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Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by crazy trader, May 26, 2008.

  1. crazy trader

    crazy trader New Member

    how much would my plox deck with the following cards foil and non foil cards go for.

    1 dusknoir
    1 duskull(disable) non foil
    2 gallade(regular foil)
    1 gardy lv x
    3 gardy(psy lock)(reg. foil)
    3 krila(sw)(non foil)
    4 ralts(sw) or with the (df) (non foil)
    2 claydol(non foil)
    2 baltoy(non foil) (ge)
    2 sentret(non foil)
    2 furret(non foil)

    4 rare candy(ge) (non foil)
    1 celios network(non foil)
    3 bebe search(non foil)
    2 night maint. (non foil)
    1 roseanne's research(non foil)
    2 holon mentor(df) non foil
    1 scott(pk) (non foil)
    1 battle frontier(pk) (non foil)
    2 steven's advice(pk) (non foil)
    2 warp point(cg) (non foil)
    1 lake boundary(non foil)

    2 scramble(df)(non foil)
    4 double rainbow(cg) (Non foil)
    6 psychic(non foil)
    3 fighting(non foil)
    2 multi (non foil)

    ya i know this is all teched out minus tsd's and stuff. (if anyone is interested also pm me):biggrin:

    so if any one is
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  2. OllieK

    OllieK New Member

    lol if you sold the whole thing as a deck you'd make a fortune!
  3. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    You might almost be better off selling the deck split with singles.

    3-5 per DRE
    Gallade-5-7 each
    Gardy-4-6 each
    Gardy X-18-22
    Claydol-3-5 each

    Celios and rare candies are demanded trainers, and would fetch around 2-4 a piece. Otherwise, most of the other stuff is pretty easy to get.
    Hope that helps a bit!
  4. crazy trader

    crazy trader New Member


    ya i know that the trainers and stuff are pretty well demanded but where i play at everyone has this deck like this plox deck is just one of my three.
    this is just my fun teched deck, i have an all rh foil one what would that go around.
  5. spaoww

    spaoww New Member

    It should go for 2$ to me. ^^
    Do you accept paypal? lol
  6. Rocky500

    Rocky500 New Member

    Omg! $1,000,000,000,000,000.


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