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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by silent swordsman LV3, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. Hi, i live in Australia
    if you cannot send here, please dont post =)

    1) Have fun
    2) I live in Australia, so if you cant send here, dont post
    3) I will send first no matter what, because i have less refs
    4) add either these words in your post so i know you've read these rules
    Skarmory - Blissey - Gyarados - Garchomp - Heatran - Gengar

    My Wants:
    4x Phione RH MD
    Your Soul
    3x RH Empoleon MD
    3x RH Prinplup DP
    3x Piplup RH DP
    2x Team Galactic's Wager RH
    1x Box of MD
    2x Claydol RH

    Cool deck staples

    Cool stuff, just offer cool stuff away! lololzzz

    Cool Deckboxes (Sealed) Please state which ones you have
    Pokeball Sleeves (new ones) (Green, Blue or ORANGE!!!!!!!)
    Players Choice Sleeves (pokemon cards sized (blue or Green)
    Trip to Worlds OMG I ACTUALLY GOT THIS!11

    My Haves

    1 Cresselia lvX GE
    1 Glaceon lvX
    3 Dialga lvX GE

    1 Darkrai Lv.X GE (Japanese,1st ed)
    1 Infernape Lv.X (japanese) 1st ed

    :~~~Stars and Exs~~~:
    1 Mew star
    2 Absol ex
    1 Steelix ex UF
    1 Metagross ex PK
    1 Rayquaza Ex (japanese) DF 1st ed
    1 Skarmory Ex
    2 Sneasel ex RS

    1x Mothim MD Pre-release STAFF
    2x Mothim MD Pre-release
    1x Luxio SPT STAFF

    :~~~Majestic Dawn~~~:
    1x Pakia
    1x Palkia RH
    1x Moltres
    1x Recover Energy RH
    1x Toxicroak RH
    2x Toxicroak
    1x Dawn Stadium RH
    1x Omastar
    1x Torterra
    1x Infernape
    1x Aerodactyl
    1x Flareon
    3x Leafeon (Bad ones)
    Many Reverse Holos (Commons and Uncommons)

    :~~~Great Encounters~~~: NEW!


    :~~~Secret Wonders~~~:
    Secret Wonders Foils
    1x Honchkrow foil
    1x Mew foil
    1x Entei foil

    Secret Wonders Reverse Holo [Foils & Rares]
    2x Suicune
    1x Minun
    1x Electrode

    Secret Wonders Rares
    1x Magmotar (rare)
    1x Xatu
    1x Wormadam (Plant Cloak)
    2x Wormadam (Trash Cloak)
    1x Sharpedo
    1x Golem
    1x Pinsir
    1x Sunflora

    Secret Wonders Reverse Holo [Commons & Uncommons
    1x Stantler
    2x Smeargle
    1x Shelgon
    1x Miltank
    1x Skiploom
    1x Nidoran (Male)
    1x Pidgeotto
    1x Unown Z
    1x Shellder
    1x Duskull

    :~~~Mysterious Treasures~~~:
    Mysterious Treasures Foils
    3x Bronzong
    1x Uxie

    Mysterious Treasures Reverse Holos [Foils & Rares]
    1x Rampardos
    1x Nidoqueen
    1x Celebi
    2x Glalie
    1x Kricketune
    1x Aggron
    1x Lumineon
    1x Mr. Mme

    Mysterious Treasures Rares
    1x Bastiodon
    1x Slaking
    1x Absol
    2x Ninetails
    2x Exeggutor
    1x Whiscash
    2x Unown I
    1x Unown S
    1x Mantine
    1x Crobat
    1x Ursaring
    1x Toxicroak

    Mysterious Treasures Reverse Holos [Commons & Uncommons]
    1x Croagunk
    1x Girafarig
    1x Masquerain
    1x Magby
    2x Doduo
    2x Bayleef
    2x Snover
    1x Bidoof
    1x Pichu
    1x Skull Fossil
    2x Shieldon
    1x Aron
    1x Barboach
    1x Teddiursa
    4x Murkrow
    2x Nidoran (Female)
    1x Unown E

    1 Rhyperior
    1 Luxray

    1 Altaria (RH)
    2 Banette (2RH)
    2 Wobbuffet (2RH)
    1 Kabutops
    1 Armaldo
    1 Seviper (RH)
    3 Cradily
    1 Aggron
    3 Slaking
    1 Charizard
    1 Dusclops (RH)
    + more RH, rares, Uncommons and stuff....

