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  1. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member


    1. Ripping is Not Prohibited (Not allowed)
    2. Have Fun
    3. I only send to the U.s. Maybe Canada.
    5. Poke Gym Rules
    6. Etc.......


    1x Rayquaza Ex
    1x Kyogre Ex
    1x Groudon Ex
    2x Celebi Ex
    1x Pre-Release Misty's Seadra
    1x Pre-Release Dark Gyarados
    1x ________'s Pikachu
    1x Meowth (GB)
    2x Mewtwo (14)(Movie Promo)
    1x Igglybuff (36)
    2x Togepi (30)
    1x Hitmontop (37)
    1x Poke'mon Tower (4)
    1x Cleffa (31)
    60x Mew (8)
    2x Entei (34)
    1x Moltres (21)
    1x Articuno (22)
    1x Zapdos (23)
    1x Electabuzz (2)
    1x Pikachu (4)
    1x Dragonite (5)
    1x Arcanine (6)
    1x Ancient Mew
    1x Team Rocket’s Meowth (18)
    1x Cool Porygon (16)
    1x Beldum (22)
    2x Pikachu (26)
    3x Scizor (33)
    3x Typhlosion (34)
    1x Pikachu (35)
    1x Whismur
    1x Treecko
    1x Slowking (Southern Island)
    1x Marill (Southern Island)

    Pop Promo

    1x Minun
    1x Tauros
    1x Metagross

    Dragon Frontiers

    1x Feraligatr (Reverse Holo)
    1x Typhlosion (Reverse Holo)
    1x Nidoran
    1x Nidorino
    1x Seel
    1x Togetic (Gold name)
    1x Chikorita
    1x Swellow
    1x Mr. Stone’s Project

    Hidden Legends

    1x Electrode
    1x Metang
    1x Machoke
    1x Shuppet
    1x Meditite
    1x Glalie


    1x Butterfree
    1x Venonat
    1x Tauros
    1x Snorlax
    1x Lickitung
    1x Ditto
    1x Diglett
    1x Wartortle
    1x Prof. Oak’s Research
    1x Haunter
    1x Drowsee
    1x Charmeleon
    1x Gastly

    Legend Makers

    1x Gorebyss (Gold name)
    1x Wailord
    1x Gengar
    1x Magnemite
    1x Machop
    2x Grimer

    Crystal Guardians

    1x Camerupt
    1x Dusclops (Gold name)
    1x Luvdisc (Gold name)
    1x Banette
    2x Bulbasaur
    1x Mudkip
    1x Spearow
    1x Meditite
    1x Poke’nav
    1x Windstorm

    Holon Phantoms

    1x Latios (Reverse Holo)
    1x Numel

    Ex Delta Species
    1x Gardevior (Gold name)
    1x Umbreon (Reverse Holo)
    1x Slowpoke

    Ex Emerald

    1x Treecko
    1x Illumise
    1x Zigzagoon

    Ex Unseen Forces

    1x Elekid

    Ex Deoxys

    1x Nosepass

    Team Aqua

    1x Sharpedo


    1x Charizard
    1x Pichu
    1x Absol
    1x Golem
    1x Breloom
    1x Grumpig
    1x Girafarig
    1x Pelipper
    1x Apricorn Forest
    1x Golden
    1x Grovyle
    1x Mr. Briney’s Compassion
    1x Scyther
    1x Mudkip
    1x Carvana

    Neo Genisis

    1x Shining Mewtwo
    1x Dark Typhlosion

    Neo Revelation

    1x Entei
    1x Suicune
    1x Houndoom
    1x Delibird

    Neo Discovery

    1x Hitmontop
    1x Unknown A


    1x Pichu
    1x Ampharos
    1x Jumpluff
    1x Meganium
    1x Skarmory
    3x Metal Energy (1 First Edition)
    1x Hearcross

    Gym Heros 1

    1x Erika
    1 Misty
    2x Brock
    1x Lt. Surge
    1x Blaine’s Moltres (1st Edition)
    2x Misty’s Tentacruel
    1x Brock’s Rhydon
    2x Lt. Surge Magneton

    Gym Heros 2

    2x Blaine’s Arcanine
    2x Koga’s Beedrill
    1x Rocket’s Zapdos
    1x Erika’s Venusaur

    Team Rocket

    2x Dark Charizard
    1x Dark Blastoise
    1x Dark Dragonite
    2x Dark Machop
    1x Dark Gyarados
    1x Dark Arboc
    2x Dark Weezing (1x 1st edition)
    2x Here Comes Team Rocket
    1x Rocket’s Magneton
    1x Rainbow Energy


    3x Scyther (1x Misprint no jungle sign)
    2x Flareon


    2x Zapados
    3x Muk
    1x Lapras

    Base Set 2

    1x Charizard
    1x Chansey
    1x Clefairy
    2x Mewtwo
    1x Raichu
    2x Scyther
    1x Venusaur
    1x Hitmonchan

    Base Set

    2x Charizard(Shadowless I think)
    2x Raichu
    1x Magneton
    1x Machamp
    1x Chansey
    1x Venusaur


    WOTC Promos
    Charizard Ex
    Darkrai (Any)
    Japanese Pokemon Merchandise (Binders, Sleeves, Deck Boxes, etc..)
    Sealed Packs
    Sealed Boxes

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  2. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member

    Anyone else want to make a trade????
  3. The King Of Magikarps

    The King Of Magikarps Active Member

    You wanted stuff from me and you have yet to do anything.
  4. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member

    Any one else want to make a trade?

    TKOM - I like your Metagross Ex LMK.
  5. The King Of Magikarps

    The King Of Magikarps Active Member

    Could you please reply to your post on my trade thread. I have selected things that I want. Also you put things you wanted besides the Gross EX.
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