Pockets' Utah States Report (Mainstream Decks SUCK!)

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by PokePockets, Mar 8, 2008.

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    Ok, here is my tournament report from Utah State Championships.
    I wake up, do some stuff, and then finally take the drive from my house to the UoU.
    I get there, register, dink around, stuff like that.

    Finally, we get the Player Roster, stuff like that, and The number of players. we scored 104 players at the beginning (woo, we broke 80 players, we got free pizza!) After the latecomers we got a total of 110 players.

    Tournament Begins.

    Round 1 vs. ScepTerra
    Kid gets a horrid start consisting of 3 Treecko. I Absol start him and it goes down hill from there, I get Darkrai Lv.X and he cleans house, I win.


    Round 2 vs. Delta Sceppy ex/Ray ex/Mew*/etc.

    He starts with a Treecko d. I Absol start again, discard stuff, his Mew d copies me Baleful Wind, we discard cards from each others hands for a while when i finally set up a Houndoom and Darkrai Lv.X, they clean house. I win.


    Things are looking good until...

    Round 3 vs. G&G
    I Absol start with a benched Houndour and Moonlight Stadium in my hand, he starts with a Lone Ralts, Confuse Ray's me, im confused, no biggie, draw into an Absol, use Moonlight to retreat for free, and Baleful Wind, first discard was a Rare Candy & Gardy. I discarded 3 of his Rare Candies with Baleful Wind, he goes through Kirlia's to get Gallade's, and it goes down hill from there. I lose


    Round 4 vs. Magmortar/Arcanine
    I get Houndour start (=P) He sets up Mag and owns me, nothing too much here, I lose.


    Round 5 vs. Magmortar/Togekiss
    He gets a lone Magmar. I Houndour start again. He sets up a Magmortar and Tanks my stuff. I set up Houndoom and Black Fire to burn him and do 70 (Hooray Multi Energy!) Finally i Sleep Hole him with Darkrai, Special Conditions get the better of him. Burn KO's him, I win.


    I had a slight chance of making top 8, i was on the bubble. I took 9th by about 1.25% of Tiebreak...

    Free Pizza
    110 Players
    Liked my deck
    Had Fun

    Mainstream Decks (Mag, G&G)
    Houndour start.

    well, an improvment from my record last year of 2-3! :thumb:

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