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    butterfly719 New Member

    Hey everyone :smile: It's been...oh..about 6 months or so since I've been on the board. I quit a while ago due to starting a new family (and having a baby). It's a tough choice, but it has become a necessity to clear out my collection, for both a lack of space and money. We're hoping to be buying a house soon, so every little bit helps! EVERYTHING needs to go! I don't need to sell everything all at once, though I would like to sell as large of a chunk at a time as possible. So please take a look and start sending me offers on anything you're interested in! :wink:

    UPDATED 7/16: Took a little break to look for houses - back to selling now!

    UPDATED 6/18: I just wanted to thank everyone who has already bought from me. So far, through the sales I have made both on and off-site, I have raised just a little over $1000 for my house-buying venture. So once again, thank you to all who have helped me toward this goal!

    HAVES - all cards are Near Mint - Mint unless otherwise noted

    Special Cards/Swag

    Professor Backpack (slingpack) (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Worlds '05 Staff Backpack (slingpack)
    Worlds '05 Tropical Tidal Wave stamped promos (Maremoto Tropical, Cavallone Tropicale, and Tropische Flutwelle)
    Worlds '06 Tropical Tidal Wave TOP32 stamped x2

    Japanese Items

    Parukia deckbox x4 - Parukia Deckbox Pic (x2 sold to TLesky)
    Dodatoise deckbox x3 - Dodatoise Deckbox Pic (x2 sold to TLesky)
    Goukazaru deckbox x3 - Goukazaru Deckbox Pic (x2 sold to TLesky)
    Forest of Mew deckbox x1 - Mew Deckbox Pic (sold to Jason)
    Deoxys & Latios Sketch deckbox x1 - Deoxys/Latios Sketch Deckbox Pic
    Deoxys & Gyarados deckbox x2 - Deoxys/Gyarados Deckbox Pic (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Charizard Miracle Crystal deckbox x5 - Charizard Deckbox Pic (x2 sold to TLesky)

    Safari Pikachu & Friends dicebag x1 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Pikachu & Manaphy dicebag x1 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Pochama, Hikozaru & Naetle dicebag x2 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Rukario dicebag (larger bag - approx 1 1/2 times the size of the normal bags) x1


    ND Shining Celebi
    ND Shining Kabutops 1st ed.
    AM Golem EX (JPN)
    RG Articuno EX
    RG Zapdos EX (sold to pokemonforever)
    RR Rocket's Mewtwo EX (sold to pokemonforever)
    RR Rocket's Sneasel EX (sold to pokemonforever)
    RR Rocket's Entei EX x2
    DX Crobat EX x2
    DX Rocket's Raikou EX (sold off-site)
    DX Deoxys EX #97 (sold to pokemonforever)
    DX Deoxys EX #98 (sold to pokemonforever)
    DX Rayquaza EX
    UF Celebi EX x2 (x1 sold to pokemonforever)
    UF Espeon EX (sold to pokemonforever)
    UF Ho-oh EX x3 (sold off-site)
    UF Lugia EX (played condition)
    UF Rocket's Persian EX x2 (sold off-site)
    DS Metagross* (sold to pokemonforever)
    LM Dustox EX x3
    LM Flygon EX x2 (sold off-site)
    HP Crawdaunt EX (sold to pokemonforever)
    HP Mew EX x4 (sold to pokemonforever)
    HP Pikachu* (sold off-site)
    HP Gyarados d* x3 (sold off-site)
    CG Swampert EX x2
    CG Kyogre EX (sold to pokemonforever)
    CG Jirachi EX (sold to pokemonforever)
    CG Blaziken EX x2
    CG Delcatty EX x2 (JPN 1st ed.)
    CG Alakazam* x2 (sold to pokemonforever)
    CG Celebi* (sold to pokemonforever)
    DF Salamence d EX (sold off-site)
    DF Dragonite d EX (sold to pokemonforever)
    DF Latias d EX (sold to pokemonforever)
    DF Tyranitar d EX (sold to pokemonforever)
    DF Mew d* (sold to pokemonforever)
    DF Charizard d* x2 (sold to pokemonforever)
    PK Flygon EX x3 (x1 sold to pokemonforever)
    PK Claydol EX (sold to pokemonforever)
    PK Walrein EX (sold to pokemonforever)
    PK Salamence EX x2 (sold off-site)
    PK Shiftry EX (sold to pokemonforever)
    PK Flareon* (sold off-site)
    DP Infernape Lv.X (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    DP Torterra Lv.X (sold to pokemonforever)
    DP Empoleon Lv.X x2 (Poke-BODY) (x1 sold to pokemonforever)
    MT Magmortar Lv.X (sold to Ash_Ketchum)