    2 Nidoqueen 2RH
    2 Nidorina 2RH
    1 Nidoran RH
    5 Likitung (1RH)
    2 Ninetails (1RH)
    1 Togetic (RH)
    + Ask for rares and others
    apparently, those are the only notable ones atm...


    1 Latias RH (HP) Dual Aura
    3 Flygon d (HP)
    2 Sableye (CG)

    1 Aggron PK
    1 Omatar HP
    3 Cradily PK
    1 Ninetails DF
    1 Cambusken CG RH
    1 Wobbuffet PK RH
    2 Banette PK RH
    2 Banette CG 1RH
    1 Lickitung DF RH
    1 Heracross DF RH
    2 Kabutops HP
    1 Metagross DS
    1 Salamence DS
    1 Tyranitar DS
    3 Slaking PK

    ..................................That is all

    :~~~Notable Trainers~~~:
    Just ask


    Other promos and POP stuff

    Thanks! ^^

    Oh and some people will get extras :)
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2008
  2. lol soo sad, no replys
  3. Freezer

    Freezer New Member

    What about your Charizard Ex for my TSD?
  4. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    i need charizard ex lmk.
  5. kristi

    kristi New Member

    CML for charizard ex PLZ!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin::eek::lol:
  6. Zard ex = 50-70
    TSD = 30-45
    lol we'll see at league next week aaron
    lol what can you offer?
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2008
  7. DragonairMaster8

    DragonairMaster8 New Member

    i have 3x gardies and 3x gallades. Am interested in Charizard ex and Darkrai LV X's. LMK if we can work anything out, also, my list is in my sig. Thanks!
  8. Salazar

    Salazar New Member

    I mostly have the older cards, so if you're a collector, I might have some stuff you'd like.

    For your Charizard EX, I could trade you a 1st ed. base set charizard and a 1st ed. base set blastoise, both in Mint condition, and both with the black 1st ed. stamp on them.
  9. Kemony

    Kemony New Member

    Please let me know if we can work out a deal.

  10. Vegetasou

    Vegetasou New Member

    Have all your wants minus the TSD, CML for Charizard Ex.
  11. The Captain

    The Captain New Member

    i have gardy and galade in multipules i need darkrai x cml for it please
  12. kristi

    kristi New Member

    these are my haves

    2x Gallade SW
    1 Absol
    3x Rossannes Research
    Reverse Holo Trainers like 1 Castaway 2 roseannnes 3 mentor, 1 copycatt
    5 Reverse Holo DRE (4 CG&1 EM)
    1 Sneasel (old set)
    3 Team Galactic Mars DP3

    these are my wants

    charizard EXs
    Darkrai Xs

    my other haves are in my sig (the link at least :lol:)
  13. Bizarro

    Bizarro New Member

    CML for Darkrai LV. X

    I got TSD, 3x Team Galactic's Mars.
  14. umm sorry, there was nothing else i was interested in :(
    Lol sorry i'm not a collector, i just came by a good deal to get 2 charizard exs
    ALL of your Mareeps lol jokes
    we'll work something out, can you counter your own offer? lol
    wanted Umbreon star but you'll have to add more
    sorry, wasn't very interested
    umm add please, i've already seen your list
    sorry, didn't see anything

    EVERYONE: Ice_Breakerz has made a god deal on the charizard exs
    3x Gardevoir SW
    3x Gallade SW
    1 Gardevoir X
    4x Absol
    3x Rossannes Research
    3 Team Galactic Mars DP3
  15. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    pmed sent bout the darkrais.
  16. Maguschild

    Maguschild New Member

    I have gardevoir level want english or japanese?
  17. i'd prefer english
  18. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    Interested in one of your Chex if it is mint. I have:

    2x Gardevoir SW
    3x Rossannes Research
    Castaway x2 AH
    Reverse Holo DRE x2
    3 Team Galactic Mars DP3

    LMK if we can work anything out ok.

  19. hi pokemonmike
    i can do that pm me your address and i will send as soon as i get it :)
  20. hehe no thanks, i gotta take them both off the list
    sorry about that
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