Pikamaster's 4th place Lusby report. with Plox.

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Pikamaster, Jun 2, 2008.

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    O.K. First off, I can't remember most of the names, or the order in which I played my opponents, so correct me when I'm wrong and I'll fix it.

    Got there around 11 and got the 2 cards I needed for my deck and registered. Started around 12:30 (I think) and Tara announced that there was no lunch break.:frown: But any way, 4 rounds for seniors and a TC of 2,then I got my first battle.


    Round 1/4 vs. deck full of random :psychic: and :fire: pokemon.

    He goes first with the pre evolved form of drapion and attacks for 30. I go and RC into gardevoir, but don't have any DRE or energy in my hand, so I play celio's, take a ralts and pass. He evolves into drapion, plays rowan and does 50 to gardevoir with stomp. I telepass rowan and draw gallade, scramble, RC and DRE:smile: then pass. He kills gardy and I come out with gallade and scramble and kill all his pokemon one at a time until I win.

    Round 2/4 Vs. Steven V. and magmortar with cess cry.

    We both get terrible starts then he gets magmortar and plows through me FTW.


    Round 3/4 Vs. hounchkrow, weevile, claydol and darkrai lv. x.

    I get T2 gallade and Psycic cut everything she has FTW.


    Round 4/4 Vs. Chris N and skittles.

    We both just battle it ou until I got dusknoir and used hard fealings and dark palm to eliminate his Ho-ohs and he conceits.


    But I didn't make TC so I played in the side tournament and went 3/0, so that was fun.

    Going 3/1
    Aardvarks holding the event
    Using Plox again
    Peter getting second
    Getting 2 banette in the prize packs for the side tournament.

    Not making TC on OP win %
    Peter not winning first
    Losing to magmortar
    No lunch break
    Tara not wearing the krikitot shirt that I painted for her.
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