    Matrix/Holo Energies

    HP Water x2 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    PK Water x2 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    PK Fire x2 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    HP Grass x3 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    PK Grass x2 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    EM Fighting x5
    HP Fighting x2
    PK Fighting x1
    EM Psychic x7
    HP Psychic x1
    PK Psychic x2
    EM Electric x2
    HP Electric x5
    PK Electric x3

    Regular Holos


    4/107 Camerupt x3
    5/107 Claydol x4 (x1 AH)
    7/107 Dusclops x1
    12/107 Mightyena x2
    13/107 Ninjask x2 (sold off-site)
    14/107 Shedinja x2


    3/106 Exploud x1 (AH)
    7/106 Manectric x2
    9/106 Rayquaza x2
    11/106 Swampert x1
    107/106 Farfetch'd x3


    3/115 Bellossom x2
    6/115 Forretress x4 (x1 AH)
    8/115 Jolteon x1 (AH)
    10/115 Octillery x2
    11/115 Poliwrath x1
    12/115 Porygon2 x2 (x1 AH)
    13/115 Slowbro x4 (x2 AH)
    14/115 Slowking x1 (AH)
    15/115 Sudowoodo x1
    16/115 Sunflora x2 (x1 AH)

    Unown A x2
    Unown C x1
    Unown ? x1


    6/113 Gardevoir d x2 (x1 AH)
    10/113 Marowak d x1 (AH)
    15/113 Starmie d x1 (AH)


    1/92 Aerodactyl x1
    4/92 Delcatty x1
    7/92 Kabutops x1
    8/92 Lapras x2
    12/92 Shiftry x3 (x1 AH)
    13/92 Victreebel x2
    93/92 Pikachu d x3 (sold off-site)


    15/92 Absol x3
    17/92 Gorebyss x2
    18/92 Huntail x1
    19/92 Lanturn x2
    20/92 Lunatone x1
    22/92 Magneton x1
    24/92 Pinsir x1
    25/92 Solrock x1
    26/92 Spinda x1
    27/92 Torkoal x1


    33/92 Furret x2
    39/92 Machoke x1
    43/92 Sealeo x1
    45/92 Tentacruel x1
    46/92 Vibrava x3


    48/92 Aron x2
    49/92 Bellsprout x2
    50/92 Chinchou x2
    51/92 Clamperl x5
    52/92 Gastly x1
    53/92 Geodude x1
    54/92 Grimer x3
    57/92 Machop x1
    60/92 Omanyte x1
    61/92 Seedot x2
    62/92 Sentret x2
    63/92 Shuppet x4
    65/92 Spheal x1
    67/92 Trapinch x4
    70/92 Wurmple x4
    71/92 Wynaut x1


    8/110 Gyarados d x1
    9/110 Kabutops d x1
    10/110 Kingdra d x2
    11/110 Latias d x1
    12/110 Latios d x2


    21/110 Latias d x1
    22/110 Latias d x2
    24/110 Mewtwo d x1
    25/110 Nosepass x1
    26/110 Rayquaza d x1
    29/110 Registeel x1
    30/110 Relicanth x1
    34/110 Zangoose x1


    37/110 Chimecho d x1
    38/110 Claydol x1
    40/110 Donphan x2
    43/110 Golduck d x1
    49/110 Pidgeotto d x1
    53/110 Sharpedo d x1
    55/110 Whiscash x1


    58/110 Aron x2
    60/110 Barboach x3
    63/110 Corphish x1
    64/110 Electrike x2
    65/110 Exeggcute d x1
    66/110 Horsea d x1
    69/110 Magikarp d x2
    72/110 Numel x1
    73/110 Oddish d x1
    75/110 Phanpy x1
    77/110 Pidgey d x1
    79/110 Pikachu d x1
    80/110 Poochyena x2
    82/110 Surskit x4
    83/110 Torchic x2


