Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - The Eeveeolution Rescue Team -

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    ....::::: Speech by Kirby :::::....
    :thumb:Hi! I Kirby, live in Brazil and want to meet new friends. This is a Fanfic on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon that was my first fanfic! I hope you like it!:rolleyes: Sorry for grammatical errors!
    ....::::: Speech by Kirby :::::....

    Always when a pokemon be ten years old in the city of Pokeland], this pokemon should follow a journey without end, which prove their courage and determination, and most importantly: Whether the pokemon is in their veins the blood Lucario. All pokemons are prepared, some do not like this idea, but some try to overcome their limitations.

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
    - The Eeveeolution Rescue Team -

    It was a beautiful day in the city of PokeLând, a place full of dreams and adventures. All pokemons happy in parquinho of Pokemon Square, a square where they have everything! All Phellipers voavam happy for your destination. The pokemon square is really a paradise, but for some pokemons not!

    Eevee - (rabies) Let's see if you beat me Chimchar! "In the original story Hikozaru"
    Chimchar - Ok Baby! Brasa! "Ember"
    Eevee - This is not nothing!

    Eevee runs, but the brasa is very strong to beat him, which is outside of combat.

    Chimchar - Baby Okay? You machucou?
    Baby - (pain) Ai! I think yes ...
    Chimchar - You never learned a single attack! And tomorrow you will be ten years old! Baby I want to help you to get better in the battles?
    Baby - (catching up) A-I think yes! (Determination) No! I know that Yes!
    Chimchar - Tomorrow we are in Makuhita Dojo, relax! Tchau!
    Baby - Chimchar Tchau!

    Chimchar leaves, and soon after arriving the sister of Baby: Cleffy, a gentle Cleffa out but cruel and inhuman inside ...

    Cleffy - let's Baby!
    Baby - Pra where?
    Cleffy - (happy) making an afternoon tea!
    Baby - (angry) * Making gestures of susto * This is the girl Cleffy joke!
    Cleffy - Who sent you be brother daughter?
    Baby - * * Trying to remember that I was a mom!
    Cleffy - (zangada) We will if you will not face the penico!
    Baby - (susto) That punishment is wrong and inhuman! (Angry) But it will make it!
    Cleffy - (singing) PEROOOLAAA!
    Baby - (susto) What is there to Pérola with that?

    Then comes a beautiful Skitty, with a loop tied in the tail ...

    Pérola - Hello Baby!
    Baby - (lose its patience) What will be the punishment this time?
    Pérola and Cleffy - * * CASINHA malignamente talking!
    Baby - * see * Chimchar far Chimchar help me! I do not want to play house!

    Chimchar escape as soon as possible ...

    Pérola - HEHEHE!
    Cleffy - And then Baby? You have to play the house for good or for evil!
    Baby - hehehe ... * Fleeing *
    Cleffy - Ok!

    Cleffy runs where Chimchar Baby and the fastest that can on the way Baby and Chimchar the despistam she get stuck trying to see the Baby ...

    Cleffy - * * To noting that the side were cowards? Hum .. It is not in the square, or in campinho ...
    ? -- How about here?
    Cleffy - Hã? Who are you?
    ? -- Let's say I know where his brother is!
    Cleffy - Know?
    ? -- Yes! Follow me ...
    Cleffy - (fear) Daddy said that I was not talking to strangers get much less follow them!
    ? -- (Angry) Come here for good or for evil!

    The pokemon mysterious grip Cleffy, Cleffy tries to shout or attack him, but everything he did was in vain, as it was a ghost pokemon, and attacks of the type not affect normal pokemons ghost. Meanwhile our fugitives run throughout Pokemon Square trying raziskavah Cleffy, one hour they separated and went without wanting to be shocked, there comes Pérola ...

    Pérola - clowns Hello!
    Chimchar - (scared) PEROLA?
    Pérola - That's me!
    Chimchar - A APRESENTADORA OF TV! (Angry) Baby said it was not because of Pj friend?
    Baby - Chimchar I am brother of the press Her friend! My sister Cleffy the experienced today, (scared) * goes back to Chimchar * E seems that the two are malignant!
    Pérola - Search the Cleffy?
    Baby - (scared) It does not ta you?
    Pérola - No!
    Chimchar - Amigo fear not! Just you go save it, it is good before requesting information of the place!
    Baby - It! We are going there and arrasamos the bandits!
    Chimchar - Hey! High there! It has us!
    Baby - (scared) QUÊÊÊ? But work in a team?
    Chimchar - Your team is you, and you yourself! I was!

    Chimchar escape as soon as you can ...

    Baby - at least I get you help me Pérola!
    Pérola - Who said that I will help you? I have a pra Show this afternoon! License!

    Pérola leaves ...

    Baby - to lost!

    Baby starts to cry and it draws the attention of a Psyduck ...

    Psyduck - Eevee Oi! Where is the fire?
    Baby - (crying) My sister Cleffy was seqüestrada!
    Psyduck - Fear not! A rescue team of Green and Red were search it and found the clue that this in the forest!
    Baby - You know of all this?

    Psyduck points to the poster in front of a Baby ...

    Psyduck - One poster says it all! I do not believe that you did not see!
    Baby - *Faking * It! I had seen! I just wanted to see if someone was able to answer me that! HEHE!
    Psyduck - (thoughts) Me I like fools!
    Baby - You forgot to read a paragraph! Says right that these teams of rescue disappeared in the path to save the Cleffy!
    Psyduck - Good... So we have to save it!
    Baby - But how?
    Psyduck - I have some at home accessories that can be useful for the demand!

    Will Baby and Psyduck can save Cleffy?
    Who is the thief of the shadows?
    You know that in the next chapter!

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