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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by poke_master2008, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    I **NEED** Gardy Lv.X x1 and Absol x1 (SW)...

    I will trade anything on my list for them and will trade BIG for them but not big enough to go bankrupt on cards lol....

    If you are serious about trading them YOU HAVE TO SEND OVERNIGHT AND TOMM SO THE CARDS GET HERE ON FRIDAY!! I will pay or throw in a holo or two to cover for the extra shipping but ONLY if i get the cards on FRIDAY!!

    If your interested them POST OFFERS HERE!! my list is in my SIG.....If you are going to the ORLANDO,FL cities and will have the Gardy Lv.X and Absol (SW) there for trade then PM me and let me know what you need off my list for the cards!!!

    Thanks to anyone who is up to this!!!
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  2. Pokemonpat

    Pokemonpat New Member

    you have 4 Active trading threads,from the rules:

    please clean this up asap


    He has five and i sent him a pm about it. evil psyduck
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