    3/100 Camerupt x2 (x1 AH)
    4/100 Charizard x2 (AH)
    5/100 Dugtrio x3 (x1 AH)
    6/100 Ludicolo d x1
    7/100 Luvdisc x3 (x1 AH)
    8/100 Manectric x2 (x1 AH)
    10/100 Sableye x2 (AH)
    11/100 Swalot x4 (sold off-site)
    11/100 Swalot x2 (AH)
    12/100 Tauros x2 (x1 AH)
    13/100 Wigglytuff x3 (x1 AH)


    14/100 Blastoise x1
    15/100 Cacturne d x2
    19/100 Grovyle d x2
    20/100 Grumpig x1
    21/100 Igglybuff x2
    22/100 Kingler d x1
    23/100 Loudred x1
    24/100 Marshtomp x3
    25/100 Medicham x2
    26/100 Pelipper d x2
    27/100 Swampert x2


    29/100 Charmeleon x2
    31/100 Combusken x1
    32/100 Grovyle x1
    34/100 Ivysaur x1
    35/100 Ivysaur x1
    36/100 Lairon x1
    37/100 Lombre x1
    38/100 Marshtomp x3
    41/100 Skitty x3
    43/100 Wartortle x2


    44/100 Aron x4
    45/100 Bulbasaur x3
    46/100 Bulbasaur x1
    50/100 Diglett x5
    51/100 Duskull x4
    52/100 Electrike x2
    53/100 Jigglypuff x4
    54/100 Krabby x5
    55/100 Lotad x4
    56/100 Meditite x3
    57/100 Mudkip x3
    58/100 Mudkip x1
    59/100 Numel x3
    60/100 Seedot x3
    61/100 Spearow x4
    62/100 Spoink x4
    63/100 Squirtle x3
    64/100 Squirtle x1
    65/100 Torchic x3
    66/100 Torchic x2
    67/100 Treecko x4
    68/100 Treecko d x4
    69/100 Whismur x4
    70/100 Wingull x2


    1/101 Ampharos d x3 (x1 AH)
    3/101 Heracross d x3
    4/101 Meganium d x1 (AH)
    6/101 Nidoking d x1 (AH)
    8/101 Ninetails d x4
    9/101 Pinsir d x4
    10/101 Snorlax d x4 (x1 AH)
    11/101 Togetic d x4 (x1 AH)
    12/101 Typhlosion d x2 (x1 AH)


    13/101 Arbok d x1
    14/101 Cloyster d x1
    15/101 Dewgong d x1
    16/101 Gligar d x2
    17/101 Jynx d x1
    19/101 Lickitung d x1
    20/101 Mantine d x2
    21/101 Quagsire d x2
    22/101 Seadra d x1
    23/101 Tropius d x2
    24/101 Vibrava d x1
    25/101 Xatu d x3


    26/101 Bayleef d x1
    27/101 Croconaw d x1
    28/101 Dragonair d x1
    29/101 Electabuzz d x1
    30/101 Flaaffy d x2
    31/101 Horsea d x1
    32/101 Kirlia x2
    33/101 Kirlia d x1
    34/101 Nidorina d x2
    35/101 Nidorino d x2
    36/101 Quilava d x3
    37/101 Seadra d x1
    38/101 Shelgon d x3
    39/101 Smeargle d x1
    40/101 Swellow d x1
    41/101 Togepi d x1

    43/101 Bagon d x5
    44/101 Chikorita d x6
    45/101 Cyndaquil d x4
    46/101 Dratini d x4
    47/101 Ekans d x5
    48/101 Elekid d x4
    49/101 Feebas d x5
    50/101 Horsea d x3
    51/101 Larvitar x2
    53/101 Ledyba d x5
    54/101 Mareep d x5
    55/101 Natu d x6
    56/101 Nidoran d x5
    57/101 Nidoran d x5
    58/101 Pupitar x1
    60/101 Ralts x1
    61/101 Ralts d x1
    62/101 Seel x3
    63/101 Shellder d x4
    64/101 Smoochum d x4
    65/101 Swablu d x5
    66/101 Taillow d x5
    67/101 Totodile d x4
    69/101 Trapinch d x3
    70/101 Vulpix d x5
    71/101 Wooper d x3


