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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by jamesloveemma, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. jamesloveemma

    jamesloveemma New Member

    1. Do not rip me off
    2. I live in the UK and can send overseas
    3. Post your offer here, if its any good I will PM you
    4. All cards must be near mint/mint condition and playable
    5. If you dont see a card on the list dont be affraid to ask for it
    6. All my cards will be sent in Ultra-Pro sleeves
    7. Have fun


    x1 pachirisu GE
    x2 cresselia lvx GE
    x1 gardevoir lvx SW
    x2 azelf MT
    x1 honchkrow MT
    x1 mespirit MT
    x1 uxie MT
    x2 magmotar lvx MT
    x2 dusknoir DP
    x4 claydol GE
    x2 absol SW
    x1 banette SW
    x4 shuppett CG
    x2 mew SW
    x6 magby MT
    x4 magmar SW
    x3 arcanine SW
    x2 elekid DP
    x1 celebi MT
    x1 gastrodon west sea SW
    x1 crobat MT

    xx rare candy GE
    xx team galactics mars SW
    xx quick ball MT
    xx team galactics wager MT
    xx warp point
    xx bebe's search
    xx moonlight stadium
    xx felicity's drawing
    xx celio's network
    xx tv reporter
    xx lake boundary
    xx rosanne's research
    xx scott
    xx speed stadium
    xx night maintenence
    x3 skull fossil

    x6 multi-energy
    xx double rainbow energy
    xx basic darkness energy
    xx basic metal energy
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  2. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    i have a,lot of your want
    could u at least list your ge and lv xs
    and do u have a ny tds?

  3. Cipher_Admin

    Cipher_Admin New Member

    Check my list for what you want for 2 Claydol.
  4. jamesloveemma

    jamesloveemma New Member

    have almost all GE apart from lvx's and i have
    x2 torterra lv.x (tin)
    x1 honchkrow lvx
    x1 electivire lvx
  5. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    well heres what i am interested in
    xx claydol ge
    xx pararishus
    xx gardy sw
    i have
    7 warp points
    1 mesprite mt

    lmk of how many u have of each and a offer
  6. jamesloveemma

    jamesloveemma New Member

    after pachirisu and claydol myself
    gardy and gallade decked

    is there anything else you need
  7. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    i need 1 casaway
    and i guess pokeball sleeves if you have any
  8. jamesloveemma

    jamesloveemma New Member

    i cant help with any of those im afraid, sorry
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