinning_Gengar New Member

    I would drop the Pokedex and put in a 2 -2 Claydol.

    4 collectors and 3 Roseanne's is a bit much. I would at least drop one collector for a fisherman. That way you will have the energy in your hand for Voltage shoot or at least get the 4 energy you discard from your hand back.

    Personally I think Gengar SF is a worse threat then Donphan. Gengar will snipe your sweet little Pichu's and Pikachu's right off the bench for 1 energy, probably on the first or second turn, then poltergeist your Raichu to oblivion with all those Pokemon Collectors and Roseanne's stuck in your hand. :eek:

    I would drop the G-dos and go 2 Sunnyshore Gym then drop 2 Pichu and a Bebe's and run 3 Unown G.
    I think that would balance out your Donphan and Gengar match ups a little bit.
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