    1/130 Dialga x1
    2/130 Dusknoir x2 (x1 AH)
    3/130 Electivire x1
    4/130 Empoleon x1
    5/130 Infernape x1
    6/130 Lucario x1
    7/130 Luxray x2 (x1 AH)
    8/130 Magnezone x1
    9/130 Manaphy x2 (x1 AH)
    10/130 Mismagius x1
    11/130 Palkia x2 (x1 AH)
    12/130 Rhyperior x1 (AH)
    14/130 Shiftry x1 (AH)


    20/130 Bibarel x1
    21/130 Carnivine x1
    26/130 Floatzel x1
    27/130 Gengar x1
    28/130 Heracross x1
    33/130 Munchlax x1
    42/130 Wynaut x1


    43/130 Budew x1
    45/130 Cherrim x1
    49/130 Grotle x1
    52/130 Luxio x1
    58/130 Prinlup x1
    61/130 Riolu x1
    65/130 Unown A x1
    66/130 Unown B x1


    73/130 Buneary x1
    75/130 Chatot x1
    75/130 Cherubi x1
    81/130 Electabuzz x1
    83/130 Glameow x1
    88/130 Marill x1
    91/130 Misdreavus x1
    92/130 Onix x1
    98/130 Shinx x1
    99/130 Skorupi x1
    102/130 Stunky x1


    1/123 Aggron x1
    2/123 Alakazam x1 (AH)
    4/123 Azelf x1
    5/123 Blissey x1
    6/123 Bronzong x1
    7/123 Celebi x1 (AH)
    8/123 Feraligatr x1
    9/123 Garchomp x1
    10/123 Honchkrow x1 (AH)
    11/123 Lumineon x1
    12/123 Magmortar x1
    14/123 Mesprit x1 (AH)
    15/123 Raichu x1
    18/123 Uxie x2 (x1 AH)


    19/123 Abomasnow x1
    22/123 Chimecho x1
    23/123 Crobat x1
    33/123 Rampardos x1
    35/123 Sudowoodo x1
    37/123 Unown I x1
    39/123 Walrein x1
    40/123 Whiscash x1


    43/123 Cranidos x1
    44/123 Croconaw x1
    45/123 Dewgong x1
    46/123 Dodrio x1
    49/123 Girafarig x1
    53/123 Lairon x1
    54/123 Magmar x1
    56/123 Nidorina x1
    66/123 Unown M x1


    69/123 Abra x1
    70/123 Aipom x1
    72/123 Barboach x1
    73/123 Bidoof x1
    74/123 Bronzor x1
    77/123 Chikorita x1
    82/123 Exeggcute x1
    92/123 Paras x1
    103/123 Spinarak x1
    106/123 Totodile x1

    Non-Holo Rares


    20/115 Chansey x1
    21/115 Cleffa x1
    22/115 Electabuzz x1
    23/115 Elekid x1
    24/115 Hitmonchan x1
    25/115 Hitmonlee x2
    26/115 Hitmontop x2
    28/115 Jynx x3
    29/115 Lugia x1
    30/115 Murkrow x1
    31/115 Smoochum x1
    32/115 Stantler x1
    33/115 Tyrogue x1


    15/92 Absol x5
    16/92 Girafarig x5
    17/92 Gorebyss x7
    18/92 Huntail x6
    19/92 Lanturn x8
    20/92 Lunatone x6
    21/92 Magmar x4
    22/92 Magneton x8
    23/92 Omastar x6
    24/92 Pinsir x8
    25/92 Solrock x10
    26/92 Spinda x1
    27/92 Torkoal x7
    28/92 Wobbuffet x1


    18/110 Absol x1
    26/110 Rayquaza d x1
    28/110 Regirock x1
    30/110 Relicanth x1
    31/110 Sableye x1
    32/110 Seviper x1
    34/110 Zangoose x1


    14/108 Dusclops x2
    15/108 Lanturn x3
    16/108 Magneton x1
    17/108 Mawile x1
    18/108 Mightyena x1
    19/108 Ninetails x2
    20/108 Omastar x1
    21/108 Pichu x1
    22/108 Sableye x2
    23/108 Seviper x3
    24/108 Wobbuffet x2
    25/108 Zangoose x3

    DIAMOND AND PEARL (sold off-site)

    18/130 Azumarill x1
    19/130 Beautifly x1
    20/130 Bibarel x1
    21/130 Carnivine x1
    22/130 Clefable x1
    23/130 Drapion x1
    24/130 Drifblim x1
    25/130 Dustox x1
    26/130 Floatzel x1
    27/130 Gengar x1
    28/130 Heracross x1
    29/130 Hippowdon x1
    30/130 Lopunny x1
    31/130 Machamp x1
    32/130 Medicham x1
    33/130 Munchlax x1
    34/130 Noctowl x1
    35/130 Pachirisu x1
    36/130 Purugly x1
    37/130 Snorlax x1
    39/130 Vespiqueen x1
    40/130 Weaville x1
    41/130 Wobbuffet x1
    42/130 Wynaut x1


    19/123 Abomasnow x2
    21/123 Bastiodon x1
    27/123 Kricketune x1
    28/123 Manectric x1
    29/123 Mantine x2
    30/123 Mr. Mime x2
    31/123 Nidoqueen x1
    32/123 Ninetails x2
    33/123 Rampardos x2
    34/123 Slaking x2
    35/123 Sudowoodo x2
    36/123 Toxicroak x2
    37/123 Unown I x1
    38/123 Ursaring x2
    39/123 Walrein x2

    Non-holo Trainers (Alphabetical) - these are going to be from mixed sets, so please ask if you care

    From DP Sets
    Armor Fossil HP 50 x2
    Bebe's Search x3 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Double Full Heal x3 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Dusk Ball x3 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Energy Restore x2 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Energy Search x 4 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Energy Switch x3 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Fossil Excavator x4
    Lake Boundary x1 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Night Maintenance x3 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Night Pokemon Center x3 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    PlusPower x3 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Poke Ball x3 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Pokedex HANDY910is x2
    Potion x3 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Professor Rowan x3 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Quick Ball x2 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Rival x3 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Skull Fossil HP 50 x1
    Speed Stadium x2
    Switch x3 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Team Galactic's Wager x2 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Warp Point x4

    From Previous Sets
    Ancient Technical Macine [Steel] x3
    Battle Frontier x5
    Bill's Maintenance x8
    Buffer Piece x9
    Celio's Network x9 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Claw Fossil HP 40 x6
    Copycat x134
    Crystal Shard x3
    Curse Powder x3
    Cursed Stone x3
    Double Full Heal x5
    Dual Ball x6
    Energy Recycle System x10
    Energy Removal 2 x4
    Energy Root x3
    Energy Search x2
    Energy Switch x2
    Fieldworker x5
    Fluffy Berry x3
    Full Flame x7
    Giant Stump x3
    Great Ball x2
    High Pressure System x3
    Holon Farmer x2
    Holon Mentor x1
    Holon Lake x3
    Holon Legacy x10
    Holon Mentor x10
    Holon Researcher x4
    Holon Scientist x4
    Island Hermit x12
    Lanette's Net Search x3
    Life Herb x3
    Lum Berry x2
    Mary's Request x5
    Master Ball x1
    Magnetic Storm x3
    Mr. Briney's Compassion x6
    Mr. Stone's Project x25
    Mt. Moon x5
    Mysterious Fossil HP 50 x10
    Old Rod x10
    Oran Berry x9
    Poke Ball x14
    PokeDex HANDY909 x3
    Pokemon Retriever x5
    Pokemon Reversal x13
    PokeNav x6
    Potion x31
    Pow! Hand Extension x2
    Power Tree x3
    Professor Birch x8
    Professor Cozmo's Discovery x7
    Professor Elm's Training Method x18 (sold off-site)
    Professor Oak's Research x16
    Protective Orb x10
    Rare Candy x10 (sold off-site)
    Root Fossil HP 40 x6
    Scott x3
    Sitrus Berry x7
    Solid Rage x10
    Steven's Advice x5 (x1 Italian)
    Strange Cave x9
    Strength Charm x16
    Super Scoop Up x5
    Surprise! Time Machine x3
    Switch x43
    TV Reporter x15
    VS Seeker x3
    Wally's Training x10
    Warp Point x15

    Special Energy/Other

    Holon's Castform x12 (x8 sold off-site)
    Darkness x22 (x1 sold off-site) (x21 sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Metal x16
    Multi x14 (sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Rainbow x5 - (x4 sold off-site) (x1 sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Double Rainbow x10 (x5 JPN) (x4 sold off-site) (x6 sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    Cyclone x10
    Warp x12
    Boost x24
    Scramble x11 (x4 sold off-site) (x7 sold to Ash_Ketchum)
    React x14
    Holon Energy WP x7
    Holon Energy GL x9
    Holon Energy FF x11
    Delta Rainbow x19
    Dark Metal x7
    "R" x2


    POP1 Blaziken rare (holo)
    POP1 Metagross rare (holo)
    POP2 Pidgeot rare
    POP2 Tauros rare
    POP2 Suicune rare
    POP2 Celebi EX rare
    POP3 Vaporeon rare
    POP3 Minun rare
    POP4 Chimecho rare
    POP4 Deoxys d rare #2 (holo)
    POP4 Mew rare #4 (holo)
    Professor stamped Prof. Elm's Training x1
    Professor stamped Professor Birch holo x2
    Professor stamped Professor Oak's Research x3
    Pokemon Rocks America stamped Lugia x5
    Wizard World Chicago stamped Torchic x1
    10th Anniversary stamped Pikachu x2
    State Championship stamped Loudred x1
    National Championship stamped Exploud x1
    Regional Championship stamped Deoxys x1
    PRERELEASE stamped Metang d x2
    PRERELEASE stamped Exeggutor d x3

    I still have a lot more to list including Holo and AH Trainers, special energies, video games, and bulk un/commons - will work on getting those up over the next couple days.

    Please let me know what you need AND MAKE AN OFFER! I will counter if necessary. Please don't lowball - I know what prices are reasonable and what prices aren't.

    thanks! Cheryl
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  2. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    Cheryl: Sorry to see you getting out the the game, but family comes 1st! Continued good wishes for you and your family.

  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

    im interested in the mew deckbox. please name a price for it :thumb:
  4. Vegetasou

    Vegetasou New Member

    Hey Cheryl, can you give me an offer for all of the following with shipping included via pm. Thanks!

    Parukia deckbox x1
    Dodatoise deckbox x1
    Goukazaru deckbox x1
    Forest of Mew deckbox x1
    Deoxys & Gyarados deckbox x1
    Charizard Miracle Crystal deckbox x1

    Safari Pikachu & Friends dicebag x1
    Pikachu & Manaphy dicebag x1
    Pochama, Hikozaru & Naetle dicebag x2

    LMK thanks!
  5. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    Hey, how much for:

    Parukia deckbox x1
    Charizard Miracle Crystal deckbox x1

    HP Gyarados d* x1
    DF Charizard d* x1
    MT Magmortar Lv.X

    HP Electric x5

    Can you give me some prices? Thanks!
  6. butterfly719

    butterfly719 New Member

    Keith - Thanks! I'm hoping we will be able to get back into Pokemon some time in the future, but most likely not for a year or two just because things are so hectic right now. By that time, I would need to buy new cards anyway, so I figured the most practical thing would be to sell my collection now :wink:

    Jason - Got your PMed offer. We have a deal and I'll be PMing you shortly to confirm.

    Everyone else who is interested in buying stuff, please MAKE AN OFFER. I am not looking to name prices - I'm looking for reasonable offers as mentioned above. I will counter-offer if necessary.

    thanks, Cheryl
  7. Aggy&Co.

    Aggy&Co. Member

    hope the new one is healthy and happy, I'll offer 2.00 on all your double rainbow energy and $13.00 for Mew*. counter if needed. When your close to finishing things out send me a pm and let me know what you have left in commons & uncommon cards, I'll buy bulk if we can work something out.
  8. butterfly719

    butterfly719 New Member

    Thanks Curtis :smile: I'm still getting my lists together and up, but will definitely get back to you!

    I just put up the list of my trainers! I'll work on getting the special energies up later. PLEASE if anyone is interested in anything, post or send me a PM with what you want and your offer. I want to move these as quickly as possible...otherwise I'll be resorting to Ebay.

    Thanks! Cheryl
  9. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Hi Cheryl,

    If you could pm me a list of prices of the following that I am interested in that would be great.

    Worlds '05 Staff Backpack (slingpack)
    Forest of Mew deckbox x1 - Mew Deckbox Pic

    RG Articuno EX
    RG Zapdos EX
    RR Rocket's Mewtwo EX
    DX Rocket's Raikou EX
    UF Celebi EX x2
    UF Ho-oh EX x3
    UF Lugia EX
    DS Metagross*
    HP Pikachu*
    HP Gyarados d* x3
    CG Alakazam* x2
    CG Celebi*
    DF Mew d*
    DF Charizard d* x2

  10. Blondee3933

    Blondee3933 New Member

    I need

    POP1 Blaziken rare (holo)
    POP2 Pidgeot rare
    POP2 Suicune rare
    POP2 Celebi EX rare
    POP4 Chimecho rare
    POP4 Deoxys d rare #2 (holo)

    How much for each?
  11. butterfly719

    butterfly719 New Member


    Ok guys...I'm really serious. PLEASE MAKE OFFERS.
  12. Ash_Ketchum

    Ash_Ketchum New Member

    Hi Cheryl

    If you still have the following left I'm interested in buying them from you. Could pm me a list of prices.

    Deoxys & Gyarados deckbox x2
    Pikachu/Manaphy mini binder x1
    Safari Pikachu & Friends dicebag x1

    HP Water x2
    PK Water x2
    PK Fire x2
    HP Grass x3
    PK Grass x2

    Bebe's Search x3
    Double Full Heal x3
    Dusk Ball x3
    Energy Restore x2
    Energy Search x 4
    Energy Switch x3
    Lake Boundary x1
    Night Maintenance x3
    Night Pokemon Center x3
    PlusPower x3
    Poke Ball x3
    Potion x3
    Professor Rowan x3
    Quick Ball x2
    Rival x3
    Switch x3
    Team Galactic's Wager x2

  13. Aggy&Co.

    Aggy&Co. Member

    Shall I pal the $8.00 for your 4 double rainbow? Curtis
  14. rhodesia123

    rhodesia123 New Member

    RG Articuno EX
    RG Zapdos EX
    RR Rocket's Mewtwo EX
    RR Rocket's Entei EX x2
    DX Crobat EX x2
    DX Rocket's Raikou EX
    DX Deoxys EX #97
    DX Deoxys EX #98
    DX Rayquaza EX
    UF Celebi EX x2
    UF Espeon EX
    UF Ho-oh EX x3
    UF Lugia EX
    UF Rocket's Persian EX x2
    DS Metagross*
    HP Pikachu*
    HP Gyarados d* x3
    CG Swampert EX x2
    CG Kyogre EX
    CG Jirachi EX
    CG Blaziken EX x2
    CG Alakazam* x2
    CG Celebi*
    DF Salamence d EX
    DF Dragonite d EX
    DF Latias d EX
    DF Tyranitar d EX
    DF Mew d*
    DF Charizard d* x2
    PK Walrein EX
    PK Salamence EX x2
    PK Shiftry EX
    PK Flareon*

    $420? thanks
  15. ShawofMordor

    ShawofMordor New Member

    Whoa congrats on the baby!

    Let me know how much for your Celio's and RC.
  16. butterfly719

    butterfly719 New Member

    Aggy&Co - Curtis, sent PM :smile:

    rhodesia123 - I'll pass, thanks.

    Shaw - Thanks! :smile: IDK, $2 each on the Celio's and RC? LMK, thanks!
  17. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Hey, have you sent the deckbox yet?
  18. butterfly719

    butterfly719 New Member

    Jason - I didn't get confirmation via email that you had paid, but logged into my account and I see that you did. I will be shipping out early this week. There is no mail tomorrow, but it should go out Tuesday. Thanks very much! Cheryl
  19. Pokemonpat

    Pokemonpat New Member

    hey ya Cheryl

    did you get my pm??
    ,also I need to add your rh DF 23/101 Tropius d x2

    Last edited: May 25, 2008
  20. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior New Member

    how much for

    Pokedex handy 910 x2

    I have paypal btw
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